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Published on April 30, 2009

Author: xojenn

Source: slideshare.net

The Propaganda Pandas

AGENDA 1. Why Extra? 2. Situation Analysis 3. Positioning Strategy 4. Campaign Objectives 5. IMC Recommendations 6. Conclusion

THE DILEMMA How is the brand currently positioned?  Introduction “Extra gum, Lasts Longer Than That™”  Situation Underpositioned—haven’t created  Analysis niche for themselves Positioning Strategy  Why? Campaign Target market is ambiguous  Objectives  Brand image: not meaningfully IMC Proposals differentiated  Low brand equity: packaging/ads not Conclusion distinctive

WHY EXTRA SHOULD REPOSITION Loser brand  Introduction  No competitive advantage Situation  Doesn’t motivate consumers to want Analysis brand Positioning Strategy  Notan issue of awareness Campaign  May have attractive features customers Objectives may not be aware of IMC Proposals Conclusion

RESEARCH Phase I: Focus Groups  Introduction  Phase II: Surveys Situation Analysis  Uncover: What attributes important Positioning  Enough to position on? Strategy Campaign Objectives IMC Proposals Conclusion

SITUATION ANALYSIS Strengths Weakness Introduction Possess Positive Gum Experience Neutral Brand Personality 54% of Respondents Satisfied with No Distinctive Brand Personality Situation Extra’s Taste & Flavor Analysis 76% of Respondents consider Taste Seen as a gum for older generation Positioning & Flavor important-General Strategy Campaign What is your main purpose for chewing What health benefits are Objectives gum? important? Other 50% 45% 3% IMC 40% 35% Curbs Proposals 30% Taste hunger 25% 13% Oral Fixation 17% Enjoyment 20% 7% 7% 15% 10% Conclusion 5% 10% 20% 47% 30% 37% 3% 0% Freshens breath 53%

SITUATION ANALYSIS Opportunity Threats Introduction Appeal our product to Potential The Third most Favored Gum Customer Brand Situation 20% of Respondents did not tried 37%- Orbit, 33%-Trident, and 27% Analysis Extra Extra Positioning Chew Gum over Mint (Substitutes) Fiercer Competition Strategy Campaign On average, how often do you What are your favorite gum brands? purcahse gum? Objectives 40% 35% 60% 30% 50% IMC 25% 40% 20% Proposals 15% 30% 10% 20% 5% 13% 10% 27% 27% 13% 13% 37% 33% 7% 7% 10% Conclusion 10% 0% 7% 20% 50% 10% 13% 0% Daily Weekly Montly Yearly Other

TARGETING OBJECTIVES Primary target audience: Males and  Introduction females ages 18-25 Situation  In college, or starting new career Analysis Positioning  Active, social lifestyle Strategy  Concerned about breath/mouth in Campaign Objectives social situations IMC Proposals Conclusion

POSITIONING OBJECTIVES Extra will provide a unique gum-  Introduction chewing experience to 18-25 year Situation olds. Extra will be positioned versus Analysis other popular gum brands as the one Positioning Strategy to give them confidence in social Campaign situations because of the fact that it Objectives has long-lasting flavor, provides fresh IMC Proposals breath, and has health benefits. Conclusion

EFFECTIVE POSITIONING Extra’s current image  Introduction  Outdated Situation  Irrelevant Analysis Positioning Our target audience  Strategy  Confidence is a theme they can relate Campaign to Objectives IMC Position of competing brands  Proposals  Attribute-based Conclusion  No point of differentiation

MARKETING OBJECTIVES Length: 1 fiscal year  Introduction  January 2010 to December 2010 Situation Analysis 45% trial by end of second quarter  Positioning  75% market share by end of 2010 Strategy  Increase sales volume by 15% Campaign Objectives IMC Proposals Conclusion

COMMUNICATIONS OBJECTIVES Already high awareness  Introduction  Focus on changing attitudes of Situation consumers and create emotional Analysis appeal Positioning Strategy  Different approach than competitors Campaign “Extra Long-Lasting Confidence” Objectives  IMC  Provided through existing benefits Proposals important to target audience Conclusion

CREATIVE STRATEGY STATEMENT Differentiate our advertising  Introduction  Stimulatingemotion from consumers Situation  Emotions that lead to confidence Analysis Positioning Strategy “Extra long-lasting confidence.”  Campaign Objectives IMC Proposals Conclusion

NEW PACKAGING Introduction Situation Analysis Positioning Strategy Campaign Objectives IMC Proposals Conclusion

MEDIA PLAN/BUDGET Introduction Situation Analysis Positioning Strategy Campaign Objectives IMC Proposals Conclusion

INTERNET Website  Introduction Product information  Forum sections  Situation Contests & Events  Analysis Blogs  Positioning Webisode  Strategy Commercial plots  Campaign Scenes with characters chewing Extra gum  Objectives Internet Banners  IMC Zagat.com Proposals  Hulu.com  Conclusion

TELEVISION Introduction Situation Analysis Positioning Strategy Campaign Objectives IMC Proposals Conclusion

PRINT: MAGAZINES Cosmopolitan  Introduction  Sports Illustrated Situation Analysis Positioning Strategy Campaign Objectives IMC Proposals Conclusion

OUTDOOR Bus Billboards   Introduction  Train  Cab Tops Situation Analysis Positioning Strategy Campaign Objectives IMC Proposals Conclusion

SALES PROMOTION University Career Fairs  Introduction  Career fairs Situation  Information sessions Analysis Positioning  Resume workshops Strategy Sampling  Campaign Objectives  Gum in taxi cabs IMC Coasters  Proposals  Popular bars in selected cities Conclusion

OTHER MEDIA Product Placement  Introduction  The Hills Situation Analysis Positioning Strategy Campaign Objectives IMC Proposals Conclusion

CONCLUSION/SUMMARY Current Positioning  Introduction  Research  repositioning Situation Analysis  IMC recommendations Positioning Strategy Campaign Objectives IMC Proposals Conclusion

The Propaganda Pandas

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