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Published on January 17, 2008

Author: Davide

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Slide1:  Towards Understanding Slide2:  Good basic understanding of Facet5: What it is measuring Its professional status Its applications Objectives Big5 Theory - Why Facet5?:  people need practical models existing terminology leads to confusion mis-matched underlying theory poor quality of many tools available psychologists have not helped Big5 Theory - Why Facet5? Slide4:  quick easy to understand and interpret use “natural” language not jargon an understanding – not a score Design Brief for Facet5 Slide5:  5 domains - building blocks of personality What does it measure Recognised by psychologists since the 1940’s Now referred to as the “Big5” theory Slide6:  Where does Facet5 fit? Slide7:  Facet5 takes information about people Processes it And then tells you how to use it for: Slide8:  Will Lo Hi Factors Flexible Adaptable Understanding Responsive Accommodating Compatible Accepting Agreeable Obliging Determined Goal Oriented Purposeful Assertive Direct Dominant Decisive Independent Self Reliant Domineering Wilful Stubborn Argumentative Dogmatic Obstructive Pushy Opinionated Inflexible Unassertive Submissive Indecisive Self Abasing Unassuming Dependent Irresolute Compliant Timid Slide9:  Energy Lo Hi Factors Autonomous Serene Imperturbable Quiet Confidential Reserved Undemonstrative Energetic Enthusiastic Gregarious Sociable Friendly Competitive Participative Adaptable Distractible Disruptive Interfering Exhibitionist Insensitive Garrulous Unthinking Aloof Indifferent Cool Unsociable Unresponsive Apathetic Insular Slide10:  Factors Affection Lo Hi Realistic Pragmatic Objective Astute Business-like No-nonsense Hard-nosed Shrewd Understanding Helpful Responsive Kind Sympathetic Compassionate Trusting Open Accepting Naive Too trusting Innocent Susceptible Soft Gullible Unworldly Too ingenuous Self Advancing Cynical Opportunistic Hard-nosed Unsympathetic Inconsiderate Disagreeable Aggressive Slide11:  Factors Control Lo Hi Natural Creative Uninhibited individualistic Free Thinking Radical Casual Liberal Planned Logical Reliable Conscientious Responsible Discriminating Ethical Authoritarian Inhibited Intolerant Cold Moralistic Uncompromising Rigid Narrow minded Irresponsible “Short Term" Unreliable Unfocussed Unplanned Amoral Unpredictable Indiscreet Slide12:  Facet5 consists of 106 questions Semantic Differential Scales 23 are research items Presented one at a time Facet5 factors are linear sums of the responses given Expressed as Sten Scores Calculating Facet5 Raw Scores Slide13:  STEN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Z-SCORE -2 -1 0 +1 +2 2% 14% 34% 34% 14% 2% PERCENTILES 2 7 16 31 50 69 84 93 98 Distribution of Facet5 Scores Min 1 Max 10 Mean = 5.5 Slide14:  The Profile Chart Slide15:  Different samples produce different Average Scores and Std Devs resulting in different Sten scores from the same Raw Score. Therefore critical to be consistent with norm selection The importance of norms Slide16:  Changing norms UK Norms Aust Norms Sub-factors:  Sub-factors Determination Confrontation Independence Vitality Sociability Adaptability Support Altruism Trust Discipline Responsibility Apprehension Tension Slide18:  Factors My boss is a submarine!!! Slide19:  Elements of Emotionality Concentration span Confidence Defense mechanisms Habits & phobias Hypochondriasis Mood swings Nostalgia / reminiscence Less Objective Obsessional memory Absent mindedness Families:  Facet profiles can be grouped into Families which are broadly similar in style These similarities/differences can be the foundation of understanding between people The Family profile can provide a “quick reference” when working with people There are 17 families in total Families Facet5 Families:  Individual profile is compared to 17 reference profiles and “similarity” (D2) calculated Individual is assigned to family where “fit” is closest (D2 is smallest) High Will & Energy + Low Control & Affection = “Promoter” Facet5 Families Slide22:  Facet5 Families Slide23:  All Families N > 6000 Correlations between factors:  Facet5 - Correlations Ene Aff Con Emo Will .25 -.25 .09 -.18 Energy .03 .01 -.30 Affection .11 -.10 Control .01 S-N .38 MBTI - Correlations T-F S-N J-P E-I -.07 -.11 -.06 T-F .09 .23 TMI - Correlations PC AB SF E-I -.34 -.22 -.13 PC ..32 .32 AB .32 Correlations between factors Reliability:  Reliability Retest Reliabilities Internal Reliabilities Construct Validity vs 16pf:  Construct Validity vs 16pf Construct Validity cf 16pf:  W+ = Dominant and Positive E+ = Warm, Outgoing, Bold, Group Oriented and Enthusiastic A+ = trusting C+ = Conscientious, Practical, Controlled and Self contained Em+ = Tense, Apprehensive, Emotional and socially awkward Construct Validity cf 16pf Preditive/Concurrent Validity:  Preditive/Concurrent Validity Slide29:  3 Transformational & 4 Transactional domains based on work by Bass & Alvolio, Quigley etc Domains modified to fit practical organisational purposes Linked to 84 specific leadership behaviours Transformational Creating a Vision Intellectual Stimulation Individual Consideration Transactional Goal Setting Performance Monitoring Feedback Development Is always looking for new ways of doing things Reads regular reports and takes action as required Facet5 & Strategic Leadership Manages people to achieve the agreed corporate goals Inspires people to exceed expectations Slide30:  Facet5 & Strategic Leadership Slide31:  When faced with conflict Facet5 suggests: Orientation: To look at the big picture Objective: To create and impose a dream Tactics: makes statements and demands, reduces range of discussion, excludes people Personal Style Feedback says: Things Ken does well focusing on the overall business goals, communicating and working towards them. Challenging concepts & procedures. Analysing and finding solutions to problems. Communicating - in an articulate and clear manner. Enthusing and motivating staff re the future and achievements. Painting the vision and getting others to be enthusiastic about the future. Creating an informal and supportive team environment. Maintaining an open mind to new ideas and suggestions Has an objective stance. Helps steer staff in the right direction. Has some good ideas. Providing good input to brainstorming He makes me examine my own actions and agenda. Ken makes me think! He challenges me and stretches me. Strategic thinking, big picture. As a Leader Facet5 suggests: Has a clear view of the way forward Can be exciting and original Not particularly sensitive to others Expects people to be self-motivated Doesn't manage closely Blunt about issues which matter Allows people to find their own way Feedback says: Areas where you feel Ken could improve Being constructive in criticism. Giving encouragement. Coaching skills Being more open in his thinking about his staff - being willing to shift beliefs. Following up - making sure we do what we say we'll do & putting in place some "checking mechanisms" to measure progress against targets. Be a bit tougher sometimes - a bit more willing to respond to lack of delivery Distributing interesting work fairly and equally. Following up on development/brainstorming ideas from team meetings. Listening (hearing) without prejudging Provide regular feedback to staff. initiating performance appraisals/development of staff members. Treating all staff with courtesy and respect eg respond to greetings, take the initiative to greet, remain even-tempered

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