Fabric-a Pages 6-7 - Fabric-a Magazine; 'Imagination' London, England.

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Information about Fabric-a Pages 6-7 - Fabric-a Magazine; 'Imagination' London, England.

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: michaelrobbie

Source: slideshare.net


I was very kindly invited to be interviewed for a the 'Imagination Edition' of London's uber-cool creative publication, 'Fabric-a Magazine'. It ended up being a first-up, fourteen page feature exploring many aspects of me and my most recent work. I hope it gives some background as to who I am and what I'm all about. It was certainly a very humbling experience and I am am very grateful to Creative Director Andrea Horne, and Editor In Chief Edyta Michalska for the more than flattering opportunity to share my work and outlook.

watch ones to fabrica THE IMAGINATION OF MICHAEL I. ROBBIE Interview by Andrea Horne Michael I. Robbie is a graduate of the elite London Design University. He currently works as a freelance artist and multidisciplinary designer in the Northeast of England. He is fortunate to have worked in art, architecture, graphics, fashion, illustration, interiors, furniture, and product design. He was recently published in Australia’s Sneaky Magazine with the cover and four double spreads. He has endless enthusiasm for fashion and loves to merge the most disparate of things into truly innovative and intriguing work. food for the main event, the creative process itself. I hope I reflect the things my eyes have clapped on; only I’d rather allow my own (and that of any team or subject matter I might be working with) visual and You must have quite the vivid intellectual sensibilities rule the imagination to create the pictures final result. that you do. Where do you get your inspiration? Emulation is important, it better I find mostly from a process of helps us understand more advanced exploration and experimentation. and sophisticated practitioners in I get myself in the right frame of whichever respective field, but I’d mind, and ‘get on with it’, or at least, rather it merely informs my work that’s how it seems to happen best. rather than drives my creativity. I find it’s more about me removing the distractions as best as I can, and How do you define the word ‘art’? find your own path, ‘by walking it’ Well, to avoid the usual learnrather than thinking too much or ed responses, I suppose to me, art talking about it. best exists in those moments when something happens unexpectedly, Certainly, I keep aware of what’s and we are consumed by it. The going on as best as I can, I’m sure element of surprise, magic, intrigue, I miss little. I’m in no doubt I’m play, that happens every once in a impacted by those things I come into while. Art is ‘one of those words’, contact with, but it is mostly snack means a lot of things to a lot of 6 people, and they often have their own distinct views on it. I endeavor not to define it, as any definition will change as I grow and learn, it seems frivolous and unhelpful to define it. I’m not good with defining myself, I have many consistent threads, which are certainly coherent, but they’re just subject to change over time through experience. Though I am inclined to believe that art is life, and life is art. There seems like there’s a finality in trying to define art as there would be life, though we’ll no doubt endlessly try to, I’m not convinced it’s a virtuous vocation. I guess I’m saying, I know it when I see it, and I am grateful, as a nightmare of endlessly painting the same canvas so to speak, simply wouldn’t do! You are a graduate of London Design University. Tell us about your university days. 7

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