Eye drops and the chemistry behind it!

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Information about Eye drops and the chemistry behind it!

Published on May 6, 2014

Author: stephenwigger

Source: slideshare.net


Chemistry behind eye drop solutions and the use of the eye solutions.

EYE DROPS By: Stephen wigger www.systane.com

Uses for eye drops • Eye drops are used on a daily basis by people. • Eye drops can be used for dry, itchy eyes, pink eye, any virus, and when chemicals come into contact with the eye. • Some of the eye drops on the market are used to moisten or lubricate the eye. • For the cases of viruses, antihistamine eye drops are sold. www.systane.com www.nobledrugstore.com

Chemistry of eye drops • A chemical found in many types of eye drop solutions is tetrahydrozoline. • This chemical is put in these solutions to constrict the conjuctival blood vessels to treat the common pink eye and conjunctivitis (forvivo 1). • Other chemicals like potassium chloride are found but not as much.

Chemistry of eye drops #2 • Another big chemical found commonly in eye drop solutions is Benzalkonium. • This chemical is used to preserve the drops and increase the shelf life time. • Although, Benzalkonium isn't found as much now because it has been proven to have long term effect in the cornea protein (Forvivo 1). drrameshshah.com-

• The pH level of the eye itself is approximately 7.5 acidity. • Most eye drop solutions have a 6.5-8.5 acidic pH level. • Maintaining the correct pH level of the eye from the drops is very important due to the infected particles in the eye (clear-lenses 1).

Types of eye drop solutions • Systane is a common eye drop for the allergens in the eye and used to treat itchy, red eyes. • Systane is also used to clean the eye alone, or before the use of an antihistamine drop. • Pataday is an eye drop used to help cure the eye if infections are present. • Pataday is an antihistamine which goes further in the process than just cleaning and helping the immediate surface of the eye.

Reasons for eye drops • Eye drops can be used for a simple itchy eye or for a hazerdous infection or chemical in the eye. • These solutions help get the eye back to its normal pH level and help clean and cure the eye along the way. • A hurt eye or bad allergies affecting the eye can be very painful and these drop solutions help to make that normal! visionwellnesscenter.com experienceraw.com

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