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Published on January 13, 2008

Author: Sigfrid


Slide1:  March 22, 2007 10:00 – 1:00 Lamar University Montagne Center Faith-based and Nonprofit Focus Group Session Lamar University Community Outreach Program Slide2:  Agenda 10:00 – 10:15 Invocation Opening Remarks - Lamar University - City of Beaumont - Entergy Texas 10:15 – 10:25 Review Mission & Purpose - Laurie Sapp, Facilitator 10:30 – 11:30 S.W.O.T. Analysis Break-out Sessions Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Threats 11:30 – 12:00 Group Presentations 12:00 – 12:50 Networking Lunch 12:50 – 1:00 Closing remarks Slide3:  Hurricane Rita - Changed the face of our community and our collective norms. Rebuilding is a collaborative Effort:  Rebuilding is a collaborative Effort The Collaboration:  The Collaboration City of Beaumont: Awarded HUD Disaster Recovery: $5,145,000 Awarded $50,000 from the Fannie Mae Foundation CDBG funds Beaumont Housing Authority awarded $20 million housing grant LU Community Outreach Program : Leadership Development and Training Education and Literacy Training Affordable Housing Faith-Based Initiatives The Collaboration:  The Collaboration Entergy: Low Income Liaison Networking Coffee Breaks Summits Project CARE of Texas, Inc. Senior Citizen and Entergy Saver Discounts Entergy Efficiency Program Corporate Giving Program Environmental Stewardship Grants Community Partnership Grants Entergy Charitable Foundation The Collaboration – Many members, One body:  The Collaboration – Many members, One body Cathedral in the Pines Catholic Charities Christian Care Community Care-Prayer Outreach Family Services of SETX Gold Key Realty Harvest for Lost Souls House of Refuge Baptist Church Inner City Hand-Up Christian Ministries Lutheran Social Service Disaster Response New Hope COGIC Path Mark Ministries, Inc. Pear Orchard Neighborhood Assoc. Port Arthur HOPE Port Cities Rescue Mission Remnant Seed Apostolic Ministry Restorative Justice Ministry Family Svc. Ctr. SETIO SETRPC - 211 SETX Food Bank Some Other Place St. Paul UMC St. Vincent de Paul Success Consulting Network Willie Carter Outreach Center Slide8:  “Storms make trees have deeper roots” - Unknown The Mission & Purpose :  The Mission & Purpose To empower faith-based and nonprofits to have a greater impact on improving the quality of life in our community. What will we accomplish Today?:  What will we accomplish Today? S.W.O.T. Analysis Change Management Tools Become a Leader of Change Build Trust Create Partnerships Understanding Change:  Understanding Change What Really Happens:  What Really Happens Ten Principals of Leading Change:  Ten Principals of Leading Change Start with the end in mind Make it stick – get the basics, then the people Don’t let up & work toward flawless execution Create short-term wins Communicate for buy-in Get the vision right – structure follows strategy Build guiding teams - trust & enable action Establish priorities & increase urgency Make decisions without emotion Understand & respect differences – compromise is the cornerstone of democracy S.W.O.T. Analysis Process:  S.W.O.T. Analysis Process 4 break-out sessions: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats Each group has a task list Appoint a scribe Appoint a reporter Appoint a timekeeper Everyone else is a Participant Report back Ground Rules:  Ground Rules No comment is stupid Don’t beat a dead horse – move on once a topic has been covered Stay on topic Do not take things personal Be creative – dream – imagine Strengths: Internal Assessment:  Strengths: Internal Assessment What are the current strengths of the faith-based and nonprofits in our community? What are some of the positive things happening NOW? Faith-based Social Services Community Corporations Government Weaknesses: Internal Assessment:  Weaknesses: Internal Assessment What is not right with the current situation? What are the needed improvements? What are others doing well that we are not doing? Who are they? What are the gaps? Opportunities: External Analysis:  Opportunities: External Analysis What are the current opportunities for faith-based and nonprofits? What are the potential benefits of faith-based and nonprofit groups becoming more involved in community revitalization? What are the interesting trends you are aware of? Name some potential projects/programs or activities that can assist faith-based and nonprofit groups to become better equipped to empower low-to-moderate income communities? Threats: External Analysis:  Threats: External Analysis What are the things that stand in the way of our efforts? What would happen if nothing was done? Who will oppose the change? What capital (human and financial) is needed? Leap Into Action:  Leap Into Action What can your agency do to take action on the opportunities? What can be done to bridge the gaps? Who will a new partner be and what will it take to make that a reality? How can community, corporate and government partners assist in the change? What opportunities already exist –i.e. trainings, networks, grant information, etc.? Contact Info :  Contact Info City of Beaumont Cheryl Robinson, Community Development 409.785.4749 LU Community Outreach Program Elton Payne, Jr. 409.880.7983 Entergy Texas Mary Young, Low Income Program 409.981.2656

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