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Published on June 12, 2016

Author: schmutt

Source: slideshare.net

1. ExtBase Workshop

2. This is the plan... • Hour 1: Create a basic shop extension • Hour 2: Frontend & templating • Hour 3: Writing code and add functionality ... and now the plan meets reality!

3. Part 1: Basics

4. Your working environment • TYPO3 7.6 – use local installation if you have one – use the jweiland starter package • IDE: PHPStorm • install Extensions: "extension_builder" and "phpmyadmin" • Code for this project: https://github.com/aschmutt/t3extbase

5. Extension Builder

6. Extension Builder: Modelling • New Model Object = table in database • Domain Object Settings: aggregate root? Yes means: Controller will be created – use for central objects where controller makes sense – do not use for subtables like: size, color,... • Default Actions: – if checked, code will be generated – add more if you want - this can be done manually later • Properties: – fields like title, name, description – generates: SQL for table fields, TCA for TYPO3 Backend, Object properties with getter and setter

7. Extension Builder: Relations • Add a field – Type: database type of relation 1:1, 1:n, n:1, n:m – Drag&Drop the dot to the other table (blue line)

8. Extension Builder Do's and Don't • It looks like a UML modelling tool and/or code generator - but it's not!!! Its just some sample code, has versioning errors, etc. Always read and understand the generated code! • Good for: – getting started – first start of a extension, concept phase – Code generation for tables, sql, Object model, TCA • Bad for: – difficult relations – Anything that breaks the Object=Table pattern – overwrite/merge options are available - but I don't trust them. Make backups and use diff tools!

9. Our Project: NerdShop • Create a small shop with items to make a nerd happy! • Product: our products we want to sell, like shirts and gadgets – Properties: title, description, image • Order: a list of the items in our shopping cart – Properties: orderNumber, name, address – Relation: products n:m

10. Install Extension in TYPO3 • Extension Manager -> Install – creates Database Tables – every table change needs install again • create a Page and add a Plugin Content Element – choose your Frontend Plugin in Plugin Tab – Page settings -> disable cache (for development) • create a Data Folder and add some products • Template configuration: – add Extension Template on this page – Info/Modify -> Edit the whole template record -> Include Static (from extensions) This adds our Configuration files: Configuration/TypoScript/setup.txt and constants.txt – add Data Folder UID to setup (31 is my example folder UID): plugin.tx_nerdshop_shop.persistence.storagePid = 31

11. Practical Part • Todo: – Load your Plugin page in Frontend and see if page shows "Listing..." of your plugin – Add some products in Frontend and see if they are in list view in backend – edit products in backend, add images and see if they appear in frontend

12. MVC • Controller: Program Flow, Actions • View: Templates & Fluid • Model: Code, Repository, Database

13. Basic Setup ExtBase/Fluid Model Controller Fluid Template public function getTitle() { return $this->title; } public function listAction() { $products = $this->productRepository- >findAll(); $this->view->assign('products', $products); } <f:for each="{products}" as="product"> <tr> <td> <f:link.action action="show" arguments="{product : product}"> {product.title} </f:link.action> </td> </tr> </f:for>

14. Folder Structure • Main Files: – ext_emconf*: Extension Manager config – ext_icon*: Extension icon – ext_localconf: Frontend config – ext_tables.php: Backend config – ext_tables.sql: SQL Statements * required fields for a extension

15. Folder Structure • Model – /Classes Folder (without Controller) • View – /Resources/Private: Templates, Partials, Layouts • Controller – Classes/Controller

16. Folder Structure • Configuration – TCA: Backend Tables – TypoScript • Documentation • Resources – Language: Resources/Language – Assets: Resources/Public • Tests – PHPUnit Tests

17. Practical part • Download your generated code and open it in PHPStorm (/typo3conf/ext/nerdshop) • Read generated Code, identify Controller - View - Model • Click around in Frontend, URL shows name of Controller and Action, and find where it is in the code

18. Part 2: Frontend

19. Templates • Idea: separate Code from HTML, use extra template files • Fluid is a template language to handle content (like Smarty or Twig) • Controller: $title = $product->getTitle(); $this->view->assign('title',$title); • View: <h1>{title}</h1> • https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/ExtbaseGuide/Flui d/ViewHelper

20. Templates • There is a Template hierarchy for a better structure: • Layout: – at least one empty file "Default.html" – general layout, for example a extension wrapper <div class="myextension>...</div> • Templates – one template for every action – other templates are possible, e.g. Mail templates • Partials – reusable subparts – example: Extension Builder generates "Properties.html" for show action

21. Practical Part • edit this Template files: Resources/Private/Templates/Product/List.ht ml • edit some HTML and see result in Frontend

23. Add TypoScript, Css, Jss • Create a nerdshop.js and nerdshop.css in Resources folder • Configuration/TypoScript/setup.txt: page { includeCSS { nerdshop = EXT:nerdshop/Resources/Public/Css/nerdshop.css } includeJS { nerdshop = EXT:nerdshop/Resources/Public/Js/nerdshop.js } } • Template: Include Static (we did this in install step already...)

24. Part 3: CRUD Create - Read - Update - Delete

25. Database: Repository • Lots of default functions: – findAll = SELECT * FROM table – findByName($val) = SELECT * FROM table where name like „$val – findOneByArticleNo($id) SELECT … limit 1 – Add, remove, update, replace • Query Syntax (same principle as doctrine): $query->createQuery; $query->matching(), constraints, $query->execute • SQL Statements for raw queries: $query->statement('SELECT ... HAVING ...') • https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/ExtbaseFluidBook/6-Persistence/3-implement- individual-database-queries.html

26. Controller: new Action • new Action: addToCart Button • ProductController: add new function public function addToCartAction(Product $product) { } • ext_localconf.php: add Action-Name (function name without the string "Action") • HTML Template: add new file in View folder, 1. letter uppercase! Resource/Private/Templates/Product/AddToCart.html

27. PHPDoc • PHP Doc comments were made for code documentation, helper function popups, class documentation: @param int $number number for size @return string • You can generate automated documentation from phpdoc • ExtBase uses PHPDoc Comments also for operations - so they are required now! @validate @inject • Attention: PHP Opcode like "eAccelerator" needs to be configured, in default setting the comments are removed!

28. Namespaces • without namespaces, unique class names were like this: class Tx_MyExtensionName_Controller_ContactController extends Tx_Extbase_MVC_Controller_ActionController {...} • with Namespace, it is like this: namespace VendorMyExtensionNameController; class ContactController extends TYPO3CMSExtbaseMvcControllerActionController {...} • shortcut for long namespaces: use TYPO3CMSCoreUtilityGeneralUtility; GeneralUtility::underscoredToUpperCamelCase($var); • Learn more about Namespaces – in PHP: http://php.net/manual/en/language.namespaces.php – in TYPO3: https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/CoreApiReference/latest/ ApiOverview/Namespaces/

29. Where do I find documentation? • Extension Builder: the kickstarter for Extbase • Books and links: – Developing TYPO3 Extensions with Extbase and Fluid, Sebastian Kurfürst Buch: O'Reilly Press Online: https://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/ExtbaseFluidBook/ – TYPO3 ExtBase, Patric Lobacher Buch: Amazon Print OnDemand eBook: https://leanpub.com/typo3extbase – TYPO3 docs https://docs.typo3.org • Extension Code – News, Blog example extension – sysext of Extbase and Fluid

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