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Information about Eye OS

Published on March 18, 2014

Author: monishprasanth

Source: slideshare.net


eye-OS is a concept under Cloud computing which provides users a working desktop experience with the help of Browser in the cloud.

Monish Prasanth. S Loyola institute of technology

Cloud OS • A cloud OS simply refers to an operating system (or an interface filled with a complete suite of desktop applications) that resides on the Web. • Its the software that enables the interaction between user and system. • Cloud can be installed and used together with other operating systems, or can act as a standalone operating system.

Eye- OS: • eyeOS is a web desktop following the cloud computing concept. • mainly written in PHP, XML, and Javascript. • It is a private-cloud application platform with a web-based desktop interface.

History: • Establishment: In 2005 • August 1, 2005: eyeos version 0.6.0(web operating system) • June 4, 2007: eyeos 1.0. • July 2, 2007: 1.1 version (Version 2 to Version 3 with Microsoft Word files) • January 15, 2008: eyeos 1.5 Gala • April 25, 2008: eyeos 1.6 • January 7, 2009: eyeos 1.8 • April 1, 2009: 1.8.5

Technology • Built for performance, scale and security • Open source web desktop. • web applications written using the eyeos Toolkit. • Flash technologies or Asynchronous javascript and XML technologies. • uses vector graphics. • Flash files stream over the Internet. • Good database connectivity


 Kernel: unified system services.  Services: lower level functions  Library services: higher level functions  Applications: can call functions from any layer

How to use ? 3. Then Enjoy..!!!

 Security measures involve  use of firewalls.  backups every 24 hours.  Formatting a month as a preventive measure in case some are infiltrated by malicious code.  All communication is made within the site, and all content stored by users is fully encrypted.  No access by their administrators

Eye- OS provides  system for the users where they work with eyeOS and all its applications, including Office and PIM ones.  A toolkit to create new applications easily.  Schools and universities with a full web platform.  With a private server, eyeOS can provide  city councils  public library networks  free Internet points & other public environments

 intranets and business in general.  service to replace the need for a hard disk.  Social Organizations and Companies:Contacts, personal files and communications to which members can access businesses and organizations large and small.

Key benefits • Easy integration of the company’s applications • Simple connectivity with existing infrastructure • Central management of the client desktop experience • RIA Framework for new app development

ADVANTAGES  Portability, decentralization, availability  Worldwide availability  Requires only browser  Dynamic content and design  Extensive list applications  Remote storage facility  Browser and Platform independent  Rich text editing facility & more...

Conclusion  Can use every where remotely.  Is designed for developers without experience to develop web applications.  Creation of the interface using widgets.  communication with the user through events.

Cloud computing


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