Facts & Stats About Phone Apps You Must Know

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Information about Facts & Stats About Phone Apps You Must Know

Published on October 31, 2018

Author: Cingant

Source: slideshare.net

1. Facts & Stats About Phone Apps You Must Know

2. The ecosystem of mobile app store includes billions of developers, both iOS and Android. With millions of users and professionals, there is a permanent drive in the landscape. Besides the app developers, there are several entities which contribute to the rise of this ecosystem.

3. App stores are the major distribution media for the mobile apps. The marketers need to showcase their apps and make ways for monetary benefits.

4.  What are the apps mostly used?  How regularly are the apps used?  Why are the apps used? Go through the slides to know the enticing facts and stats…

5. Per Month Apps Downloaded Till last year, Android users made use of about 3.8 million apps. Apple’s App Store occupies the second position as the biggest app store.

6. About 1500 apps are created daily. But all apps are not downloaded.

7. With Smartphone users encompassing about 65.5% there is NO download of the new app every month. Why?  The users already have apps they want and don't need anything new.

8. What are the popular categories of an app?  The most downloaded app category is “Games” being 25.04 percent of all the downloaded apps  And with 9.88percent, the “Business” category is quite behind  The “Medical” and “Shopping” category apps are downloaded the least, being lesser than 2 percent  And “Social networking” category is about 2.11 percent of downloads because the in-built top social networking apps are sufficient for the mobile users and don't need additional ones.

9. How much time, people spend on various apps The app which has the highest time spent is Facebook. Next is Pandora Radio and then Youtube followed by Instagram. Out of 10, 6 apps are for commercial purpose to the social media apps.

10. Today, we indulge an average of 15% of daytime using a Smartphone. 90% of the apps used are related to games and Social Media. Why these categories? As Social Media occupies a huge place in our lives in the current scenario be it for personal or businesses purpose.

11. With over 500 games submitted to the app stores daily, there are plenty you can try. For more app related updates click the link.

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