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Published on January 6, 2009

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Slide 1:  DISA Professional Development Programs and Initiatives John H. Morris IV Senior Champions’ Program Manager November 1, 2008 Professional Development and Visual Info Services Div (MPS5) Programs & Services : 2 Professional Development and Visual Info Services Div (MPS5) Programs & Services Senior Champions’ Council Career Management Program (CMP)* Automated Systems: - DISA On-Line Training System (DOTS) - DISA Talent Selection System (DTSS) - DISA Talent Management System (DTMS) Competitive Programs: - Competitive Education Program (CEP) - Competitive Development Program (CDP)* - Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) - Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) Developmental Opportunities: - Tuition Assistance* - Mentoring Program* - Intern Program - Professional Licenses & Certifications* - Speakers’ Forums* Leadership Speakers’ Forum Technical Speakers’ Forum - Centrally Funded Courses* Mission Support IT Support Leadership Development - DISA e-Learning* Notes: *Military personnel can participate Professional Licenses & Certifications: Military personnel are eligible for reimbursement expenses but not the incentive award Other Functions, Programs and Services: - Human Resources Steering Council (HRSC)* “This is the Transforming DISA” Program* Mentor Alumni Group Force Development Program * Visual Information & Multi-Media Support (Photography, Computer Graphics, Printing, and Engraving)* Slide 3: Automated Systems DTSS : 4 DISA Talent Selection System (DTSS) Web-based process used annually by employees to apply for DISA’s competitive programs (ELDP, ELP, CEP, CDP) Includes application, endorsement, rating, and selection modules MPS5 offers onsite group demonstrations as well as individual desk-side and teleconference orientations Additional Information https://cmis.disa.mil/training/dtss/ DTSS DOTS : 5 DOTS DISA Online Training System (DOTS) Paperless process to register and allow supervisors to approve all DISA training courses Centrally funded Mission support, IT, and Leadership Development courses Directorate funded College courses, conferences, and seminars Systems captures all needed information toreport to OPM on training costs (SF182) Additional Information https://cmis.disa.mil/training/dots3/training/rm/req_prc.cfm DISA Training Office (DISATr@disa.mil) DTMS : 6 DISA Talent Management System (DTMS) Provides a competency and skill assessment to determine the “gap” between current skills and desired skill-level for a selected career field Contains the CMP Guide information Automates the individual development plan (IDP) process Tracked as a BSC corporate-level measure Additional Information https://dtms.disa.mil DTMS DISA e-Learning : 7 DISA e-Learning DISA e-Learning Presents 1,600 business and IT courses, 2,200 computer-based training titles, and 80 online certifications Offers a digital library of over 8,000 books Enables employees to earn college credit, IT certifications, and CEUs Provides online mentoring Is available anytime from work, home, the library, or en route Additional Information https://hr.disa.mil/training/elearning/index.html LMS : 8 LMS Learning Management System (LMS) Will combine the features of DOTS, DTMS, and DISA e-Learning Capabilities will include: Learning Management (course offerings) Compliance Management (tracking & reporting) Performance Management (IDPs) Implementation timeline: DTMS enhancements: 4th quarter, FY08 Integration of components: Begin 1st quarter, FY09 CMIS : 9 CMIS Corporate Management Information System “One Stop Shop” for Personnel and HR services Over 70 interactive modules and sub-modules Training and Professional Development Human Resources (HR) and Personnel Quality of Life, BRAC information, Security, Safety, and Facilities Over 40 different reports Strength reports, vacancy reports, survey results, etc… At least 50 informational documents Various policies, checklists, specific program information At least 45 links to other DISA, DoD, and OPM web pages DISA Talent Management System (DTMS), DISA Online Training System (DOTS), etc… ATAAPS, MyBiz, MyPay, Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS) Defense Travel System (DTS) DoD Commands CMIS Web Site located at https://cmis.disa.mil/ 2 Slide 10: Competitive Programs Competitive Programs : 11 Competitive Programs Centrally funded Most programs include TDY costs Eligibility Criteria Not in the DISA Intern Program Not in the SCEP/COOP or STEP Program Full-time permanent employee Have 1 year of DISA service by application deadline Have a satisfactory performance rating Applicants may not be already enrolled in any other DISA formalized, centrally funded development program Applicants must also meet the grade eligibility requirements of the programs to which they are applying Application / Approval Process : 12 Application / Approval Process The application, endorsement, and rating, of candidates is all completed online via the DISA Talent Selection System (DTSS) at https://cmis.disa.mil/training/dtss/ Senior Champions may also non-competitively nominate individuals for various competitive programs Selections are made by the Senior Champions, approved by the Director, and announced in April Application period will begin mid-Dec 08 and close in early Feb 08 (includes an additional 3-weeks for potential waivers) Advertisement will begin in early November 2008 Waiver Policy : 13 Waivers for some of the eligibility criteria for the DISA Competitive Programs (CDP, CEP, ELDP, ELP) are possible, although not a common practice The only three criteria for which waivers may be granted are for applicants who: do not have one year of DISA service by the application deadline, do not meet the grade eligibility required for the program applied for, and are already enrolled in another DISA formalized, centrally-funded development program Waiver Policy CEP : 14 CEP Competitive Education Program (CEP) Promotes focused academic study to improve employees’ technical and business knowledge Class attendance is during non-duty hours TDY is not authorized Programs of Study Undergraduate study (No grade eligibility restrictions) $10,000 over four years (tuition & books) Must currently be accepted into undergraduate program Must have 60 semester hours completed Goal for FY09 - 20 employees Graduate study (GS-12 thru GS-15) $10,000 over three years (tuition, books, research, & thesis credits) Must have an undergraduate degree or equivalent experience Goal for FY09 - 15 employees Post -graduate study (GS-12 thru GS-15) $10,000 over three years (tuition, books, research, & thesis credits) Must have a graduate degree or equivalent experience Goal for FY09 - 1 employees POC: Zubeyde Bouffard (607- 4409) CDP : 15 CDP Competitive Development Program (CDP) Eligibility varies by program, open to GS-12 thru GS-15 employees and their military equivalents Programs of Study CIO Certificate, (AMP) Information Resource Management College Senior Acquisition Course, Industrial College of the Armed Forces Advanced Management Program (AMP) in Telecommunication, USC Senior Manager Course in National Security (GW University) Leadership Development Program, Center for Creative Learning Excellence in Government Fellows Federal Executive Institute (FEI) Harvard Senior Executive Fellows Program Acquisition Leadership Excellence Program DoD Acquisition Corps Eligibility Program Information Assurance Scholarship Program American University Key Executive Program ELP : 16 ELP Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) Develops well-trained first-line supervisors and middle managers Target audience: GS-9 thru GS-12 employees Program length: 1 year Program Requirements Three developmental conferences 4 DISA e-Learning curriculum courses 4 traditional courses (Aspiring Leaders, Teamswork, Briefing Techniques, and Action Officers Course) Group research project Mentoring Program Assigned readings ELDP : 17 ELDP Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) Creates a pool of highly motivated and qualified candidates to fill anticipated senior level executive positions Target audience: high potential GS-13 thru GS-15 employees Program length: 3 yrs Program Requirements Four developmental conferences Eleven Traditional DISA courses (LDI, LDII, LDIII, etc) Three IRMC five-day courses Three elective courses Capitol Hill visit SES shadowing Rotational assignment (3 to 6 months) Action research project Assigned readings  Monthly teleconferences Slide 18: Developmental Opportunities Mentoring Program : 19 Mentoring Program Provides on-going interaction between employees and individuals whose experience, knowledge, and interest can foster personal and professional development Benefits As a Mentor Allows a broader perspective and knowledge of different functions Increases personal growth—“by teaching, you learn” Improves leadership skills As an Associate Accelerates the development process Receive clarification regarding career goals and career growth Increases access to a network of contacts outside the organization Receive valuable feedback on growth progress Additional Information https://hr.disa.mil/mentoring/ Intern Program : 20 Recruits high-potential personnel to meet DISA-wide staffing needs Gives employees the competencies required to advance and successfully perform in target level positions Target Audience: GS 5-9 Program Length Depends on entry experience and target grade Typically 2-3 years Benefits Rapid promotion opportunities Guaranteed post-graduate stipend Advanced training opportunities Unique rotational assignments FY08 opportunities were posted in Oct 07 and Feb 08 Developmental rotations list: http://jobopps.disa.mil/intern/rotations_intern.htm Additional Information https://hr.disa.mil/internprog/index.html MPS1: Joyce Orr (607-4461) MPS5: Cherika Campbell (607- 4632) Intern Program Agency-Wide Rotation Program : 21 Agency-Wide Rotation Program Objectives Provide cross-disciplinary experiences that broaden employees’ understanding of DISA’s goals, mission, and organizational structures Provide the opportunity for DISA employees to gain knowledge, broaden skills, and enhance professional growth Eligibility Open to full-time permanent DISA employees employed for at least one year SCEP, STEP, and interns are not eligible Application Rotations listed at http://jobopps.disa.mil/careers.html Funding Source Funded by receiving organization Additional Information: Aaron Foster (607- 4483) Professional Licenses and Certifications : 22 Professional Licenses and Certifications Offers civilians opportunities to obtain professional licenses and certifications by funding related expenses for Professional accreditation or certification State imposed and professional licenses Examinations to obtain such credentials New policy allows for monetary incentives and bonuses for obtaining a degree or specified certification Initial certification/licensing (up to $3,000) Graduate degree (up to $5,000) Bachelor’s degree (up to $3,000) Funding subject to availability of organizational funds DISA e-Learning courses can assist in meeting some requirements POCs Reimbursements: Robin Miller (607- 6602) Incentives: Vernessa Minnifield (607- 6622) Education Benefits : 23 Education Benefits DISA assists employees in furthering their educations by offering financial assistance in three ways: Competitive Education Program Job-Related Training Tuition Assistance Program Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) : 24 Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) Allows organizations to fund training that may not be directly related to the employee’s duties, but is otherwise required to complete an academic degree Civilian employees in good standing are eligible, including those participating in competitive programs; STEPs/SCEPs are excluded DISA placed a $4000 non-compulsory funding cap per employee, per fiscal year, subject to availability of organizational funds Degree payments cover the costs of tuition, books, and labs Directorate funded Requirements Must be enrolled in academic degree program Training must be listed in employee’s IDP Employee must sign a continued service agreement to DISA Minimum grade of “B-” is considered as “passing”; subject to consequences outlined in DISAI 220-210-7 POC: Elizabeth Ahlersmeyer (607- 6576) Centrally Funded Courses : 25 Centrally Funded Courses DISA offers an extensive catalogue of courses, free of charge Information Technology Information Assurance Information Systems Engineering Net-centricity Computer Systems Communications Leadership Development Leadership courses Teambuilding Human Resource Management  Courses are typically open to all civilians and military employees Course descriptions, schedules, and registration are available in DOTS Additional Information https://cmis.disa.mil/mps5_training/welcome.html DISA Training Office (DISATr@disa.mil) Mission Support Business & Program Management Contracting Finance Logistics Management Force Development Program : 26 Force Development Program The Force Development Program (FDP) is a competency-based, systematic approach to managing the professional development needs of military personnel assigned to DISA Force Development Program Portal: https://hr.disa.mil/forcedev/login.cfm Future Initiatives : 27 Future Initiatives BRAC Human Resources Development Initiatives Director’s Graduate Fellows Program - Graduate degree with concentration in Telecom, Engineering, IT, Computer Science, Procurement, or Management Certificate Programs Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Programs Mandatory Supervisory Training: Empowerment and Communication Coaching and Counseling

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