Eyes pen torch = clinical uses

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Information about Eyes pen torch = clinical uses

Published on February 14, 2014

Author: MagnificentMagnusMan

Source: slideshare.net



EYES PEN-TORCH::CLiNiCAL USES::Dr.NaVaiD’$ WONDER-ViEW$:01*CLR=CORNEAL LIGHT-REFLEX=”HiRSCHBERG’$ Test”! 2*PLR + CT=Cover-UncoverTests=ORTH0PH0RiA^HETER0PH0RiA 3*PURKiNJE-SAN$ON IMAGE$=I,II,III,IV={I=Corneal Reflection+iv=Posterior Lens Capsule} 4*IRiS $HADOW{P/L=60 DEGREES=0n Ant.Lens Capsule}=PHAKiC EYE! 5*ECLiP$E-Test=TANGENTiAL=180 Degrees=A/C DEPTH=N=2.5 mm/V.Shallow=Ac.Congestive Glaucoma!=PACG/V.Deep=’Funnel-shaped’=Seclusio-Pupillae+IRIS-B0MBE! 6*”GLiSTENiNG-REFLEX” =Magnified=of the Ant.Lens Surface of the Capsular-Bag IOL=+21D! 7*’SWiNGiNG FLASH-LiGHT Tests’=RAPD=’MARGUS-GUNN PupiL=Ac.RetroBulbar Neuritis!.&.AMAUR0TiC PuPiL=Complete Optic Atrophy!{without this:both PuPiLs may ‘look’:’equal’!! 8*PERUSE .PUPiL$.PHYSICAL{MYDRiASi$^Mi0Si$}^PHARMACOLOGiCAL={My^Mi}^PATHOL0GiCAL={My^Mi}”PPP”! 9*NEUR0L0GiCAL EXAM.0F.PUPiL$::a)PLR{Light}=*DiRECT*CONSEN$UAL*SFL+b)NEAR-SYNKiNESI$:ACC+CONV+MiOSi$! 10*PUPiLLARY LiGHT-REFLEX 0F THE BED-RiDDEN PATiENT=COMAT0SE=ICU^CCU./.Under Deep G/A=OT Table! *****L0YAL-LAUREATE.*.R0YAL-REGARD$*****N0BLE-NAVAiD*****Dr.NaVaiD QuRe$Hi, Fellow in Eyes::*NQ*

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