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Published on June 26, 2009

Author: danprimack

Source: slideshare.net

Pension Reserves Investment Management Board Private Equity Partnership Investments and IRR Since Inception As of December 31, 2008 (Vintage Years 1986 - 2003) NOTE: Fund IRRs were calculated by the Limited Partner and have not been reviewed or approved by the General Partners. The performance provided may not necessarily reflect the current or future performance of the funds listed below. Investment Name IRR 1818 Fund II, L.P. 11.58% Advent European Special Situations Fund 16.78% Advent Global Private Equity II, L.P. 19.99% Advent Global Private Equity III, L.P. 9.20% Advent International Network Fund, L.P. 5.11% Advent VI, L.P. 31.46% Alchemy Investment Plan (Hawthorne I) 22.39% Alta Communications IX, L.P. 2.39% Alta Communications VIII, L.P. -5.01% APA German European Ventures, L.P. 24.73% APAX Capital Risque III, L.P. 13.96% Apax Europe V-A, L.P. 37.45% Apax European Buy-In Fund -1.85% APAX Ventures III International Partners, L.P. 7.48% Apax Ventures IV International Partners, L.P. 23.92% Apollo Investment Fund IV, L.P. 7.34% Asia Pacific Trust (Arral Pacific Equity Trust II) 2.26% Austin Ventures VII, L.P. -8.83% Austin Ventures VIII, L.P. 3.16% Battery Ventures V, L.P. 8.84% Battery Ventures VI, L.P. 2.74% Belmont Capital Partners II, L.P. 11.61% Berkshire Fund VI, L.P. 22.40% Beta Partners, L.P. 17.82% Blackstone Capital Partners II, L.P. - Secondary 44.39% Blackstone Capital Partners II, L.P. PRIM 37.93% Blackstone Capital Partners III, L.P. 13.52% Blackstone Capital Partners IV L.P. 41.08% Boston Ventures III/IIIA, L.P. 18.67% Boston Ventures IV/IVA, L.P. 18.72% Boston Ventures V, L.P. 4.42%

Boston Ventures VI, L.P. 10.19% Boston Ventures VI-A, L.P. 10.61% Capital Resource Lenders II, L.P. 3.95% Charles River Partnership XI, L.P. 9.93% Charlesbank Equity Fund V, L.P. 20.35% Chisholm Partners IV, L.P. -4.82% Clayton, Dubilier Associates II, L.P. 64.31% Clayton, Dubilier Associates III, L.P. 23.22% Commonwealth BioVentures II, L.P. 43.37% Commonwealth BioVentures III, L.P. -4.22% Commonwealth Bioventures V, L.P. -10.40% Commonwealth Capital Ventures II, L.P. 12.90% Commonwealth Capital Ventures, L.P. 0.70% Crossroads Capital III, L.P. 16.84% CVC European Equity Partners II, L.P. 19.05% CVC European Equity Partners III, L.P. 43.10% CVC European Equity Partners, LP 23.28% Cypress Merchant Banking Partners II, LP -5.06% Davis Venture Partners, L.P. 10.01% DLJ Merchant Banking Partners II, LP 7.05% DLJ Merchant Banking Partners, L.P. 77.13% Dominion Fund III, L.P. 16.81% El Dorado Ventures VI, L.P. -11.23% Equitable Equity II 13.51% Essex Woodlands Health Ventures Fund IV, L.P. 8.20% Essex Woodlands Health Ventures Fund V, L.P. 13.87% First Reserve Fund IX, L.P. 48.24% First Reserve Fund VIII, L.P. 15.82% Forstmann Little D&E MBO IV, L.P. 19.98% Forstmann Little D&E MBO V, L.P. 18.28% Forstmann Little Sub. D&E MBO III, LP 5.13% Frontenac Venture V, L.P. 14.05% FS Equity Partners III, LP 16.26% FS Equity Partners IV, L.P. 12.49% Golder, Thoma, Cressey & Rauner Fund V, LP 11.04% Golder, Thoma, Cressey & Rauner Fund VI, L.P. -3.14% Golder, Thoma, Cressey & Rauner Fund VII, L.P. 20.82% Golder, Thoma, Cressey & Rauner Fund VII-A, L.P. 82.86% Golder, Thoma, Cressey & Rauner Fund VIII, L.P. 33.01% Golder, Thoma, Cressey Fund III, LP 30.76% H.I.G. Capital Partners III, L.P. 27.99% HarbourVest Int'l Private Equity Partners, L.P. 11.13% HarbourVest Partners II, L.P. 8.62% HarbourVest Partners III, L.P. 13.81% Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners III, LP 34.26% Hellman & Friedman Capital Partners IV, LP 35.15% Highland Capital Partners VI-B, L.P. 8.06%

InterWest Partners VIII, L.P. -3.87% Invexco, Inc. -45.85% J.H. Whitney IV, L.P. -13.30% Joseph Littlejohn Levy Fund II, L.P. 7.13% Joseph, Littlejohn & Levy Fund, LP 33.22% Kelso Investment Associates VI, L.P. 8.70% KKR 1986 Fund 28.19% KKR 1987 Fund 11.78% KKR 1993 Fund PRIM 17.17% KKR 1996 Fund, LP 12.79% Landmark Equity Partners III, LP 35.58% Landmark Equity Partners IV, LP 16.64% Landmark Equity Partners V, L.P. 8.93% M/C Venture Partners V, L.P. 8.64% Madison Dearborn Capital Partners III, L.P. 8.23% Madison Dearborn Capital Partners IV, L.P. 14.65% Madison Group, LP -17.94% Massachusetts Technology Development Corp. 1.91% Mayflower Fund, L.P. 9.44% Media Communications Partners, LP 7.21% Menlo Ventures IX, L.P. -0.87% Menlo Ventures VII, L.P. 136.03% Menlo Ventures VIII, L.P. -17.26% MFA-MASTERS 15.21% Morgan Holland Fund II, LP 15.97% Narragansett Capital Partners A, LP 6.99% Nash Sells Limited Partnership I 18.24% Nash, Sells Limited Partnership II 17.64% Nautic Partners V, L.P. 15.53% NEA X, L.P. 1.23% New Enterprise Associates 9, L.P. -10.61% New Enterprise Associates IV, LP 10.32% New Enterprise Associates VIII, L.P. 32.09% New Enterprise Associates VIII-A, L.P. -4.10% Nordic Capital V, L.P. 13.55% Olympus Growth Fund III, L.P. 15.20% Olympus Growth Fund IV, L.P. 8.47% One Liberty Fund III, L.P. 28.40% Onex Partners, L.P. 45.93% Permira Europe II, L.P. 2 24.25% Permira Europe III, L.P. 32.83% Permira German Buy-Outs 1992, L.P. 35.66% Permira UK Buy-Out Fund II, L.P. 19.82% Permira UK Venture Fund III, L.P. 30.70% Permira Ventures European Fund, L.P. 5 73.56% Polaris Venture Partners III, L.P. -6.96%

Polaris Venture Partners IV, L.P. 4.00% Providence Equity Partners IV, L.P. 23.05% Prudential Venture Partners II, LP 22.76% Quad-C Partners VI, L.P. 26.46% Richland Ventures III, L.P. -3.32% Sentry Equipment Financing, L.P. 5.68% Smith Offshore Exploration Co. -0.80% Southern California Ventures II, L.P. 10.12% Spectrum Equity Investors II, L.P. 22.54% Spectrum Equity Investors III, L.P. -2.50% Spectrum Equity Investors IV, L.P. 7.09% Summit Ventures VI-A, L.P. 12.88% T/A Advent VIII, LP 23.30% TA IX, L.P. 20.95% Thoma Cressey Fund VI, L.P. -4.05% Thoma Cressey Fund VII, L.P. 22.70% Thomas H. Lee Equity Fund III, LP 31.22% Thomas H. Lee Equity Fund IV, L.P. -2.58% Thomas H. Lee Equity Fund V, L.P. 12.50% Thomas H. Lee Equity Fund, L.P. 54.58% TPG Partners II, L.P. 9.81% TPG Partners III, L.P. 24.88% TPG Partners IV, L.P. 10.47% Trident Capital Fund V, L.P. 4.75% VantagePoint Communications Partners, L.P. -5.44% VantagePoint Venture Partners III, L.P. -10.19% VantagePoint Venture Partners IV, L.P. 0.71% Venture Capital Fund of New England II, L.P. (The) 1.42% Vestar Capital Partners III, LP 4.90% Vestar Capital Partners IV, L.P. 14.42% Vista III, L.P. 6.04% WCAS Capital Partners, LP 18.41% Weintraub Entertainment 0.23% Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe IX, L.P. 13.90% Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe VII, LP 17.81% Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe VIII, L.P. 1.66% Weston Presidio Capital IV, L.P. -1.77% Whitney V, L.P. 25.58% William Blair Mezzanine Capital Fund, L.P. 14.05% Willis Stein & Partners II, L.P. -10.54% Willis Stein & Partners III, L.P. 2.50% Willis Stein & Partners, L.P. 20.63%

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