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Information about Facts about College Essay Structure

Published on June 24, 2019

Author: THEdiana

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College Essay Structure: College Essay Structure Paragraph: Paragraph A professional writer should remember that a paragraph is a single "unit" of a paper. Reading a paragraph the reader expects to see well-elaborated representation of a <b>single </b>point or thought, and find a proper support for that point. Violating this expectation makes your paper unreadable and signifies of a poor writing style. Introduction: Introduction Usually about 3-4 sentences. Should not exceed the following body paragraph. Introduction contains: A   Hook  - a sentence, which from the first line intends to grasp the reader’s attention subconsciously motivating him to read up to the end; A   Thesis Statement :   The last sentence of your Introduction, where you take certain position you are going to stick to in your paper. This sentence is mandatory! Topic sentence : Each body paragraph of your paper should start with a topic sentence, which is a statement that you are going to discuss, claim or oppose in the following paragraph. Conclusion: Conclusion Last sentence of your paper, which finalizes your paper by providing the results of your research, your key points given and defended in the body of your paper. Conclusion should NOT contain any new points or data, as it should not raise any more questions . Basic Structure: Basic Structure Introduction and Conclusion is a MUST to be in every paper. Each paragraph should contain at least 3 sentences. Body paragraphs should contain references when the need to support your points arises. Slide6: d opessays.com Like and Subscribe for more

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