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Information about Exterior Car Detailing Services

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: Prakash1611

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PowerPoint Presentation: Exterior Car Detailing Services in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai   We specialize in offering an  Exterior Car Detailing Services  that helps enhancing the appearance of the cars. This offered service is inclusive of polishing, rubbing, and tar and gravel removal. We also offer teflon polish that prevents the car from acidic substances. The layer of wax, we provide helps in preventing corrosion and oxidation of paint. The car detailing services offered by us have heaped immense words of praise in the market. PowerPoint Presentation:  The exterior of the car is the most important when it comes to the looks of the car. Our services include a number of treatments for the paint work of the car. Tar and Gravel removal: This is the first step of our process. It removes all the tar and gravel that has settled on the paint of the car. Rubbing: Rubbing is material which makes the paint a smooth surface and removes all the impurities which have settled on the paint. Polish: Polishing is a layer which shines your car, increases paint life and also fills certain pores of in the paint which prevents the paint from oxidation. Wax: This layer gives the car a good shine. It protects the layer of polish below and also helps in preventing corrosion and oxidation of paint. Teflon (Polymer) Polish: A Polymer polish is the finishing touch of our paint treatment. It prevents the paint of the car from substances which are acidic in nature, such as, bird droppings, tree sap, etc. PowerPoint Presentation: f o r m o re i nf o rma t i o n v i s it : w w w. cars p a f i n de r . c o m e ma i l a t : c o n t ac t @cars p a fin de r . c o m

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