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Information about Facts about Mexico Sourcing

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: williamsjohn164

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Mexico Sourcing and its Facts: Mexico Sourcing and its Facts PowerPoint Presentation: Why Mexico Sourcing ? Mexico souring exposes you to resources ranging from farm products to industrial goods. Even mineral resources like oil, silver and gold are outstanding items of export from this nation. USA is the major trading partner. PowerPoint Presentation: Agricultural and Natural Resources Although agrarian sector is not a significant contributor to GDP, Mexico has extensive areas under cultivation. Among food crops grown are rice, wheat, corn, beans including soybeans and tomatoes. Cash crops cultivated include cotton, sugarcane, coffee, cocoa, fruits, and tobacco. These resources are used either for direct consumption or as ingredients for agrarian industries. PowerPoint Presentation: Industries and Exports Petroleum and petroleum products are the primary export of this country. Other prominent exports include cotton, textiles, coffee, vegetables, fruits, beef, fish, manufactured goods, and chemicals. Tourism is another activity which is a traditional foreign exchange earner for this nation. PowerPoint Presentation:  Contact Us PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You

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