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Published on December 16, 2008

Author: pvenditti



When a new community of people come together… a few things happen…

Some things are amazing…

Some things are peculiar…

Some things are just hard to forget…

Introducing… this should help us remember the Fun we had…

The Fall of 2008… With Dr. Phil Venditti @ Clover Park Technical The 1100 Crew

What you will learn with Dr. Phil Venditti’s – Public Speaking Course…

Our first week…


Do you know your neighbor? You will here…

You will here…

… and this man will make it happen! Dr. Phil Venditti


What are we here for? TO HAVE FUN … THINK…

… and get over our fear of Public Speaking!


“ Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, Getting to hope you like me…”

“ Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you. Getting to like you, Getting to hope you like me…”

Our Honcha ! Stacey Hill “ Life is in the details!” (Pharmacy Tech)

Alex Gorgas “ Live like you are dying” (Welding)

Beth Cornell “ don’t kill the messenger” (Medical Assistant)

“ The smartest man knows he knows nothing at all.” William Concepcion (Welding)

Our Artist … Emma Allen “ #@%* happens… … deal with it and move on.” (Pharmacy Tech)

Hayley O’Hern “ We can alter our lives simply by altering our attitudes of mind” – William James (Automotive Upholstery)

“ The mind is like a parachute…. It works better when it is open!” Kyle Jones (HVAC)

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new- Albert Einstein Courtney Moore (Cosmetology)

Johnny Vanna aka A.J. the class clown “ Five, Five Dollar - Five Dollar Footlong” (Computer Networking)

Tianna Cain If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. (Medical Assistant)

Chris Coolidge “ Live like you are dying” (Computer Networking)

Stacie Hutchinson “ Fake it ‘ til I make it! (Medical Assistant)

Althea Foster “ Everything you want is on the other side of fear and discipline” (Human Services)

Maria Quiteno “ walk the talk ” (Human Services)

Tyler Cughan (Nursing) I believe in the sun when I don’t see it. I believe in love when I don’t feel it. So naturally, I believe in myself when everyone is silent.

Speech #1 Significant Individual







Speech #2 Demonstration Speech








Speech #3 Past Speeches







POP Quiz! What have we learned so far? A speech should have at least: Three Main Points TEWYGTE TE TEWYTE Say more… Speak less . 90/10 rule (iceberg) clincher GRAB Attention !

A speech should have at least:




HOW TO TESSELLATE … SHOOT A HOOP… … and how to use chopsticks.

Speech #4 “ Why You Should Hire Me”












Speech #5 Live Community Speeches











Speech #6 “ Americans” -Partner Speeches-









Speech #7 Portfolio Speeches







Enter… the video camera…

Videography 101







Hey! How come I didn’t get to give a speech? Good job, Mom!!




Future Rocker ? Or Rapper ?

Jim Mancuso


A little heaven … Courtney’s Nevaeh... Future public speaker!

Val Sundby


Humor… (It is important in speech !)


“ You mean, in this class, I have to get up and speak?”

OH! Please…. Anything but that….”

Can’t we just watch him and take notes?

“ Hee hee… this is going to be a cake walk… I am ready to give a speech RIGHT NOW!”

“ do you mind if I have my snack first?”

“ everyone will like this cute hair bow…”

We learn to relax… on the SEC-TION-AL couch…

ok… now we are starting to look like pros… “ Natural Speakers”

There are “um’s” happening in my head… must… not… let… them… out…

Quiet and Reserved… I wish I could be like that.

“ if I have to write one more rubric…”

lunch counter crew

(Sorry Stacey…. Couldn’t resist!) So exhausted from all these speeches!!

UM … I just don’t know what to say to this…

Celebrate your victories… even when they are small…

The Instructor who made this experience possible & memorable…

Dr. Phil Venditti

thank you…

… for sharing your experience and encouraging us to become better people.

Your inspiration will travel with us as we continue our journey. THANK YOU!

However, an innocent jar of marbles will never…

Look the same to us again!

Now that Fall has become Winter … the Quarter is ending… there is one more thing to say…

Have a very JOYFUL Christmas!

Oh! And for those of you who were concerned you wouldn’t see enough of ME in this presentation…

Executive Designer & Producer: Althea Foster Consultants: Dr. Phil Venditti & Michael Sanders ( Photo by: Michael Sanders)


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