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Published on January 13, 2008

Author: Berta

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Slide1:  ---grammar (2) Unit 2 My Day Slide2:  Ⅰ.教学目标: 1.认知人称代词的宾格 2.掌握人称代词对名词的正确替换 Ⅱ.教学内容: A 级. 词 组 1. a lot of friends 2. want to do 3. teach somebody English 4. walk a dog 5. talk about 6.say hello to 句 子 1. I can’t hear you well. Can you say it again? 语 法 1. 人称代词宾格 Slide3:  Do ___ (我)have long hair? Do ____ (你们) have long hair? Do _____(他们) have long hair? Do_____(我们) have long hair? we I you they Slide4:  Does ____ like swimming? Does ____ like swimming? Does ____ like swimming ? he she it Slide5:  Xu Wenjie likes English. She like English. I like English. Millie and Sandy like English. They like English. We like English. Slide6:  ____ you like swimming? ____ we like swimming? ____ they like swimming? Do Do Do Slide7:  This is a picture of our singing club. There are six students in our club. They are from Grade 7 , and all of them are boys. Mrs Zhang is their music teacher. Can you see her in the picture? She is in the middle. The boy beside her is Wang Wei. He is very tall. I like him. He is my best friend. I am between Wang Wei and the boy with a football. Can you find me? We all like Mrs Zhang and she like us, too. Slide8:  Look at that girl. ___ is small and pretty. ____ goes to school by bus. ____ usually does her homework at lunch time. ___ is busy. ____ has no time to chat with her classmates. Do you like ___? She She She She She her Slide9:  Look at that boy! Is ___ a member of our class? Yes,___ is. ___ likes reading. ____ likes playing computer games.___ goes to school by bike.We all like ___. he he He He He him Slide10:  Look at the boys. Who are ____?____ are Vecker and his twin brother. Do _____ go to school together? Yes, ___ do.Do ___ ___ do their homework together?Yes, of course.Do ___ look the same?Yes,____ do.Do you like ____? they They they they they they they them Slide11:  is our school. We all like . It it Slide12:  Look at the girl’s job. Is ___ good. Yes, of course. ___ is really good. ____ is good with maths. ____ works hard.____ usually listens to the teacher carefully. ____ is polite and helpful. We all like ___. it It She She She She her Slide13:  am your English teacher. are my students .I teach English. Do your like ? I You you me Personal Pronouns:  Personal Pronouns Slide15:  them us him it her you Tommy is writing an e-mail to Millie. Read and fill in the blanks.:  Tommy is writing an e-mail to Millie. Read and fill in the blanks. Dear Millie I’m very glad to tell ___ about my family. I’m not the only child in the family. I have a sister, Mary. I often play with ____.Our parents love____ very much. They are both teachers and work hard every day. We always help _____ with some housework. Next Sunday is my father’s birthday. We want to buy a tie for__.We hope he will like ____.  you her us them him it Slide17:  It is late now. Next time I’ll show _____ a picture of my family. Please write to ____ soon. Tommy you me Slide18:  Change the singular into plural or plural into singular. 1.He is a member of our football team. 2.I meet up with Simon at the tennis court at 3.30. 3.She goes to dancing lesson every day. 4.Who does he usually chat with? 5.Do you play tennis,Sandy? They are members of our football team. We meet up with Simon at the tennis court at 3.30. They go to dancing lesson(s) every day Who do they usually chat with? Do you play tennis ,Sandy and Lily? Slide19:  补充练习 ---- 翻译句子 1、那是我的书包。请把它给我。 2、把这张CD给Millie。把那张也给她。 3、他们是你们的新老师。去向他们问好。 4、Peter英语学得不好。你能教他英语吗? 5、我们不懂这句话。你能帮助我们吗? Slide20:  Exercises: 1.My job is a teacher.____work in Ninghai Middle School. 2.My home is in Ninghai Road._____live near my school. 3.Sandy,_____should listen to me carefully. 4.Simon, do ____ know where Mr. Hu is? 5.Millie loves reading._____is a member of the Reading Club. I I you you She Slide21:  6.Simon loves playing football. _____often plays football after school. 7.The cat is very lovely. ____is climbing up the tree. 8. “Simon and Millie,do ______work together?” asks Miss Wang. 9.Daniel and Kitty go to school together. _____live near each other. 10.The children are playing basketball on the playground.______are very happy. He It you They They Slide22:  Homework: 1.Use I/we/you/he/she/it/they/me /us/him/them to make a dialogue between the father and the son . 2.Copy the keywords and try to learn them by heart. 3.Translate the following sentence. Thank you!:  Thank you! Goodbye! Unit 2 My day:  Unit 2 My day Integrated skills Wan Meihua Slide25:  Ⅰ.教学目标: 1.掌握本课时涉及的景点的相关信息。 2.学会将有关信息整理归类,听懂并能摘取相关信息。 3.对学校的出游提供信息并提出建议。 Ⅱ.教学内容: A 级. 单词 1. trip 2. each 3. price 4. would 词 组 1. have our trip 2. next Monday 3. be open 4. be closed 句 子 1. Each students can spend ¥10. 2. Thank you for doing something. 3. We would like to go to Beijing Zoo. 4. The price for each student is ¥5. 5. The shop is open from 8 a.m to six p.m. 6. The shop is closed on Mondays. Slide26:  B 级 单词 1. information 2. location 3. district 4. adult 5. except 6. Organize 7. closed 8. out 词组 1. the China Space Museum 2. the China Science and Technology Museum 3. look forward to sth./doing sth. 4. get some information 句子 1.We are all look forward to great day out! Slide27:  Heyan Road Xuanwu District Location: Adult ¥30 Children ¥15 Price: Slide28:  Location: 1 Dahongmen Lu Fengtai District China Space Museum Price: Adults ¥30 Children ¥15 Open: Every day Slide29:  Location: 137 Xizhimenwai Dajie. Xicheng District Beijing Zoo Price: Adults ¥10 Children ¥5 Open: Every day Slide30:  Location: 1 Beisanhuan Zhong Lu Xicheng Distrit China Science and Technology Museum Price: ¥30 Open: Every day Read the note and answer the questions. :  Read the note and answer the questions. ①What are the names of the three places? ②When will Millie’s class have their trip? ③How much can each student spend? They will have their trip next Monday, from 1p.m. to 5:00p.m. Each student can spend ¥10. Slide32:  Place Location Price Opening days Beijing Zoo 137 Xizhimenwai Dajie. Xicheng District Adults ¥10 Children ¥5 Every day China Space Museum 1 Dahongmen Lu, Fengtai District Adults ¥30 Children ¥15 Every day China Space and Technology Museum 1 Bei Sanhuan Zhong Lu, Xicheng District ¥30 Every day except Monday Slide33:  8.00 am 3.30 pm 9.00 am 4.30 pm Listening 7.30 am 5.00 pm Listen again and choose T/F:  Listen again and choose T/F 1). The class1, Grade 7 students can go on a school trip every day except Monday. 2). The price for each student is ten yuan. 3). They can’t go to China Space Museum because the price is expensive. 4). They can’t go to Beijing Zoo because it is open every day except Monday. 5). They would like to go to China Science and Technology Museum but the price is too expensive. F F T F F Slide35:  Listen for the third time.DoA4 and answer: Which place can they go?Why? They would like to go to _______. Because _____. They cannot go to _____________. Because _____. Slide36:  Name : Xuanwu Lake Location: Price: Adults Children Open: How to go there: Name:Zhongshan Tomb Location: Price:Adults Children Open: How to go there: Discuss:Where can we go for a trip in Nanjing? 补充练习 ---- 翻译句子:  补充练习 ---- 翻译句子 1、每个学生都有一本英语书。每个人都要回答两个问 题。每个团员应当帮助一个同学。 2、谢谢你们回答我的问题(你寄给我e-mail、带我去科 学博物馆、告诉我那消息···)。 3、班级郊游从早上9:00到下午4:00。这个周末我要去 旅游。你喜欢旅游吗? 4、成人票价每人60元。儿童票价每人30元。 5、这家超市每天从早上9:00开到下午8:00。它 8:00 以后不营业。 6、我盼望着你的来信。我们都盼望着你的到来。他盼望 有一个长假。她盼望通过考试。 Thank you!:  Thank you! Goodbye! Unit 2 Speak up and Pronunciation:  Unit 2 Speak up and Pronunciation Wan Meihua Slide40:  Ⅰ.教学目标: 1. 谈论学校的生活。 2. 掌握一般疑问句的正确语调。 3. 掌握 ‘-(e )’ 结尾的三种发音。 Ⅱ.教学内容: A 级 单 词 1. maybe 2. wish 句 子 1. What do you think of your new school? Oh, it’s good. 2. Maybe you need to practise it more. 语 音 1. 一般疑问句的语调 2. 名词复数和动词第三人称单数词尾的读音 Slide41:  What are they talking about? Slide42:  1.When does Millie do morning exercises? 2.What are Millie’s favourite lessons? 3.What subject is Tommy not good at? 4.What is Millie good at? Work in pairs and talk about: :  Work in pairs and talk about:  the school and class the lessons the after-school activities the teacher and friends Slide44:  How to read the sentences in B Speak up: Do you do morning exercises at school? Slide45:  Do you know what is the difference between ‘can’ and ‘may’? Do you know what is the difference between ‘Is she tall and slim?’ And ‘Is she tall or slim?’ Make more sentences :  Make more sentences a). What will you say if you want to know whether the others hear you? b). What will you ask your teacher if you want to leave the classroom for home? c). What will you say to your classmate if you want to take a seat to have a rest? d). What will you say to your mother if you want to take Eddie out for a walk? e). What will you say to your friends if you want to go to the Space Museum? Slide47:  [iz] [s] [z] 做词的填空练习,总结其发音情况:  做词的填空练习,总结其发音情况 1). There are twenty-four in the classroom. ( desk ) 2). There are 9 secondary in Gulou District . ( school ) 3). There are two big in front of the building ( tree ) 4). He has many . ( orange ) 5). There are 48 in my class. ( student ) ( 清辅音ks, ps ---[s];浊辅音ns, gs, ms, ls, vs 等 ---[z];元音 +s ---[z];s, x, ch, sh+es和ce, se, ze, (d)ge+s ---[iz];t, d+s ---[ts],[dz]) Slide49:  6). Daniel often me. ( help ) 7). Simon playing football after school. ( love ) 8). Daniel a lot about computers. ( know ) 9). Mr Wu us English. ( teach ) 10)My father newspapers after supper. ( read ) 11)She to school by bus. ( go ) 补充练习 --- 翻译句子 :  补充练习 --- 翻译句子 1、你认为你们班(老师、这本书、这部 电影······)怎么样? 2、可能他病了。 可能你们需要买 本字典。 3、我需要一支笔。 我能用你的吗? 4、Daniel 有礼貌而且喜欢帮助人吗? 他的书包是红的还是绿的? Thank you!:  Thank you! Goodbye! Slide52:  Wan Meihua Slide53:  Ⅰ.教学目标: 1. 总结本单元谈到的各种活动。 2. 学会表达喜欢或不喜欢某种活动的原因。 3. 能够在语篇层面上表达喜欢或不喜欢某种活动。 Ⅱ.教学内容:本课为写作课,写出对学校活动 喜爱程度与原因。 A 级 单 词 1. word 2. difficult 3. part 词 组 1. learn more about 句 子 1. It’s good for us. It’s hard for me. 2. I like some parts of the day. B 级 单 词 1.dislike 2. reason 3. ready 句 子 1. It helps us get ready for the day. C 级 单 词 1. e-friend Slide54:  My subjects Love Like Dislike Chinese Maths English PE Science Slide55:  What does Millie love? What does Millie like? What does Millie dislike? Slide56:  Reading Club I want to learn more about the world. Slide57:  Drawing I like all the different colours. Slide58:  doing exercises It is good for us .It helps us get ready for the day. Slide59:  Lunchtime I can chat with friends and eat nice food Slide60:  Homework It is too difficult and we have too much. Slide61:  Basketball I am not very tall. It’s hard for me. Slide62:  According to Millie’s likes and dislikes to fill in the blanks. 1.Millie likes ______ because she wants to learn more about the world. 2.She likes ________ because she likes all the different colors. 3.She dislikes ________ because she is not very tall and it is hard for her. 4.She loves Lunchtime because she can ____________ friends and eat nice food. 5.She dislikes homework because it is too _______ and we have too _____. 6. She likes morning exercises because it is too _______ and it helps them _____ the day. Slide63:  My happiness chart Slide64:  Dear e-friend I spend ________ hours at school. I like some parts of the day and I dislike others. I love ____________________ because ________________. I love ____________________ because ________________. I love ____________________ because ________________. I think these activities are very . I dislike ___________________ because _______________. I dislike ___________________ because_______________. In the evening __________________ Millie 补充练习 --- 翻译句子:  补充练习 --- 翻译句子 1、电视帮助我们更多地了解世界。 聊天会帮助 我们更好地相互了解。 2、做早操(看报纸、画画······)对我们有好处。 3、开汽车(回答这个问题、写作文······)对我来 说很难。 4、我(他)喜欢看书。 我(他)很喜欢听音乐。 我(他)不喜欢画画。 5、一个单元有几个部分? 课文的第一部分很有趣。 你喜欢课文的哪一部分? Slide66:  Write a letter to your friends about your school. 2. Copy key words Homework: Thank you!:  Thank you! Goodbye! Slide68:  Wan Meihua Slide69:  Ⅰ.教学目标: 1. 对本单元学习的语法进行复习总结。 2. 对本单元学习的活动方式进行总结。 Ⅱ.教学内容: A 级 单 词 1. answer 2. question 3.clever 词 组 1.the answer to ······ Slide70:  read newspapers You read newspapers. He reads newspapers. Slide71:  watch TV I watch TV. She watches TV. Slide72:  make model planes ____Tom make model planes? Does _____ Lily and Lucy make model planes? Do Slide73:  listen to music she listen to the radio ____ they listen to music? Do Does Slide74:  read magazines ____they read magazines? Do ____ Miss Li read magazines? Does Slide75:  play tennis ____ she play tennis? Does ____ they play tennis? Do Slide76:  write letters You write letters. Lily writes letters. Slide77:  listen to music She listens to music. They listen to music. Slide78:  football, badminton, swimming, tennis, volleyball, play football ( badminton, tennis, volleyball, basketball ······ ) football field, badminton court, swimming pool, sport, match, player, swimmer, score goals, the Word Cup, Sports: Slide79:  Have fun: make model planes, read cartoons (newspapers, magazines), chat with friends, visit museums, go on a trip, have a day out, listen to music (the radio), play computer games, watch TV, Slide80:  have dinner ( breakfast, lunch, supper, meals ) fish, milk, restaurant, Slide81:  go to school, have morning exercises, have lessons, Slide82:  I you Slide83:  me it it Slide84:  He we him Slide85:  He Slide86:  Answer my questions: 1.Who are the two girls? 2.What are they doing? 3.Are they studying hard? 4.Is it a very difficult question? 5.Where is Daniel? Slide87:  Exercise: 1.___ _ _ you helpful?( Are,Do) 2._____ _Millie late ?(Does,Is) 3.___ ___he watch TV?(Is,Does) 4.He___ _ me with my English.(helps,help) 5.She____ _ Chinese .(reads,read) 6.__ _ they go shopping?(Do,Does) 7.Mike___ _ know the word.(doesn’t,don’t) 8.He his homework on Sunday. (don’t do,doesn’t do) Are Is Does helps reads Do doesn’t doesn’t do Work in groups of four::  Work in groups of four: 由学生A用第一人称讲自己的一天,学生B用第三人称复述学生A的一天,学生C问学生D有关学生A的问题。然后检查一组。 Slide89:  Homework: 1.Write someone’s likes and dislikes. 2.Prepare for a test. Thank you!:  Thank you! Goodbye!

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