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Published on March 18, 2008

Author: Sophia

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  The Basics 4,300,000 cardholders 40 countries 61 card organisations 100,000 discounts 25 cardholder magazines 33 websites The Aims Youth Mobility Youth Information Youth Participation www.euro26.org / www.eyca.org Supported by: The Basics…:  The Basics… the European discount card for all young people under 26 issued and welcomed in 40 countries used by 4,3 million card holders 100,000 discounts and benefits on culture, travel, goods and services EURO<26 aims…:  EURO<26 aims… Youth Mobility - enabling young people to explore their world, engage with other cultures, broaden their horizons Youth Information - quality youth information leading to better informed life choices Youth Participation - encouraging young people to play an active part as citizens of Europe Making it reality:  Making it reality Youth Mobility - 100,000 discounts and benefits across 40 countries in Europe - culture, travel, hospitality, goods, services… Youth Information - 33 websites, 25 magazines, electronic newsletters, SMS, hotlines…. Youth Participation - pan-European projects, national projects and events …all made possible through one EURO<26 logo EURO<26: History:  EURO<26: History 70’s: first national youth cards 1985: support European Youth Ministers 1987: Lisbon Protocol on Reciprocity 1990: first European card design 1991: Partial Agreement Council of Europe 1993: start European Youth Card Association 1995: support European Commission EURO<26 Youth Cards in Europe - 1991:  EURO<26 Youth Cards in Europe - 1991 11 countries EURO<26 Youth Cards in Europe – 2006:  EURO<26 Youth Cards in Europe – 2006 40 countries It’s contagious…:  It’s contagious… Growth of EURO<26 card holders 1991-2006 1991 1.000.000 1996 1.900.000 2003 3.700.000 2006 4.300.000 Why are the youth cards so popular?:  Why are the youth cards so popular? Inexpensive: €3-16.50 per year Young person’s own personal card Free information delivered directly to the young person Many discounts in home country 100,000 European discounts! Support from educational institutions and national governments Sponsorship from commercial organisations Much more than a piece of plastic…:  Much more than a piece of plastic… Information: magazines, guides, newsletters, websites, searchable databases, SMS • Services: insurance, help-lines, banking Youth mobility, youth information, youth participation …all on a not-for-profit basis • a modern tool to reach and empower young people Business Partners (various countries):  Business Partners (various countries) Banks Insurance Companies Railway Cards Youth Hostel Associations Local Authorities Universities Partner Cards (co-brands) Business Partners (various countries):  Business Partners (various countries) McDonalds Pizza Hut Kodak Generali Europcar Hostelworld.com Discount Partners International Partners & Relations:  International Partners & Relations Council of Europe European Commission ERYICA - youth information network Eurodesk - network European Youth Forum ISTC (issuer of ISIC-card) Partial Agreement on the Youth Card in the framework of the Council of Europe:  Partial Agreement on the Youth Card in the framework of the Council of Europe Aim: promoting youth mobility through youth cards 18 Member States have joined so far::  18 Member States have joined so far: Andorra Luxembourg Austria Malta Croatia Montenegro Cyprus The Netherlands Finland Portugal France San Marino Hungary Serbia Ireland Spain Italy Switzerland Programme of Partial Agreement:  Programme of Partial Agreement • EYCAdemy (training of youth researchers) • Matchmaker Programme • Exchange young EURO<26 staff • Support visits to ‘new countries’ • Regional Development support • Communications Group Programme of Partial Agreement:  Programme of Partial Agreement • Editors co-operation (Intranet database of articles & photo’s) • Winter Discounts (online database of ski and snow deals) • EURO<26 Window Stickers • EURplace26 (Youth correspondents and photographers) • European Youth Portal (co-operation with Eurodesk and ERYICA) Programme of Partial Agreement:  Programme of Partial Agreement Supporting the Council of Europe ‘All Different, All Equal Campaign): • Campaign logo on homepage of www.euro26.org • Campaign logo on web sales card • Campaign logo on all common print materials 2006 • Photo Competition ‘reflecting diversity’ autumn 2006 European Voluntary Service:  European Voluntary Service Agreement with the European Commission since 1999 All Volunteers on the European Voluntary Service receive a EURO<26 Youth Card Partnership agreement between: - EYCA - European Commission Directorate General of Education and Culture - AXA Benefits insurance company Outside Europe:  Outside Europe Chile Latin<26 card in partnership with Emprende Joven (Chilean youth organisation) Launched December 2005 Brazil EURO<26 / IYTC Jovem Card launched May 2006 Partnership with Student Travel Bureau (STB) Brazil www.jovemcard.com.br Outside Europe:  Outside Europe Only available to young people outside EYCA Europe Issued by the EYCA Office in Budapest, Hungary Personalised / sent from EURO<26 in Poland Valid in 40 countries across Europe Costs only 14 EUR (incl. post and packaging to anywhere in the world) http://card.euro26.org Youth Participation - Projects:  Youth Participation - Projects EYCAdemy qualitative youth research training programme transnational youth research reports Europe for a Change II Pan-European youth campaign reached 35 million contacts in 9 months EURplace26 Panel of youth journalists & youth photographers A fresh face in 2006:  A fresh face in 2006 A fresh face in 2006:  A fresh face in 2006 New EURO<26 countries New international relationships New international youth projects New increased web presence online EYCA-website: www.euro26.org:  EYCA-website: www.euro26.org Relaunched autumn 2005! Relaunched spring 2006! EYCA Structure:  EYCA Structure Association: member-countries in control • Members: mix of structures: government bodies private / charitable foundations existing youth organisations European Office in Budapest 5 full-time staff servicing card organisations 11 part-time board members across Europe EYCA Board 2006:  EYCA Board 2006 Back row, left to right: Mark Sollberger (CH) Jarkko Lehikoinen (FI) Graeme Robertson (SCOT) Mugurel Stan (RO) Marcel Hagmann (EYCA Director) Krzysztof Lisek (PL) Ingrid Ligtvoet (BE) Ivelina Peeva (BG) Concha Fernandez (observer) Ainhoa Lopez de Goicoechea Urzainqui (observer). Front row, left to right: Janez Plevnik (SI) Angela Dato (IT) Andree Debra (LU) EYCA President, Wolfgang Schick (AT) Pilar Bonilla (ES). EYCA Office Staff:  EYCA Office Staff Fíona Ní Chinnéide PR & Communications Marcel Hagmann Director Judit Agg Administrator / EYCAdemy Co-ordinator Julia Szendrei Accounts Balázs Tornai Office Manager EURO<26 – in brief:  EURO<26 – in brief 1 single European card with the EURO<26 logo issued by... 60 national and regional youth card organisations in... 40 countries, to over... 4,300,000 cardholders aged under 26 years, offering... 100,000 discounts and special offers which are promoted in... 25 youth card Magazines, with over... 2,900,000 readers, all of whom can be consulted through... 1 EYCA website: www.euro26.org European Youth Cards:  European Youth Cards Thank you for watching Füge utca 6. mf. 4 1022 Budapest Hungary tel: +36.1.336.06.22 fax: +36.1.336.06.23 e-mail: pr-communication@eyca.org web: www.eyca.org

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