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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: drkernisan

Source: slideshare.net


Slides related to the Geriatrics for Caregivers blog post "Why Older People Fall."

A geriatrician explains a framework for understanding the factors that cause an older person to fall.

Family caregivers can use this to learn how to prevent falls in seniors and in aging parents.

Why Do Older Adults Fall? Key Factors for Family Caregivers Leslie Kernisan, MD MPH Geriatrics for Caregivers www.drkernisan.net

What triggers a fall? Sudden challenge to balance or strength > Ability to stay on our feet A fall happens whenever a challenge to balance overwhelms our current ability to stay upright www.drkernisan.net

Why does a fall happen? Person-based risks: Balance problems Weakness Vision problems Chronic diseases Medications Environmental risks: Home hazards Outside hazards Poor footwear + Trigger: Tripping Stumbling New illness Dizzy spell Overexertion = fall www.drkernisan.net

Person-based risks • Aging of sensory & blood pressure systems • Certain types of cardiovascular and neurological disease • Arthritis • Anemia • Weakness (esp in lower legs) • Vision problems • Cognitive impairment and dementia • Many commonly used medications www.drkernisan.net

Environmental Risks • Home hazards: – Throw rugs – Poor lighting – Trip hazards (cords, pets, etc) • Outside hazards – Uneven or slippery surfaces • Footwear: – High heels; thick or slippery soles www.drkernisan.net

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