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Published on July 23, 2019

Author: wsiestrategies10

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: Facebook Best Practises LIVE “Every business is unique and so is our approach” slide 2: Table of Contents ❏ General ❏ Before You Go Live ❏ During Your Broadcast ❏ After The Event ❏ About WSI slide 3: General ● Use Facebook live to connect with your audience on a personal level ● Reasons to use Facebook Live: ○ Showcase an event people may not be able to attend in person ○ Share updates related to your brand ○ Answer questions in real time ○ Show off your company culture ● Try to focus on content related to current and trending topics or relevant information right at that moment ● Integrate Facebook live into your larger social media campaigns and goals - know what purpose the broadcast is serving slide 4: Before You Go Live ● Plan out your timing to make sure your are reaching your intended audience when they are most likely to view and engage ● Build anticipation by telling people when you are going to go live - Try to promote your live broadcast 2-3 days in advance ● If you’ll be doing an interview or Q A provide people the opportunity to submit questions ahead of time ● Write a clear and intriguing description for your broadcast with a clear call-to-action for people to join ● Test out your camera and audio before you start. Ensure the quality is as expected and there isn’t distracting background noise and the lighting is good face a window if possible slide 5: During Your Broadcast ● Remind viewers to follow you to see updates and get notified the next time you go live ● Engage with your viewers and mention them by name when responding to something they’ve said in the chat ● Try broadcasting for longer periods of time in order to reach more viewers - aim for at least 10 minutes ● Have a clear closing line to signal the broadcast’s end ● Be clear about what you want from your audience during the broadcast ● Repeat key takeaways and calls-to-action periodically throughout your broadcast as people can join at anytime and will miss things slide 6: After The Event ● Once you’re no longer live you can leave your video on Facebook for people who missed the live broadcast ● Make any necessary edits to the post change the description choose a good thumbnail add captions etc. ● Make a post thanking everyone who attended and let people know where they can watch the video if they missed it ● If you use Facebook live on a regular schedule remind your audience when the next broadcast will be ● If the broadcast went well consider pinning your post to the top of your newsfeed for a day or two or making it your featured video for more people to see slide 7: About WSI The Worlds Largest and Most Innovative Digital Marketing Agency Network We are a reliable team of professionals who can understand your goals and look objectively at your business website and current Internet marketing strategies to come up with solutions that actually work For over 20 years WSI has been helping companies of all sizes across Canada the US better understand and leverage the power of the Internet as a strategic marketing tool that drives quality leads and sales while using only best practice Search Engine Marketing tactics. https://wsiestrategies.com/

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