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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: erkumaradarsh

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PowerPoint Presentation: Facts about hearing loss Visit us at : www.speechhearingaid.com Table of Contents : Table of Contents Section Topics Slide No. 1 How can you Damage your Hearing ? 3 2 Facts about the things that we Ignore . 4 3 So What you Gonna do about it ? 5 4 Celebrities Suffering From Hearing Loss 6 Visit us at : www.speechhearingaid.com PowerPoint Presentation: How can you Damage your Hearing ? THINGS THAT MAY LEADS TO HEARING DAMAGE : Music Work Place Motors Guns Visit us at : www.speechhearingaid.com PowerPoint Presentation: Facts about the things that we Ignore 1. Aging : If you are exposed to sounds over a long period of time, it can naturally wear down and damage inner ear cells . 2.Heredity: Your genes can negatively impact your hearing and make you more susceptible to ear damage . 3.Occupational Noise: Jobs like factory work or construction have many occupational hazards, one of them being damage to the ear . 4.Buildup of Earwax: This type of buildup does not typically happen overnight, it instead happens gradually. 5.Infections: Ear infections and abnormal bone growths or tumors can be major hearing loss causes . Click here to know more… Visit us at : www.speechhearingaid.com PowerPoint Presentation: So what you gonna do about it There are several ways to Protect ears: Cheap Foam Earplugs. Pricy reusable plugs. Filter Earplugs. Custom Earplugs. Earmuffs with Music Visit us at : www.speechhearingaid.com PowerPoint Presentation: Celebrities suffering from Hearing loss Visit us at : www.speechhearingaid.com Thome Yorke Phil Collins Sting Sylvester Stallone Neil Young Bono U2 PowerPoint Presentation: Meenakshi Speech & Hearing Clinics (P) Ltd. , 27, Babar Road, Bengali Market, Cannaught Place, New Delhi, DL 110001, India Tel. : +91 - 11 - 41001995 Mob. : +91 - 9910203852 Follow us on Visit us at : www.speechhearingaid.com

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