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Published on March 14, 2008

Author: Bernadette

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  XL Group Exporting the USA to Europe and Latin America XL Group :  XL Group 100% export master distributor Since 1984 Founder: Oliver Sintobin Born in Belgium, speaks 7 languages Bridges European & American Business Cultures Certified by US Department of Commerce Increase sales of US Manufacturers by: 30% within 5 years 100% within 10 years Medical, agricultural, foods, energy, home accessories, telecom, chemical, etc. Europe is a Larger Market:  Europe is a Larger Market States 50 48 Pop. 300 million 665 million Sq mi 9,704,200 4,010,000 GDP $11,190 trillion $13,840 trillion Growth 1.6% 1.5% Imports $1,480 billion $1,304 billion Exports $795 billion $1,223 billion Inflation 2.5% 2.0% Poverty 12.4% 17% Unempl. 5.5% 8.8% http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_the_European_Union Europe is a Larger Market (Cont’d):  Europe is a Larger Market (Cont’d) Exports per capita    Country US$   Singapore 49,100 Hong Kong 40,700 Belgium 25,900 Ireland 24,600 Norway 24,100 UAE 22,900 Netherlands 22,400 Switzerland 20,500 Denmark 17,500 Kuwait 16,500 Austria 15,000 Sweden 14,000 Finland 12,900 Germany 12,300 Puerto Rico 11,900 Canada 11,300 Slovenia 9,420 Taiwan 8,080 Czech Republic 7,670 Oman 7,410 August 2006 Country US$   21 France 7,330 22 Trinidad and Tobago 7,020 23 Saudi Arabia 6,710 24 Italy 6,400 25 United Kingdom 6,270 26 Hungary 6,120 27 Slovakia 6,000 28 Israel 5,970 29 South Korea 5,810 30 Malaysia 5,800 31 Estonia 5,590 32 New Zealand 5,510 33 Libya 5,260 34 Australia 5,110 35 Spain 4,510 36 Japan 4,210 37 Gabon 4,200 38 Portugal 3,700 39 Lithuania 3,190 United States 3,110 79 China 572 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_exports_per_capita Europe is 7 Hours Ahead of us:  Europe is 7 Hours Ahead of us => All day to work on orders / issues Europe has a Single Currency:  Europe has a Single Currency EURO English = Business Language:  English = Business Language US Products = Quality:  US Products = Quality Electronic Medical Pharma Food Apparel Machinery Franchises Entertainment Appliances Fitness Equipment Strong Relationships:  Strong Relationships Companies People Relationships Strong Relationships = Partners:  Strong Relationships = Partners For whom are you a Partner? Who is your Partner? Who is winning more in this Partnership? http://www.worldcitizensguide.org/ Labor Costs are Lower in the USA:  Labor Costs are Lower in the USA LOWER Labor Costs in the US $20.40/hr $24.64/hr } $4.24 = 21% Currency Exchange Rate:  Currency Exchange Rate MUCH Lower Value of the US$ compared to the €uro and the GB£ $1 = €0.682 $1 = £0.484 €1 = $1.466 £1 = $2.067 47% & 107% Difference Slide13:  47% Currency Exchange Difference 21% Labor Cost Difference = USA Competitive Advantage of 68% Our Competitive Advantage $ 0.33 $ 0.55 --> 67% XL Group Deliverables:  XL Group Deliverables Translate literature, labels, instruction manuals Compile list of potential distributors Contact qualified (and verify for non authorized) prospective distributors Set appointment with responsive distributors Print catalogs First visit in person to present product Ship samples Second visit in person to confirm relationship Third visit in person to set up distributor Train distributors sales force Timeline:  Timeline Benefits:  Benefits ABC Co. w/ ABC Co. XL Group solo Intelligent Entry to Market Regulatory Affairs YES NO Market Data YES NO Knowledge of Cultural Differences YES NO Quick Market Penetration YES NO Full Market Coverage YES NO Economical Marketing Efforts Shipping Samples & Documentation YES NO Travel Expenses YES NO International Sales Department YES YES Safe Payment Terms Credit Safety YES NO Short Payment Terms YES NO Economical Payment Terms YES NO Success Stories:  Success Stories Total Sales Exports (> 5 yrs) OR CONCEPTS 22.7M 38% VETEX 27.3M 31% PREOX 16.3M 33% INT’L WIND CORP. 9.4M 48% Export, Export, Export:  Export, Export, Export Thank you Very Much Gracie Molto Muchas Gracias Obrigado Muito Merci Beaucoup Большое спасибо Dank u Veel Σας ευχαριστούμε Vielen Dank ありがとう Slide19:  Oliver Sintobin 214-350-1505 www.xl-group.us oliver.sintobin@xl-group.us Export, Export, Export

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