Fabric-a Pages 18-19 - Fabric-a Magazine; 'Imagination' London, England.

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Information about Fabric-a Pages 18-19 - Fabric-a Magazine; 'Imagination' London, England.

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: michaelrobbie

Source: slideshare.net


I was very kindly invited to be interviewed for a the 'Imagination Edition' of London's uber-cool creative publication, 'Fabric-a Magazine'. It ended up being a first-up, fourteen page feature exploring many aspects of me and my most recent work. I hope it gives some background as to who I am and what I'm all about. It was certainly a very humbling experience and I am am very grateful to Creative Director Andrea Horne, and Editor In Chief Edyta Michalska for the more than flattering opportunity to share my work and outlook.

being good enough, what ever that what enriches, or basically, ‘what means anyway. So many who have works’ given the outcome you want. started later in life have become seminal in forming our worldview. With regards to imagery, it’s mostly about colour and texture and shapes A psychologist might say it is our and lines and light and dark and socialisation that informs everything forms and effects. Where do you that we are and become in life. stop I guess is the next question? I would say yes, but I’d rather wonder My answer to that, has been in if our brains are merely different my previous answers, like I said, shapes, some mathematics-shaped, I think it’s informed from my some art-shaped, some business- previous works, and what I haave shaped. picked up along the way. I suppose my fascination in Art, film and An ambiguous concept I know, but photography lies in the never-ending how much do we really know about balance and portrayal of all these all those synapses in our brains, elements, and their impact on us all I know is, doing creative things both emotionally and intellectually. consistently has mine light up like a Christmas tree, and that’s how, I hope that if the end result has my mostly from my experience’s of head lit up, it is likely to have the things I had to do out of necessity, heads of others lit up too when I I know I must seek the life that will strike the right imagery for them. keep those lights ever twinkling. Instagram’s ‘liking phenomena’ is an excellent barometer for this; I Without giving away all of your love to have such rapid feedback to secrets, how do you create these my creations. graphic images? Well I guess initially it’s like a painting, thoughts and ideas and imagery and the myriad of ways that I can manipulate those things are like my palette. Using that mind palace again, I take a base image (or a few) and outline the composition, draft it out, and then it’s a process of merging other images, as they are, or manipulated in there own way, or how might be advantageous to the underlying When I was at school, it troubled layers. As you can imagine, as with me greatly in my quiet moments paints and pigments, you develop an whether my art was to be created increasingly intimate understanding in a hole in isolation purely for my of what compliments, what detracts, own gratification, or purposefully 18 designed to exist in a gallery for commercial reasons. As with many things I’ve come up against in life, generally, when I can’t figure whether something I one thing or another, it is generally a combination of the things I’m trying to distinguish. Who’d have thought it, with Instagram, I’ve realised, my creativity is in a worldwide hole, everyone is invited, and there’s an amazing party going on! How do you want to be remembered? I more concerned with how I exist in peoples minds now, I can do something about that. People are a good mirror to hold up at your self sometimes. I’d hope a caring and loving person with integrity to match. He did more than he could ever have conceived possible and took as many people as possible along with him as far as he could. What is the easiest way for readers to contact you? At email; michaelrobbie@me.com I love to hear from them and do my very best to steal a moment to reply, by hiding behind a sofa or otherwise, I am grateful that someone would read my ramblings, and in some way connect with me or my work in some way and care to join me on my journey, or invite me to join them on theirs! It’s been a daunting request for me to answer many of these questions. It has been terrifying, cathartic and intensely enjoyable to be graciously given the opportunity! I rarely afford myself the time to meditate on such matters. I really must work on this; and touch back with you in the future at some point. Thank you all at Fabric-A Magazine, a brilliant concept and fabulous outlet for creative souls in the challenging times we face! Michael I. Robbie michaelrobbie@me.com 19

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