Falkirk wheel

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Information about Falkirk wheel

Published on January 3, 2017

Author: santanbharadwaj

Source: slideshare.net

1. FALKIRK WHEEL P.SANTAN 13131A0391 MECH 2 Seminar

2. FALKIRK WHEEL • It is a rotating boat lift in Scotland • It connects Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal • It can lift a boat to 24m height

3. DESIGN • Initially designed as Ferris wheel • Later it is inspired from double headed axe and propeller of ship • Used 14000- 45000 bolt holes to avoid fatigue • Designed to last for 120 years

4. • Diameter of wheel is 35m • Axle diameter is 3.8m and length 28m • Water filled Caisson capacity 250000 litres FINAL DESIGN

5. WORKING ROTATION • Weight of caisson helps to rotate them. • Three large Ring gears with two small ones to ensure that they turn at correct speed and remain balanced

6. Mechanism at Caissons Archimedes Principle for balancing two caissons • DOOR MECHANISM • WATER SEAL • HYDRAULIC CLAMP

7. CONCLUSION Advantage of Falkirk wheel over Lock gate • Low energy consumption • Avoids loss of water • One Falkirk wheel has replaced 11 lock gates • It even saves time Falkirk wheel is an engineering masterpiece designed to replace traditional lock gates and it is only rotating boat lift in world.

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