ExportSave Android Phone Contacts to Excel (CSV & XLS)

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Information about ExportSave Android Phone Contacts to Excel (CSV & XLS)

Published on November 19, 2017

Author: tulabreche5

Source: authorstream.com

感谢您的耐心观看: How to Export/Save Android Phone Contacts to Excel (CSV & XLS) https://www.samsung-messages-backup.com/ 感谢您的耐心观看: Export Android Contacts It is necessary that Android phone contacts should be saved in a good place, and today I will share about how to export Android contacts on your computer in a format of excel/csv/xls. You can through the few steps to do this thing, then you can quickly finish this thing. Android data assistant program is an effective and helpful program, you can through it to export your phone contacts in Excel format. Then you can save the contacts in a safe palce. 感谢您的耐心观看: How to Use >> Android Data Assistant Program Just install the program on your computer, and launch it, then the program will give the tips to you. 感谢您的耐心观看: 03 01 0 2 04 Detect the device After connecting the phone with computer, your phone will be quickly detected and display the phone. How to Export Contacts Export the contacts on PC Choose the option of “Contacts”, and hit “Export” button to start the process. Connect the phone with PC You can choose one way to connect the phone with computer via USB or WIFI network. Install the program You need to download the software on computer, and install it directly. 感谢您的耐心观看: USB or WIFI Connect the Phone with PC To begin with the export process, you can through two ways to connect, it is possible. 感谢您的耐心观看: Export contacts Export 感谢您的耐心观看: More details are in the link, just click it to see, then you will know more information about this way. The End https://www.samsung-messages-backup.com/resources/save-android-phone-contacts-to-excel.html See more details: 感谢您的耐心观看: THANK YOU! https://www.samsung-messages-backup.com/resources/save-android-phone-contacts-to-excel.html

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