Fake coupons (they can be stopped)

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Information about Fake coupons (they can be stopped)

Published on July 17, 2018

Author: ThomasAKukuk

Source: slideshare.net

1. Coupon Fraud is back in the news (for all the wrong reasons)

2. 2018 YTD • 1,800+ counterfeit coupons have been identified as “counterfeit” already in 2018 (averaging 200+ a month) • A PSA was issued on each one by the C-I-C • Retailers & cashiers are trained to look out for these • Manufacturer’s mostly refuse to reimburse retailers for fake coupons… think of counterfeit money, banks will NOT take it. Retailers have to eat it. • Coupon fraud has been on the increase for the past 20 years, almost at alarming rates • Digital print-at-home coupons are GONE due to fraud! • The industry “Dumbed-Down” security requirements in 2009 and made counterfeiting easier; now so much damage is occurring it might not be able to recover security status 7/17/2018 2takukuk@aol.com 612.309.7999

3. Fake $7,000 coupon 7/17/2018 3takukuk@aol.com 612.309.7999

4. http://savingthefamilymoney.com/phoenix-arizona-counterfeit-coupons-police-bust-3-arrested-in- profiting-scam/ Fake coupons come in all values… here’s a sampling from Arizona 7/17/2018 4takukuk@aol.com 612.309.7999

5. 7/17/2018 5takukuk@aol.com 612.309.7999

6. USUAL Fake coupon warning signs: 1. It says “FREE” 2. When the value exceeds $5 3. When it’s printed in one color 4. When the coupons do not contain a hologram 5. Printed on home computers 6. Basically: any offer that looks “too good to be true” 7/17/2018 6takukuk@aol.com 612.309.7999

7. Look for a hologram 7/17/2018 7takukuk@aol.com 612.309.7999

8. Brands around the world are using special holograms on what they have identified as “high value coupons” Retailers have been trained for 10-15 years NOT to accept coupons that are missing this HOLOGRAM on anything over $4.00 or “FREE” Those coupons printed at home, on your own computer printer??? Equally as suspect and often questioned Expiry dates- 99% of all coupons contain an expiration date 7/17/2018 8takukuk@aol.com 612.309.7999

9. Even hologram coupons are being counterfeited So the CIC came out with a new, replacement hologram in 2016– and made it gold. The new version, which contains additional features and was considered much more difficult to counterfeit, was officially unveiled earlier this year. “Anything you can do to make it more difficult for the counterfeiters to succeed is a benefit,” Miller said upon the gold hologram’s launch. Just not as difficult as he might have liked. “It took several years for the prior hologram to be counterfeited,” Miller told Coupons in the News this week. “We are disappointed that the criminal element was able to switch foil tints so quickly.” http://couponsinthenews.com/2016/06/24/coupon-counterfeiters-create-fake-counterfeit-resistant-coupons/ 7/17/2018 9takukuk@aol.com 612.309.7999

10. Two wanted for passing $10 coupons at Wal-Mart The woman from Chicago CVS tried to use a coupon almost twice that amount 7/17/2018 10takukuk@aol.com 612.309.7999

11. There’s a solution… coupon fraud can be stopped Tom Kukuk 612.309.7999 3707 Grand Way • Suite #400 • Minneapolis MN 55416-2755 7/17/2018 11takukuk@aol.com 612.309.7999

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