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Published on September 17, 2007

Author: Techy_Guy

Source: authorstream.com

Extreme Ostrich Makeover:  Extreme Ostrich Makeover -Felicia, Kayla, Jen, Melissa and Muna. What we did…:  What we did… We mutated our ostrich so that it could live in a tropical forest habitat. Home Sweet Home:  Home Sweet Home (lived) Southern and Central Africa (lives) A Tropical Forest How Tall???:  How Tall??? We changed the height from 2.6 meters to 1.5 meters so that it can dodge undergrowth. 1.5 m 2.6 m FAT OSTRICH!!!:  FAT OSTRICH!!! The ostrich’s weight was 135 kg, but because we didn’t like how fat it was, we changed it to 74 kg (seeing as it is only 1.5 meters tall). Freaky Feathers:  Freaky Feathers The 'before' ostrich had a plump body covered with soft feathers. Our new ostrich has waxed feathers so that the rain runs off because there is a lot of rain in a tropical forest. + new feathers = Colour Scheme:  Colour Scheme Before: Male- glossy black and the wing and tail feathers are white Female and Younger Males- Grey and brown After: Green and brown so it can camouflage with a yellow beak and feet Dinner Time!!!:  Dinner Time!!! It used to eat various seeds, bushes, footage on trees, and small mammals. Now we just added fruits to its diet. Added Features:  Added Features Webbed feet so it can walk through the water in the forest. Sharp beak so it can eat through the shell of the fruits. Claws so it can grip the wet ground when running. Fur on legs to keep it warm. Unchanged Features:  Unchanged Features Though it cannot fly it can still run very fast. We kept the small, flat head and long neck. Mutation Process:  Mutation Process Before After Slide12:  Credits Lead Investigator……………….Muna Habitat Expert…………………….Jen Forensic Artist…………………….Kayla / Melissa Audio-Visual Expert…………….Felicia

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