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Published on August 21, 2007

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Fad DietsPromises & Realities:  Fad Diets Promises andamp; Realities Isabel Valentin-Oquendo Food, Nutrition andamp; Health Update 2001 Slide2:  Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion Report:  Center for Nutrition Policy andamp; Promotion Report About 2 of 10 people want to improve their diet. Americans and Dieting:  Americans and Dieting 4 of 10 women 2 of 10 men Survey by the Gallup Organization:  Survey by the Gallup Organization Reasons for dieting Lose weight (46%) To obtain general health (16%) To improve self-esteem (10%) Dieters have tried::  Dieters have tried: Doctor-recommended diet High-protein/low carbohydrate diet The Food Guide Pyramid Low fat diet Slide7:  High-protein diets are back! Slide8:  Slide9:  1972 ~Dr. Atkins’Diet Revolution 1978 ~The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet 1980 ~Beverly Hills Diet 1995 ~Enter the Zone Slide10:  Y=Prevalence of dieting (%) Y=Average Weight (lbs.) Source: Eating Well, Living Well: When You Can’t Diet Anymore, 2000 Theories used to “support”high-protein diets:  Theories used to 'support' high-protein diets Insulin resistance Syndrome X Glycemic index Metabolism during dietingand fasting:  Metabolism during dieting and fasting Metabolism during dietingand fasting continues:  Metabolism during dieting and fasting continues Hazards of high-protein diets:  Hazards of high-protein diets Ketosis Increase risk for developing atherosclerosis Shift from lean body mass to fat Increase risk of osteoporosis High protein diets compared to current weight loss diet recommendations.:  High protein diets compared to current weight loss diet recommendations. Note: Figures were obtained by the respective diet book or by analyzing a sample daily menu. When protein portions were not listed, a 6-oz. serving was assumed. When fruit or vegetable portions were not listed, a ½ cup serving was assumed. The Good within some of the high-protein/low carbohydrate plans::  The Good within some of the high-protein/low carbohydrate plans: Enter The Zone by Barry Sears, Ph.D. Drink water, exercise, and snack. Some fat is necessary. Slide17:  Protein Power by Michael R. Eades, M.D., and Mary Dan Eades, M.D. Recommend exercising and drinking a lot of water. Slide18:  Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution by Robert C. Atkins, M.D. Stresses benefits of exercise. Recommends medical check-up. Slide19:  Sugar Busters! by H.L. Steward; M.C. Bethea, M.D.; S.S. Andrews, M.D.; and L.A. Balart, M.D. Allows whole grains and some vegetables. What the consumer needs to know::  What the consumer needs to know: It’s the low calorie, not the high protein, that causes the weight loss. Rapid weight loss experienced is WATER weight. Meaningful weight loss should be slow and gradual. Long term use of these diets could lead to health problems. Slide21:  The results of these diets are temporary. Need a maintenance plan. Negative effects of yo-yo dieting. High-protein diets are not recommended by professional and medical associations. How to recognize a Fad Diet:  How to recognize a Fad Diet Magic or miracle foods that burn fat. Bizarre quantities of only one food or type of food. Rigid menus. Specific food combinations. Rapid weight loss of more than 2 pounds a week. No warning for people with diabetes or high blood pressure. How about maintaining weight loss?:  How about maintaining weight loss? Final words :  Final words

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