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Published on July 4, 2009

Author: otterteacher

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Slide 1: ,/,./,./ With Expository Writing! Dive into Learning! Slide 2: ,/,./,./ Presented by Mrs. Janet Shaw Expository Writing Workshop For Parents Swimming Pen Creek Elementary School Slide 3: ,/,./,./ You do not have to be an expert writer to help children improve their writing. Helping Your Child Write Have a special time set aside for homework every night. Make sure they do their writing assignments each night in a quiet area. Be sure they have the right materials: paper and pencil, dictionary and thesaurus. Allow them to share their writing aloud. Encourage them to keep a personal journal or diary. Slide 4: ,/,./,./ Writing is an important skill emphasized in elementary school because Why Writing? Can you think of a good job that does not require some form of writing? Fourth and eighth grade students must pass the Florida Writes test to be promoted. Writing and reading skills go hand in hand. Students are assessed three times each year in all grades by Clay County. Tenth graders must pass the Florida Writes to graduate. Writing is an important life skill. Slide 5: ,/,./,./ There are three types of writing your child will study in grades two, three and four: Types of Writing Expository Narrative Descriptive Fourth graders will have to write. a narrative or expository for the state test Slide 6: ,/,./,./ This presentation will focus on Types of Writing Expository Writing Expository Writing is the easiest type of writing to learn. Slide 7: ,/,./,./ Expository writing explains or informs. Expository Writing Prompts for expository writing use words such as: explain, clarify, inform, describe. Expository writing has three main parts or sections. Sometimes the teacher calls expository writing an “essay.” In grades three and four, an expository paper usually has five paragraphs. Slide 8: ,/,./,./ The three body parts of an expository paper include Expository Writing The Introduction The Body The Conclusion The body usually has three sections or paragraphs . Expository Writing : ,/,./,./ Expository Writing The Introduction The Body The Conclusion The introduction should state the theme of the paper The body provides support, details, and examples. The conclusion “wraps up” thoughts and ideas about the theme. Slide 10: ,/,./,./ Brainstorming After reading a prompt, students brainstorm ideas for their paper. Example: The student is asked to write about pets. The student makes a list of Ideas for a paper about pets. There are no right or wrong answers in brainstorming. Students write down all of their ideas. Slide 11: ,/,./,./ Sample Brainstorming List Brainstorming Dogs Sam cats Merlin parrots Popeye love me help me play with me guard the house make me happy best friend funny messy pets After brainstorming, students choose their best or their favorite idea. Slide 12: ,/,./,./ After the topic is chosen, the student makes an outline Making An Outline My pet is my best friend Loves me Protects me Plays With Me My pet is my best friend Your child may refer to the outline as an organizer. Slide 13: ,/,./,./ The three body parts should contain support for the topic of the paper. Making An Outline Introduces the topic support & detail support & detail support & detail Concluding statements about the topic Each box will be one whole paragraph on the child’s completed paper. Slide 14: ,/,./,./ Take a closer look at one of the three body parts on the organizer Making An Outline support & detail This is just an example of the type of support that could go in a body paragraph. detail personal experience detail Slide 15: ,/,./,./ An example of the first body part of the organizer filled with ideas for writing Making An Outline My pet loves me Instead of a personal experience, the child could describe an example. He licks me When I was sick, he stayed on my bed all day. He cuddles me Slide 16: ,/,./,./ Here is the final outline for the pet paper. Making An Outline My pet cat Merlin is my best friend He Loves me He protects me He plays with me Pets like Merlin are good friends Once an outline is completed, it does not have to be followed to the letter. He licks me he hisses at he chases string He cuddles me strangers he bats a ball When I was sick chases dogs to me laid on my sick he bit a dog We like to run bed. that chased me around the house Slide 17: ,/,./,./ Once the student creates an outline, he or she puts the essay together paragraph by paragraph Writing the Paper Everyone has a best friend, but not everyone’s best friend says, “meow,” and is covered with white fur. My cat Merlin is the best friend any girl could wish for. He loves, me, protects me, and plays with me. The introductory paragraph should contain only two or three sentences. Introductory Paragraph Slide 18: ,/,./,./ Writing the Paper Foremost, I know Merlin loves me because he licks me which is a cat’s way of kissing. Also, he cuddles up next to me and purrs. Last week, I had the flu, and Merlin cuddled up on my bed and stayed next to me the whole time until I was better. Students must indent at the beginning of every paragraph. First Body Part Some of the words in the paragraph are highlighted in yellow. They are transition words. Find out more about transition words on the Writing With Mrs. Shaw page. Slide 19: ,/,./,./ Writing the Paper Another reason Merlin is my best friend is that he protects me. He hisses at strangers so they will not come near. He chases dogs that come around our yard. Once my brave cat even bit a big dog that tried to come too close to me! Second Body Part Paragraphs in the three body parts should consist of three sentences or more. : ,/,./,./ Writing the Paper Finally, best friends are supposed to be fun to be around. Merlin is hilarious. He looks so funny when he chases the string that I dangle for him. He butts the balls I throw at him right back to me. Merlin and I even have fun running through the house playing chase. Third Body Part Slide 21: ,/,./,./ The final paragraph should restate the topic Writing the Paper In conclusion, Merlin and I will always be best friends. I love him just as much as he loves me. Pets can be wonderful pals, but I am especially lucky to have a buddy like Merlin. The conclusion usually has two or three sentences. Conclusion Slide 22: ,/,./,./ In writing an expository paper, the student should: Read the prompt carefully Brainstorm a list of ideas Make an outline Write an introductory paragraph Write at least two or three body paragraphs Write a concluding paragraph Completing the First Draft Slide 23: ,/,./,./ When students are writing the first draft, they do not need to worry about conventions. After they have completed their first copy, they will edit their paper. Check for indentions Check for good grammar & spelling Check for complete sentences Check for capitals and periods Check for good descriptions Check for clear explanations Editing the Paper The term “conventions” refers to spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. Slide 24: ,/,./,./ Expository Writing Review Brainstorm Make an Outline Write the Paper Edit for Conventions Slide 25: ,/,./,./ Handing In Assignments Students do not have to complete a final copy for every writing assignment. They can mark their corrections right on their first copy if they wish. When handing in their work, students should staple their papers in the order they completed their assignment : Brainstorming ideas outline draft with corrections marked Slide 26: ,/,./,./ Encourage your children to believe in their ability to write, help them practice and they can achieve their writing goals! For further information about writing, contact your child’s language arts teacher. Slide 27: ,/,./,./ Remember, at Swimming Pen Creek Elementary School, parents, students, and teachers work together to Dive into Learning!

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