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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: chirurgiemammaire154

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Top 10 Teeth Whitening Myths - Facette Dentaire Paris ___________________________________________________________________________________ By James Stephen - http://www.dr-zisserman-chirurgien-dentiste.fr/facette-dentaire-paris/ Teeth whitening is a common cosmetic dentistry procedure used to lighten or whiten the shade of the teeth. Every year thousands if not millions of people combine to spend over $10 billion on cosmetic teeth whitening procedures.If you are thinking of getting your teeth whitened, you should first see your dentist to check your teeth for cavities and gum disease. Your dentist can also clean your teeth to remove any surface stains. Before you whiten your teeth, you should know some basic facts about teeth whitening. Learn More About Facette Dentaire Paris There is much information in ads, magazines and on the Internet about teeth whitening, but it is important to separate fact from fiction so that you can make the best teeth whitening decisions. Below are the Top 10 Myths About Teeth Whitening.

All teeth whitening gels are the same-There is a wide range in strength of whitening gels. The strongest whitening gels are used by the dentist for in-office whitening procedures. The next strongest whitening gels are given to you by your dentist to be used at home. I have to get the strongest gel so that my teeth can get whitest-Although the strongest gels used by the dentist in the dental office would whiten your teeth fastest, you may be able to achieve similar whitening results if you just use a medium-strength whitening gel given by your dentist to be used at home for a longer time.Whitening toothpastes bleach teeth-Very few if any whitening toothpastes actually can chemically whiten your teeth. In fact, most if not all of the whitening toothpastes contain only mechanical abrasive products that help you scrub off surface stains when brushing. It may take weeks to see results-Though many over-the-counter products with milder whitening agents may take weeks to work, you can sometimes see dramatic results in less than an hour from whitening procedures done by your dentist in the dental office. Sometimes, people can experience eight or more shades brighter in less than an hour. The weakest gels are bought over-the-counter.All teeth whiten the same-In fact, all teeth do not whiten the same. Yellow teeth typically whiten better than gray teeth. A person with yellow teeth would typically see more dramatic whitening results compared to a person with gray teeth. Veneers, crowns, and tooth colored fillings will be whitened just like my teeth-If you have veneers, crowns or tooth-colored fillings and whiten your teeth, you may be disappointed after whitening that your veneers, crowns, or fillings no longer match the color of your teeth.

This is because the whitening gel does not affect the shade of your restorations. If you need veneers, crowns, or fillings, ask your dentist if you can wait until after teeth whitening to do them. Otherwise you may need to get them redone after your teeth are whitened So… What’s Next ? To learn more about Facette Dentaire Paris, Click Here: http://www.dr-zisserman-chirurgien-dentiste.fr/facette-dentaire- paris/

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