Extended DISC - Certification Workshop.

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Information about Extended DISC - Certification Workshop.

Published on February 15, 2014

Author: NandaDave1



The Mentors & Enablers, Business Partner with Extended DISC India, announces an Open Certification Program for :
HR Professionals
OD Specialists
Behavioural Intervetionalists
L & D Pro­fessionals
Free Lance Trainers
Management Consultants & Change Management Experts
Team Facilitators
Corporate Leaders driving
change agenda in their organizations…

Extended DISC Certification Workshop in the state of Gujarat in Baroda Dates & Days : 21st & 22nd March 2014 Friday & Saturday Earn “CEDA” accreditation “Certified Extended DISC Administrator” call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 1

EXTENDED DISC CERTIFICATION WORKSHOP The Mentors & Enablers, Business Partner with Extended DISC India, announces an Open Certification Program for : HR Professionals OD Specialists Behavioural Intervetionalists L & D Pro­fessionals Free Lance Trainers Management Consultants & Change Management Experts Team Facilitators Counsellors Corporate Leaders driving change agenda in their organizations… call us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 2

What is Extended DISC ? What is its spread ?  Extended DISC is the world renowned, one of the top 3 psychometric tools in the world,  Benefiting a million plus people & thousands of teams & organizations every year.  Extended DISC International has spread to over 50 countries, translated in 55 languages globally.  Available in 5 Indian Languages – English (India) Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 3

How is Extended DISC different from other available tools ?  Extended DISC assessment results show who the individual actually is and not what the person thinks he/she needs to be in the existing environment.  Measures the hard-wired behaviors  Excludes the impact of the environment  Delivers customized reports – individuals / teams / organizations thus identifies the true strengths and development areas for real performance improvement.  Respects who you are - Does NOT brand people into ``boxes``.  Basic premise : There are no good or bad people – there are only different people.  Works on the Conviction : We all have the opportunity to improve ourselves by learning to recognize our personalities’ strengths and weakness, by accepting their existence and by searching for new ways to capitalize on them call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 4

Practical applications of Extended DISC – Real Time Impact How will this be worth my time?  Let me explain. On professional front … a) You are able to build and work through people more effectively b) Your coaching skills improve significantly c) Your functional and dysfunctional aspects of leadership style will become more clear and will give you motivation, clarity and direction for personal change. As an Extended DISC certified professional (CEDA), apart from the above advantages, you will be able to guide people about the direction of personal change as well as explain the magnitude of issues at the individual / team / organizational level – providing the data base and insights for OD hence direct the course of organizational change.  To a practioner, Extended DISC offers full range of knowledge, techniques, tactics and skills, insights to instill change, development and empowerment for your clients. call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 5

Extended DISC – My Take Aways …  On personal front…. a) Extended DISC knowledge helps gaining a better understanding of yourself as well as those around you.  b) Enhance your EQ : better skills for managing self and others : You will be able to understand your style of coping with events and people. You will learn quick insights into others’ styles, predicting their responses and adjust your course with them avoiding / addressing differences / conflicts effectively. c) Experience enhanced ability to manage your own self, your responses, your behaviour, your interpersonal effectiveness improving significantly. call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ www.thementors-trainers.com6

My Preparations for the certification workshop The process : call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 7

Certification Workshop Coverage call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 8

Day -1 of Certification   Origin of The DISC Theory Preferred Brain Style Response Inventories through Behavioural Styles of People by understanding D, I, S, C Styles of Behaviour. The 4 Quadrant Model     Sensing – Intuition Thinking – Feeling Completion of the map Introduction of DISC Exercises on    Identification of features, strengths and weaknesses Positioning different jobs in the map Comparing an individual and requirement of a job   Extended DISC Theory on Personality & Extended DISC Diamond      The Human Capacity Model The Layers Assessment tools that relate to Each Layer The areas in the Diamond The Flexibility Zones page in the report call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 9

Day 1 of Certification Extended DISC Profiles – Brain Style Responses   Understanding Profiles – Levels of Interpretation Reading Profile II Check list for reading of Profiles  Group Exercises Market for Assessments and Areas of Potential Application  The next step – Advanced Certification, Dates, Q & A etc. Personal Analysis  Page-by-page (every participant to have a paper copy of their own personal analysis report) Report Structure Reading Guide Workbook section EDOS (Extended DISC On Line System) Opening answering accounts Ordering results manually Ordering points Open accounts that you actually will use call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 10

Day 2 of Certification  Develop understanding of how Peoples comfort levels in the present environment affect how people relate to each other Introduction & Recap Extended DISC Personal Analysis :  Relationship Roles  Graphical Pages – Arrows  Individual Assessments – Pages & Interpretation  Behavioural Style Recognition Practice Exercises Q& A Extended DISC Profiles - Detail  The Percentages  Profile II and Profile I  Reading Profile I  Relationship between Profile II and Profile I  Comparison of Profiles Extended DISC Profiles - Application Basic shapes Strengths Ideal Job How to Motivate Exercise – Shapes on the Diamond Combination of D,I,S,C traits i. Exercises ii. Interpretation Extended DISC Work Pair Analysis – Comparing BSRI’s of two People i. How different types get along ii. Profile Fit – Initial Contact iii. Profile Fit - Relationship iv. Work Pair Analysis Report v. Pages vi. Bars vii. Application Areas call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 11

Day 2 of Certification Extended DISC Team Analysis – BSRI of Teams Role in a team Team Types Flexibility Zones Shotgun Map Building a Team - Exercises  Q&A  Assessment  Certification EDOS EDOS Activity on Generating a Work Pair report EDOS Activity on Generating a Team Report   The Certification workshop will prove to be a leap forward towards your personal and professional goals. This is because it will not only offer international accreditation but also open vista of self cum people awareness and will enhance your own emotional intelligence in managing self and others. call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 12

About The Founder of Extended DISC  Extended DISC® was founded in 1994 by Jukka Sappinen, an MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics, Finland.  Extended DISC works on the conviction that we all have the ability to make ourselves better by understanding our personality, strengths, weaknesses and by accepting their existence and finding ways to use our personalities better call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 13

Extended DISC Certification Workshop          Investment : Certification : Rs 14,000/- plus service tax as applicable for 2 day workshop Includes :   One Free Sample Assessment prior to workshop for the participant’s assessment. User Manuals, Handouts, Online Platform guide, Exercises during training Extended DISC Online System (EDOS) user account - 10 Complimentary Assessments worth Rs 10,000 -- Credits to produce Sample Standard Personal Analysis after training,. This usage is valid up to 3 months. One Free Consultation with Director, The Mentors & Enablers within 30 days of workshop via Skype for business development or product/platform queries CEDA ( Certified Extended DISC Administrator) Certificate by Extended DISC International Lunch + refreshments Please contact us for special rates for more than 3 participants from an organisation.   call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 14

MARK YOUR CALENDAR Certification workshop for Two Days – 21st & 22nd March 2014 at Baroda from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm MARCH 2014 call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 15

Contact Us On: Corporate Office The Mentors & Enablers, Trainers & Management Consultants Suite 308, Sanket Avenue, opp. Ambe Vidyalaya (M S Hostel), Sama Savli Road, Vadodara - 390024 0265 –6550561, 098245 09399 ,, Call@ 0265-6550561,09824509399 & visit us on 16

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