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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Candelora

Source: authorstream.com

Christian Hall :  Christian Hall Upon graduation, I plan on earning my Masters in Engineering/Technology Teacher Education (Tech Ed), and becoming a graphics teacher at the high school level. I also want to pursue a coaching position in wrestling and football at the high school I will be teaching at. Nick Lannert:  Nick Lannert My professional goal is to use my degree in the 3D architectural graphics field doing renderings and animations. Additionally, I have an interest in web design and graphic design so I would also be interested in a job that asked me to use these skills every so often. Brian Michael McCreight:  Brian Michael McCreight My professional goal is to be a Head Designer for an interactive multimedia advertising firm. I would love to begin in the firm directly after my graduate studies in Computer Graphics Technology with Purdue University. Within several years, I hope to be promoted to Creative Director of Advertising. My skills with the company would be in print media and web design/development. Chris Mankey:  Chris Mankey To graduate from Purdue with a degree in Computer Graphics Technology to pursue a career in the field of PC based video games, and gain the position of a Lead Character Animator for an industry leading company such as Bungie or Valve within 8 years. Chris Horney:  Chris Horney I would like to pursue a construction graphics and/or construction management position in a commercial construction firm located in a large metropolitan area. Adam Christ:  Adam Christ My career goal is to become a web developer. This would not only include web site development but also the creation of applications that use web technologies. Sara Schapker:  Sara Schapker My goal is to work for a residential Design/ Build company modeling and marketing their services. Eric Biddle:  Eric Biddle My goals are to one day be a comicbook illustrator, as well as a character/item/creature designer for games, animations, and any other potential medium, and also to be a freelance webdesigner on the side. Ashley Young:  Ashley Young My professional goal is to get a job at a high end residential or commercial firm. I would like to design homes or large commercial buildings. Someday I would like to be a senior design manager. Mallory Robaska:  Mallory Robaska My goal after graduating will be to enter a career in print/multimedia design and photography. Melissa Godfrey:  Melissa Godfrey Work as an Art Director with a focus on print design, web development, and multimedia for use in Marketing. James Grote:  James Grote I plan to get a job doing either 3D animation or doing graphics for web/print. Anything graphics oriented really. Alex Porter:  Alex Porter To become a cutting edge web and multimedia developer and to eventually start my own design firm. Corey Stauffer:  Corey Stauffer I plan to graduate from Purdue University with a degree in Computer Graphics Technology relating primarily to Virtual Product Integration. I have plans for starting a company that will help smaller businesses integrate 3D design software into their manufacturing processes to help aid in design, functionality, and efficiency. Andrew Lind:  Andrew Lind After I graduate with my Bachelor's from Purdue University, my immediate professional goal is to further my education by entering into a Graduate School. After that, my goal would be to work at a Game Development Studio as either a production level employee or a director of some sort. Lauren Torres:  Lauren Torres My goal is to eventually become a successful Interior Designer or work for an architecture firm producing interior and exterior renderings. I hope to use my rendering and animation skills to improve my designs and help better communication with the client. Tim Sisson :  Tim Sisson To obtain a position in the Aerospace industry which allows me to apply the VPI skills I have acquired such as 3D CAD modeling/assembly, 3D GD&T, etc. I hope to find a position that applies these skills to simulation and/or analysis. Once I have established myself I hope to eventually transition into some form of management. Marcus Oania:  Marcus Oania My goal is to get a job which allows me to further my artistic and conceptual skills in the computer animation industry, with emphasis in pre-production. Jung Lee:  Jung Lee My goal is to enter gaming industry after I graduate.I would love to start as character/environment/weapon modeler.Then move up to the position where I have my own team to create a game and become greater than Blizzard!!! Honestly, I would love to work for Blizzard. Jonathan Sajovic:  Jonathan Sajovic My goal is to start out as a CAD Drafter for a residential/commercial architecture firm in Chicago and eventually move on to become a CAD Manager. Rachel Gillespie:  Rachel Gillespie My professional goal amounts to many different possibilities. Ultimately I would like to find a job in the forensics field, helping with computer-aided reconstructions or in the construction industry designing and laying out houses. Sam Elder:  Sam Elder I would like to be working within the art or design departments of a game company for any platform. Antoinette Gibbons:  Antoinette Gibbons I hope to be able to practice design techniques for print and web. As well as marketing myself to businesses whose primary interests and goals do not include the afore mentioned skill set. When I graduate I hope to use my skills in web design especially as leverage for obtaining a job in technical theatre via bringing more to the table other then just another stage hand for behind the scenes work during productions. Brandon Stolle:  Brandon Stolle My goal is to develop and utilize my skills in electronic game development while producing portfolio pieces worthy of landing a job in a major gaming company. Daniel Gugenheim:  Daniel Gugenheim My first and foremost career goal would be to play music professionally with my band. However on the odd chance that this should fail, I would like to work as a web and/or graphic designer. Eric Walters:  Eric Walters My professional goal is to find a job either in the film and cg industry, or to start my own LLC that specializes in a wide variety of cg applications; 2D, 3D, marketing, etc. David Stachowiak:  David Stachowiak To continue to add and improve upon skills in the construction graphics design area of CGT, as well as working on my team building skills to make myself more marketable after graduation Anthony Quach:  Anthony Quach A professional goal that I will strive to achieve is to become the President & CEO of my own graphics design firm. I plan to accomplish this by honing my skills with print collateral as well as web development David Nelson:  David Nelson My goal is to be a founder or co-founder of a successful software development company Andrew T. Allen:  Andrew T. Allen To enter into the graduate program for Computer Graphics at Purdue, pursuing either film and video editing, interactive entertainment, or raster/vector graphics. Emily Marking:  Emily Marking After graduation from Purdue University, I would like to become a eLearnging developer with a well established company helping people to understand their new position and the company that they are working for. Eric Johnson:  Eric Johnson My immediate graduation goal is to continue on with graduate school here at Purdue in the CGT department,focusing on interactive entertainment and animation. My professional level goals after graduate school are to obtain a TD position at a game/animation studio. My long term goals include owning my own studio and creating my own IP's. Preston Crilow :  Preston Crilow My goal is to prepare myself for graduation and teach myself not to procrastinate. Frank J Garofalo:  Frank J Garofalo My short-term goal is to graduate Purdue University in May 2008 with a bachelors of science degree in computer graphics technology, as well as to be accepted into a distinguished university for graduate research in the field of applied computer graphics. My career goal is to land a position in the corporate world in a research and development role related to emerging technology, and keep my web design company, Cyber View, as a business entity. Mike Fortress:  Mike Fortress My goal is to work in the Chicago area using my skills in print design and motion graphics. I am targeting design companies and newspapers/magazines. Andrew Lowe:  Andrew Lowe I want to be involved with the integration of emerging technologies with CAD packages and CAD data. Eddie Leisio:  Eddie Leisio I would like to have a job modeling in 3D computer graphics by the time I graduate in May. Corey Wise:  Corey Wise Upon graduation, I would like to pursue a career in the advertisement industry, or working with a graphic design firm producing advertisements for clients. Kate Plew:  Kate Plew To obtain a job in a video and film related career, start my own freelance graphics company, or further my education in culinary arts. Nathaniel Frazee:  Nathaniel Frazee My professional goal is to utilize CAD and 3D spatial awareness in a product design environment or in graduate studies. Travis Disbro:  Travis Disbro To obtain a challenging position in the construction industry implementing emerging technologies such as building information modeling. Chris Baierl:  Chris Baierl My career goal is to utilize Building Information Modeling to design and create unique residential or commercial structures. Sam Wehrspann:  Sam Wehrspann To secure a job in which I can utilize my skills as a graphic designer as well as a programmer in multimedia development at a leading edge company. Erik Wesslen:  Erik Wesslen My career goals are to build a reputation as a game designer and to open my own development studio. Travis Faas:  Travis Faas Professional goal: To create a start-up company specializing in innovative educational games. Jeffrey Seiffert:  Jeffrey Seiffert To secure a computer graphics web development position at a progressive organization that encourages the further development of knowledge and technical expertise. Abe Hundt:  Abe Hundt My professional goal is to be a project manager or superintendent for a design build contractor in the commercial construction industry. Andrew Pottenger:  Andrew Pottenger My goal is to have a more advanced understanding with web design, development, and technologies and to pursue possible opportunities with a graphic design firm or advertising agency Ryan Wilsey :  Ryan Wilsey My goal for this course is as simple as it is vague: I wish to become better than I am today; better as a person, a businessman, and a professional. Ultimately, I wish to achieve excellence in whichever endeavors I put my efforts to. Regardless of my accomplishments in 411, if they have made me a better person and performed to my standards of excellence, than consider my goal as being met. Or, perhaps stated more simply, "I wish to become more awesome than I am today." Ashley Koontz:  Ashley Koontz My professional goal is to become a graphic designer or a marketing rep for an advertising or marking firm. I hope one day to become a project manager. After working a couple years I eventually would like to go back to graduate school to get my masters of graphic design or in environmental studies. Nathaniel Humphrey:  Nathaniel Humphrey My goal for after graduation is to get a job video editing, compositing or graphic design. Stephen Budnik:  Stephen Budnik After graduating I plan on finding a job as an architectural illustrator creating 3D models and renderings for a design/build construction company or architectural firm. Andrew R. Gunselman :  Andrew R. Gunselman My professional goal is to get a job as a CAD designer working with the US government in one of its military development divisions. I am also currently looking into jobs in the automotive industry and bicycle manufacturing. Angelica Montes De Oca:  Angelica Montes De Oca My professional goal statement is to be part of an organization that establishes values, education, and entertainment in computer graphics, enabling my organizational, leadership and supervision, and graphics skills in production of computer-generated films. Ryan Shepherd:  Ryan Shepherd To obtain a graphic design position to fund true aspiration of music. Mark Potrzebowski :  Mark Potrzebowski My goal in 411 is to create a show piece project that illustrates my abilities with Manufacturing Graphics. And can be used as an example for interviews. Dustin Bennett:  Dustin Bennett Being a bit of a jack of all computer graphics trades (though master of none), my current goal is to teach those foundation skills in a secondary or post-secondary institution with an emphasis on web development. All the while, expanding my current skillset through freelance projects. Hana AlJaberi:  Hana AlJaberi My Professional goal is to pursue a career in digital painting for character creation in the field of animation, or prints and publications. Kim Hooser:  Kim Hooser To advance in my position with John Deere as a manufacturing engineer by expanding my skills in CAD, PDM, Virtual Reality, and other evolving technology. Curtis Painter:  Curtis Painter Establish myself in a competitive work force using my background and skills from construction graphics to fuel the way. Eventually, establish my own business in the construction field, utilizing both construction graphics as well as leadership and supervision skills to maintain a successful business. Micah Bojrab :  Micah Bojrab This is Micah Bojrab, I have been in the Animaiton side of CGT.  I've learned a lot of about Animation and 3d graphics, but I feel I'm still lacking experience.  I will be soon applying for positions at gaming companies, and would like to do research in this class on having something to do with gaming.  Out of this class, I would like to have a great online porfolio, and resume, and gear myself to procuring a decent position at a gaming company. Peter Tarrant:  Peter Tarrant My goal is to get into the video production industry and work my way up for a while, then start a company with some other Purdue Alumni in a yet unspecified field. Adam Shelton:  Adam Shelton My goal is to achieve a quality position in the Manufacturing industry utilizing the knowledge and skills I have gathered throught my learning experience. Sean Lobes:  Sean Lobes I plan on working in the construction industry as a project manager. Don Han :  Don Han To become a 3D artist in a well-known animation company specialized in lighting or storyboard writing. Dane Schipp:  Dane Schipp I hope to become a graphic artist someday, but it will take a lot of experience first. My goal is to find a full-time job at a company who does print/art work. This could be in industries such as clothing, magazine, sign, etc. Adam Case:  Adam Case Upon graduating, I plan to earn a job at a large, successful automotive or aerospace manufacturer, as a CAD/CAM modeler, and work my way up to management. Rick DeSutter:  Rick DeSutter My goal is to have a successful career in graphic design that is closely related to music and the music industry. I would love to make good money designing album covers, shirts, stickers, and media for the web. If I can find some way to combine my talents in music and design effectively then I will know I have succeeded. I want to enjoy my job and be motivated to be innovative. Jakob Knigga :  Jakob Knigga My career goal is to get a job as a web designer/programer and eventually own my own company. Andrew Evans:  Andrew Evans I would like to be a lead developer in a technology company working to change the world through online communication Jenny Davidson :  Jenny Davidson I plan to use computer graphics indirectly in an advertising/marketing department or firm.

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