Exposing the Mystery of Social Media Success (BoardSource, March 2014)

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Information about Exposing the Mystery of Social Media Success (BoardSource, March 2014)
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Published on March 25, 2014

Author: edaconsulting

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Does your organization have an online presence, but need to learn more about effective use of social media? Is your board struggling with roadblocks around oversight and implementation of community outreach using social media? Join BoardSource for this webinar where we will explore social media myths and learn the foundational concepts in using any social media channel. Participants will hear how to best implement social media activity through board engagement, committee involvement, hiring the best digital communications consultant, and measuring your successes.

Exposing the Mystery of Social Media Success Emily Davis, MNM, CGT Emily Davis Consulting

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•  Identify and respond to social media myths •  Learn what the board’s role is in implementation •  Understand the foundation of social media strategy TODAY’S OBJECTIVES

•  Position as an expert •  Connect & collaborate •  New resources & ideas •  Outreach & awareness •  Develop brand •  Low cost WHY SOCIAL MEDIA AT ALL?

MYTH #1 “Board governance and social media aren’t connected.”

BOARD ENGAGEMENT •  Understand the value… –  Understand purpose –  Provide education –  Address fears –  Include in orientation –  Use in meetings –  Use as an organizational ambassadors •  Provide oversight… –  Fit within strategic priorities –  Ensure resources –  Engage committee (i.e. marketing, fundraising) –  Social media strategy & plan creation –  Policy development –  Assessment

MYTH #2 “Social media is for young people. We are trying to attract board members & donors that are older.”

THE COMMUNICATIONS EVOLUTION Traditionalists Postal Mail Phone calls Boomers Television Facebook Email Generation X Websites E- newsletters Email Millenials (Gen Y) Social Media Websites Mobile Generation Z ???

SOCIAL MEDIA LADDER OF ENGAGEMENT Happy bystanders (Listen) Spreaders (Share) Clients (Money) Evangelists (Ask) Instigators (Create) *© 2010 Beth Kanter

MYTH #3 “Social media takes way too much time to use.”

WHAT STINKS ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA •  Time investment •  New communication tool •  Always changing •  Boundaries are grey between personal & professional •  Transparency, exposure •  Loss of control

WHAT ROCKS ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA •  Additional tool •  Stewardship •  Brand development •  Build relationships •  Tell your story •  Transparency •  Get feedback •  Cost effective •  Quick & easy!

MYTH #4 “Using social media exposes us to negative feedback that we can’t control.”


WHY •  Insurance •  Not for the majority •  Set boundaries •  Protection for users •  Protect organization •  Professional standards •  Because you just never know…

EXTERNAL POLICY •  Users outside the org •  What is appropriate •  What is inappropriate •  Post publicly and regularly on website & social media channels •  Research examples

INTERNAL POLICY •  Staff, board & volunteers •  More insurance •  What is in/appropriate •  Set boundaries •  Share at orientation •  Representing the org •  Provide support & ideas •  Research examples

POLICY SAMPLES •  The Nonprofit Policy Sampler (BoardSource) –  Electronic media policy for Web 1.0 tools •  The Nonprofit Social Media Policy Workbook (IdealWare) •  Social Media Governance Policy Database •  Social Media Strategy Workbook: The 12-Step Guide to Creating Your Social Media Strategy

MYTH #5 “Our executive director can bring on a young intern to run our social media.”

STAFFING SOCIAL MEDIA •  Executive Director •  Support staff •  Committee members •  Marketing, social media plan •  Trainings •  Consultant

SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTING •  Beware “the expert” •  Planning process •  Implementation? •  Ask questions •  Integrate into existing plans, strategy •  Meet you where you’re at •  Have realistic expectations

THE PLANNING PROCESS Discovery Environmental scan Strategy sessions Target audiences Channel identification Topic areas Documentation Best practices Start small & slow Calendar dashboard Measurement strategies Implementation Staff Brand identity Content per channel Collaboration Personal/professional boundaries Adjust as needed


10 TIPS FOR USING SOCIAL MEDIA 1. Social media is A tool not THE tool 2. Social media is a plant 3. Add value 4. Two way street 5. Prospecting, cultivation, stewardship 6. Philanthropy’s next generation 7. It ain’t free 8. Not everyone “Diggs” social media 9. Selling social media 10. Have a plan

DIFFERENT CHANNELS, DIFFERENT RULES Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Vimeo Blog Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Del.i.cious



RESOURCES IN PRINT •  The Networked Nonprofit •  Measuring the Networked Nonprofit •  The Complete Facebook Guide for Small Nonprofits •  Twitter Jump Start: The Complete Guide for Small Nonprofits •  Fundraising and the Next Generation •  The Art of Listening: Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits •  Social Media for Social Good: A How-Guide for Nonprofits •  Mobile for Social Good: A How-To Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits •  Mobilizing Youth 2.0 •  7 Tips to Avoid HIPAA Violations in Social Media

ONLINE RESOURCES •  Beth Kanter’s Blog •  John Haydon •  Nonprofit Tech for Good •  IdealWare •  SocialBrite •  Alltop Nonprofit •  Social Media for Nonprofits •  Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) •  4Good – Samples •  TechSoup •  Nonprofit Quarterly •  National Council for Nonprofits •  Network for Good

UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL NETWORKS “Organiza(ons  don’t  have  to  create…  social   networks;  they  exist  all  around  us  in  a   variety  of  forms.  Networked  Nonprofits   strengthen  and  expand  these  networks   by  building  rela(onships  within  them  to   engage  and  ac(vate  them  for  their   organiza(ons’  efforts.”     (Fine  and  Kanter,  2010)  

Emily Davis, MNM Emily Davis Consulting (720) 515-0581 emily@emilydavisconsulting.com emilydavisconsulting.com emilydavisconsulting.com/blog Facebook.com/emilydavisconsulting twitter.com/AskEmilyD linkedin.com/in/emilylariedavis

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