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Published on October 26, 2007

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Slide1:  WELCOME Slide2:  F AD I SEE IT FIRST ON FTV ADVERTISING ON FTV Slide4:  FTV is one of the worlds best distributed TV channels. FTV is the most distributed channel in public places. FTV is the gatekeeper to the world of fashion and glamour. FTV designs new and innovative TV concepts around the theme of fashion. FTV is the only TV equivalent to hundreds of print products, about fashion and lifestyle. FTV delivers the newest trends faster to interesting target groups via live TV and hence is significantly faster than other fashion media. FTV enhances brand communications to become fashion & lifestyle statements. INTRODUCTION WHY ADVERTISING ON FTV? Slide5:  FTV is the world’s most preferred channel in… clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels fitness- and wellness clubs hair- and beauty salons fashion- and cosmetics boutiques airports stations city screens … about 6,6 Million public places and “hotspots”! FTV IN PUBLIC Slide6:  ADVERTISING MIX FTV provides a unique mix of marketing tools to directly access the most sought after consumer group – young, high income trendsetters – with integrated multi channel campaigns: Slide7:  approx. 6,6 Mio public places / “hotspots” worldwide 113 2 from „East“ of Middle East to Indonesia Australia & New Zealand AsiaSat 3 121 Western Europe (France, Germany, Spain etc.) + Central & Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Albania etc.) + Africa HotBird 3 Astra 2C (for Europe only) Households in Mio Geographical Regions Satellite Feed 15 40 South America North America IntelSat 907 Telstar5 35 India Thaicom source: contracts with satellite-stations ON AIR - TECHNICAL REACH Slide8:  FTV viewers are… men (63%), women (37%) age: 21-44 years (61%); 45-54 (23%); 55+ (16%) education: degree or equivalent (62%); below degree (38%) well-off, technophile, globetrotters, trendy and ad aware early adopters, opinion leaders, models, fashion stars and fashion professionals PREMIUM TARGET GROUPS source: EMS THE FTV VIEWERS Slide9:  more affluent, older and enjoy higher education levels than music channel viewers younger than news channel viewers but fall into a similarly high income bracket younger than viewers of sports channels but have a higher disposable income high low young old income age CNN sports cable free TV MTV source: 2003 EMS survey And – FTV viewers are… THE FTV VIEWERS Slide10:  Distribution: Dedicated Signal for UK Average TV rating = 0,01 Average selected TV rating = 0,14 Contacts reached in April ’04: 1 938 000 Adults (1 month cumulative) Average Viewing Time / Day: 9’20 Weekly Reach (1 Min + cons): 6,19% Peaks See next page – (Adults – 1 month cumulative) EXAMPLE UK WHY ADVERTISING ON FTV? – Example: Rating UK source: Barb Aug 2005 BEST QUARTERS 1 MONTH CUMULATIVE APRIL 2004 – Ranking by TVR:  BEST QUARTERS BEST QUARTERS 1 MONTH CUMULATIVE APRIL 2004 – Ranking by TVR source: Barb Aug 2005 Slide12:  WEEKLY PERFORMANCE Slide13:  WEEKLY PERFORMANCE CALCULATED REACH:  CALCULATED REACH CALCULATED REACH WORLDWIDE source: calculation FTV Total: 1.264.700 Tsd. TECHNICAL REACH EUROPE & AFRICA TOP 20 (Satellites Hot Bird 3 & Astra 2C) :  TECHNICAL REACH EUROPE & AFRICA TOP 20 (Satellites Hot Bird 3 & Astra 2C) REACH EUROPE & AFRICA Total: 121 million households source: satellite provider, calculation FTV Slide16:  TECHNICAL REACH ASIA & AUSTRALIA TOP 10 (Satellite AsiaSat3) REACH ASIA & AUSTRALIA source: satellite provider, calculation FTV Total: 113 million households TECHNICAL REACH RUSSIA & MIDDLE EAST TOP 3 (Satellite Yamal):  TECHNICAL REACH RUSSIA & MIDDLE EAST TOP 3 (Satellite Yamal) REACH RUSSIA & MIDDLE EAST source: satellite provider, calculation FTV Total: 20 million households Slide18:  TECHNICAL REACH SOUTH AMERICA TOP 10 (Satellite IntelSat 907) REACH SOUTH AMERICA source: satellite provider, calculation FTV Total: 15 million households Slide19:  TECHNICAL REACH NORTH AMERICA (Satellite Telstar 5) & INDIA (Satellite Thaicom) REACH NORTH AMERICA source: satellite provider, calculation FTV Total India: 35 million households Total North America: 40 million households Slide20:  REACH PER REGION REACH PER REGION (People in Tsd.) Estimate reach based on French audience 0,035 and on UK audience 0,01; reach prime time (Mon-Fr 6.00-8.00 and 18.00-01.00; Sat-Sun 6.00-8.00 and 12.00-00.00) 0,035%; reach non prime time 0,01% PRICE PER REGION:  PRICE PER REGION PRICE PER REGION 3,8 2,1 8,7 1,2 CPT* 105 55 1.053 212 Price 30“ (€) Prime 30 17 Russia / Middle East South America 323 61 Europe / Africa Asia / Australia Price 30“ (€) Non Prime Region *all adults Slide22:  source:; CpT for all adults COST PER THOUSAND COST RANKING 8,7 5,7 3,8 2,1 1,2 Slide23:  PACKAGE EUROPE/AFRICA (HotBird 3) PRICE PACKAGE EUROPE & AFRICA -30% -20% Saving 303.400 231.165 Price 30“ (€) 49.800 630 9 Weeks 10 Spots / Day 50% Prime Time 33.180 420 6 Weeks 10 Spots / Day 50% Prime Time Contacts 000‘ Total Spots Package Slide24:  PACKAGE EUROPE/AFRICA (HotBird 3) – CpT-Comparsion PRICE PACKAGE EUROPE & AFRICA Slide25:  PRICE PACKAGE ASIA & AUSTRALIA PACKAGE ASIA & AUSTRALIA (AsiaSat 3) Slide26:  PRICE PACKAGE ASIA & AUSTRALIA PACKAGE ASIA & AUSTRALIA (AsiaSat 3) – CpT-Comparsion Slide27:  PRICE PACKAGE RUSSIA & MIDDLE EAST PACKAGE RUSSIA & MIDDLE EAST (Yamal) Slide28:  PRICE PACKAGE RUSSIA & MIDDLE EAST PACKAGE RUSSIA & MIDDLE EAST (Yamal) – CpT-Comparsion Slide29:  PRICE PACKAGE SOUTH AMERICA PACKAGE SOUTH AMERICA (IntelSat 907) Slide30:  PRICE PACKAGE SOUTH AMERICA PACKAGE SOUTH AMERICA (IntelSat 907) – CpT-Comparison Slide31:  PRICE PACKAGE NORTH AMERICA PACKAGE NORTH AMERICA (Telstar5) Slide32:  PRICE PACKAGE NORTH AMERICA PACKAGE NORTH AMERICA (Telstar5) – CpT-Comparison Slide33:  PACKAGE INDIA (Thaicom) PRICE PACKAGE INDIA -30% -20% Saving 21.000 16.000 Price 30“ (€) 24.806 630 9 Weeks 10 Spots / Day 50% Prime Time 16.538 420 6 Weeks 10 Spots / Day 50% Prime Time Contacts 000‘ Total Spots Package Slide34:  PACKAGE INDIA (Thaicom) – CpT-Comparison PRICE PACKAGE INDIA Slide35:  PACKAGE GLOBAL PRICE PACKAGE GLOBAL -30% -20% Saving 448.000 337.650 Price 30“ (€) 194.800 630 9 Weeks 10 Spots / Day 50% Prime Time 129.870 420 6 Weeks 10 Spots / Day 50% Prime Time Contacts 000‘ Total Spots Package Slide36:  PACKAGE GLOBAL – CpT-Comparison Slide37:  When booking an advertising package at a minimum amount of € 250.000 we offer you a fashion tv online “partner site” for free! Please find the details to your partner side on the next slides. FREE PARTNER SITE Slide38: unique visitors / month : 700.000 visits / month : 1.200.000 page views / month: 28 Mio. ( source : Google Analytics Tool ) Since its relaunch in october 2005 has grown 400%. ONLINE ADVERTISING ONLINE - FIGURES Slide39:  I SEE IT FIRST ON FTV source : GOOGLE ANALYTICS TOOL U: P: ftv120567 FTV.COM has 33.747 TOTAL visitors (total number of visitors with all logfiles - statistics by per day. (Saturday April 1st 2006. ) GOOGLE STATISTICS Slide40:  I SEE IT FIRST ON FTV source : GOOGLE ANALYTICS TOOL U: P: ftv120567 FTV.COM has 23.642 IDENTIFIED visitors (visitors with identifiable IP address - Statistics by Google Analytics) and 142.000 page views per day. (Wednesday April 19th 2006.) Slide41:  I SEE IT FIRST ON FTV source : GOOGLE ANALYTICS TOOL U: P: ftv120567 01 GEO location by GOOGLE / Country-statistics for Slide42:  I SEE IT FIRST ON FTV source : GOOGLE ANALYTICS TOOL U: P: ftv120567 02 GEO location by GOOGLE / Country-statistics for Slide43:  I SEE IT FIRST ON FTV FTV.COM has 852.737 ad impressions per day. ( Wednesday April 11th 2006. ) source : T-ONLINE http://reports. Site-ID: ftv Passwort: sanantonio Slide44:  Be part of Fashion TV as one of our strong partners. When booking an advertising package at a minimum amount of € 250.000 your “partner site” is for free! We offer you a fashion tv “partner site” including the following possibilities: editorial photos videos company profile reference adresses couponing... PARTNER SITE Slide45:  For more information about the partnersite program kindly vist: Our partner site for Wolford PARTNER SITE Slide46:  NEWSLETTER Get the latest news in fashion and life style with the Fashion TV Newsletter! We reach more than 300.000 fashion victims and opinion leaders every week! Advertising Possibilities: Banners, Logos, company news... Slide47:  FullSizeBanner (468 x 60 px) Start page: € 54,00 + VAT ROS: € 26,00 + VAT PopUp Start page: € 87,00 + VAT ROS: € 58,00 + VAT PopUnder Start page: € 87,00 + VAT ROS: € 58,00 + VAT LayerAd Start page: € 74,00 + VAT ROS: € 46,00 + VAT Skyscraper (140 x 600 px) Start page: € 95,00 + VAT ROS: € 72,00 + VAT ContentAd € 89,00 + VAT ONLINE – prices ONLINE PRICES Slide48:  banner pop-up skyscraper category & themes sponsoring newsletter- & standalone advertising product integration in the online shop STANDARD ONLINE ADVERTISING LIKE… ADVERTISING WAYS FOR COOPERATION Slide49:  CLIENTS FTV CLIENTS Slide51:  The world in which the “Fashion TV” brand is positioned allows for far-reaching partnerships spanning both generic and branded products. This is where the magic of the “Fashion TV” brand truly lies: it projects a genuine personality, a cosmopolitan and very modern style. – A unique and inimitable style with which a broad target market, spanning generations and socio-economic categories, can identify. The “Fashion TV” brand could easily make do with its exceptional awareness even among people who lie outside its core target market. But this would be to overlook a major characteristic of our brand: its use as a selling aid. How many brands with such a strong image can so easily transform such an influence over so many people into concrete sales volumes? THE FTV EFFECT THE MAGIC OF THE FASHION TV BRAND Slide52:  So, what is the key strength of Fashion TV? It is the “Fashion TV effect”. Whether affixed to a dress or an item of jewellery, a T-shirt, a watch or handbag: the brand provides an opportunity for instant recognition and identification with its innovative and inspirational lifestyle whenever it is used in conjunction with glamour and cool products. THE FTV EFFECT THE KEY STRENGTH OF FTV Slide53:  THE FTV BRAND The diamond embodies all the powers of seduction. Fashion TV’s diamond, a symbol of beauty, of refinement and of purity, radiates across all the continents. A diamond is a fascinating object, just like the magical television screen upon which the dazzling reflections of a thousand and one facets of international design and fashion are displayed in full glory. Slide54:  The diamond is… an aspirational symbol dream and entertainment rolled into one timeless beauty professionalism eternal youth the excitement of live TV THE ATTRIBUTES OF THE FASHION TV BRAND THE FTV BRAND Slide55:  the upscale end of mass market Fashion TV products are perceived as having a certain cachet while being accessible price-wise the ambition of Fashion TV Licensing: to enable the greatest possible number of people to gain access to the elitist image of “Fashion TV attitude” customer profile: young male/female but not overly teenage (15-40 years old) a selective distribution strategy for derivative products PRODUCT POSITIONING THE FTV BRAND Slide56:  FTV MERCHANDISING & FRANCHISING FTV MERCHANDISING F BAR & LOUNGE F SHOP F PRODUCTS Slide57:  FTV MERCHANDISING & FRANCHISING FTV MERCHANDISING The Fashion Bar project is based on the model of a cafè/bar/restaurant deeply connected to the image of a trendy and sophisticated life-style; to reach it we constantly take increased care of the interior design, of the promotion and of the quality of the Fashion Shop’s offer. The take-away products which are part of the offer contribute to reinterpret the Fashion Bar no longer as a place for only “drink and dance a night away”, but as the starting point for shopping in a whole universe of products and entertainment proposals. Here the customers find a choice of CDs, T-shirts, bijouterie, table top products and coffees, as well as bags with exquisite choice of tea leaves of Fashion TV brand together with typical Italian pastry, chocolades and candy, oil and vinegar. Our proposal for the Investor includes a small line of Italian cooking [optional]. The Fashion Bar’s take-away sales of trade mark fancy FTV items are forcefully helped by the airtime advertising on the Fashion TV channel. This promotion represents an added value, influencing customers to multiply their visits and increase their spending, both in urban contexts and in shopping malls, whose stores seldom can supply the promotion of location or goods comparable with the Fashion Bar line. F BAR & LOUNGE Slide58:  FTV MERCHANDISING & FRANCHISING FTV MERCHANDISING F BAR PROJECT CATALOGUE CONTENT 1. Fashion Bar Philosophy 2. Fashion Bar Project 3. Fashion Bar Project for Investors 4. Fashion Bar Concept for Style and Interior Design. 5. Fashion Bar Formats Catalogue 6. Fashion Bar Food & Beverages Concept 7. Fashion Bar Franchise Services 8. Fashion Bar Business Plan 9. Fashion Bar Monitoring and Information Exchange 10. Fashion Bar Advertising 11. Fashion Bar Cooking [optional] 12. Fashion Bar Operator Contract 13. Summary of Terms and Conditions 14. “Caffè Academy” 15. Fees 16. Guarantee by Investor/Owner you can request the f bar project catalogue by: Gabriel Lisowski / Slide59:  FTV MERCHANDISING & FRANCHISING FTV BAR PICTURES Slide60:  Fashion Bars is a franchise system, with fixed structures, workflows and guidelines for the corporate design. FTV supports the action of the Fashion Bars “on air” and “on-line”. Fashion Bar designs and delivers the whole equipment and decoration with integrated TV screens to spread the atmosphere of FashionTV. Because of the constantly increasing success are Fashion Bars in the meantime opened in Warsaw, Kiev, London, Bombay, New Delhi, Budapest, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, Paris, Tel Aviv und Bucharest. In the coming months will more Fashion Bars be opened in Beirut, Shanghai, Tallinn, Cape Town, Lagos … The FTV brand reaches through licensing and merchandising for events, parties, f bars etc. more than 100 million users. THE FASHION BARS FRANCHISE SYSTEM FTV MERCHANDISING & FRANCHISING Slide61:  FTV MERCHANDISING & FRANCHISING FTV MERCHANDISING Today, due to f brand worldwide success Fashion TV has decided to launch its own line of garments. • F Clothing: f t-shirt, f jeans, f blouse • F Phone accessories: f phone chain • F Accessories: f bags, f caps, f belt • F Jewellery: f earrings, f necklace, • F Shoes F SHOP Slide62:  Accessories Jewellery Suitcases and Trunks Umbrellas Parasols Purses Wallets Handbags Travel Bags Beach Bags Toiletry Bags Bath Linen Spectacles Accessories Spectacles Spectacles Cases FTV MERCHANDISING & FRANCHISING THE „F“-COLLECTION – Products Soaps Perfumes Essential Oils Cosmetics Hair Lotions Hair Removing Systems Makeup Removers Lipstick Face Masks Slide63:  FTV MERCHANDISING & FRANCHISING BRAND LICENSING – examples FTV CDs FTV Compilation received Gold. Fashion Phones in cooperation with Philips – stylish mobiles with an exclusive design and special FTV content. FTV Couture own fashion label, worldwide royaltyBusiness, for example In Germany distributed by OTTO FTV Charms pendant for your telephone FTV Foods i.e. low-fat cookies FTV Diamond Line in cooperation with Swarowski Slide64:  A large number of products branded with the FTV diamond logo are produced for wholesale. If you want to sell our products in your stores to the final consumer or if you have special ideas concerning the development of new f-products please contact us: THE „F“-COLLECTION FTV MERCHANDISING & FRANCHISING

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