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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: Sefferinna

Source: slideshare.net

Faculty Against the Administration ROUND 1

Faculty vs. Administration  Faculty are the people who teach you.  Administrators are the people who do the documentation, who organize classes, who write your diplomas, directors who do administrative and managing tasks, the non-teaching personnel. Because faculty teach and administrators don’t teach, their experience of university atmosphere is very different!

Administration  They are there to make sure things work according to university policy.  Their vision is an economic, business-minded vision of the place.  They want efficiency, gain, money-saving, timesaving, maximizing profits, maximizing performance, etc.  They need to control the system and therefore have procedures for everything – every single document must be approved by someone, it is reread by several people, etc.

The Problem with Administration  Procedures are lengthy and time-consuming  Files get lost, grades get lost and modified  Administrators are cut off from the learning process and have a skewed vision of what happens in a classroom  Administrators misunderstand students and faculty  They have no clue about classroom dynamics, class culture and the relationships that are formed between teachers and students  They still need to enforce the rules, sometimes despite the unfavourable opinion of the faculty.

Some Effects…  Are you having late classes? This is a problem of bad administration. Lack of faculty and/or rooms results in this problem. Administration thinks that putting in place late classes solves the problem. Late classes, however, is not a solution. In fact, it is a problem because it interferes with learning. Students’ body rhythms and attention spans are disturbed and they are less likely to learn. Teachers who have already had a long day at the office have to stay active.  Is your teacher unable to give you feedback? This is a problem of bad administration. Lack of faculty results in large classes and teaching overloads. Therefore, your teachers are unable to look at everyone’s work. This is extremely unfair an teachers are aware of it but are powerless. The ones who manage this are the administrators.

Values and Culture  Faculty and administrators have conflicting values and culture! They also have constant conflicts of interest.  To make learning happen faculty need time, resources and a good environment.    Learning takes time. The output cannot be maximised in the space of a semester. Students are not machines and neither are faculty. Lack of material resources is an administration problem which interferes with learning. Faculty believe in the free distribution of information and sharing of resources. Whenever such sharing is forbidden, it is an administration problem who seek financial gain as opposed to intellectual gain which cannot be measured.

Some Links… http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2012/09/06/nationaluniversity-faculty-say-administration-cutting-them-outgovernance http://www.jcu.edu/academic/planassess/planning/files/Plann ing%20articles/managerial%20threat%20to%20univ%20gover n.pdf http://lcbpsusenate.blogspot.com/2012/09/administrativebloat-and-managing.html http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Understanding+faculty+and+a dministrator+conflict+in+the+university.-a0299759798

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