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Published on April 16, 2008

Author: Carolina

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Explosive Ability in Sport:  Explosive Ability in Sport Bryan Mann, MEd, CSCS, SCCC What is Explosive Power:  What is Explosive Power Explosive Power Explosive Strength- a motor quality requiring specific movements and training means. Power=Fd/t (Force x distance/time) How fast you can move a weight Relates to Jumping ability Relates to acceleration Why Develop Explosive power:  Why Develop Explosive power All sports demand Explosive Power Jumping Hitting Swinging The most successful teams are often the ones which have the most explosive capabilities Methods of Developing Explosive Power:  Methods of Developing Explosive Power Development of Absolute Strength Increasing Rate of Force Development Olympic Lifts Plyometrics Non-traditional Method 1-Absolute Strength:  Method 1-Absolute Strength Development of Absolute Strength What is it?:  Development of Absolute Strength What is it? Absolute Strength Foundation of improvement in athletics. All strengths link back to Absolute strength (Bompa) The trait of exerting maximal force. Think of 1RM in Powerlifting, Strong man events. Development of Absolute strength How?:  Development of Absolute strength How? Heavy weightlifting in multi-joint movements Squats Deadlifts Programs Old 5x5 Linear Periodization APRE (Siff) In case you were wondering-APRE:  In case you were wondering-APRE Development of Absolute Strength Why?:  Development of Absolute Strength Why? P=Fd/t F=ma Greater movement of mass = greater F The more force you can exert, the greater the power Potential is limited This alone works for 2-4 years, depending upon the athlete The forces created in explosive exercises reach as much as 20x’s a persons bodyweight. (Yessis) On to Increasing Rate of Force Development (RFD):  On to Increasing Rate of Force Development (RFD) Why the need for RFD training?:  Why the need for RFD training? Training the Main Frame The CNS Controls all functions Improvement in the efficiency in the firing of motor-neurons Train to be fast, you’ll become fast. Train to be slow, you’ll become slow. Shotputter example (Kurz) RFD Method A-Olympic Lifts and Hybrids:  RFD Method A-Olympic Lifts and Hybrids Olympic Lifts & Hybrids What?:  Olympic Lifts & Hybrids What? Competitive Lifts Various Cleans Various Snatches Various Shrugs Various Pulls Various Jerks Olympic Lifts & Hybrids Why?:  Olympic Lifts & Hybrids Why? Nature of the lifts Inherently explosive Hang Cleans move at 1.45 m/s and above Snatch moves at 1.65 m/s and above (Roman) Other reasons F=ma Same mass, with an increased acceleration= more force Body becomes its’ function. Olympic Lifts & Hybrids How?:  Olympic Lifts & Hybrids How? Implement as the first exercise in the workout Most technical, must be done when fresh 3-5 sets of 1-5 reps Dumb bells and Bar bells If afraid of technical aspects, stick with shrugs and pulls Pull off blocks/rack* (Morris) (Ajan, Baroga) Advantages & Disadvantages:  Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages Fast Great Variety Building of intermuscular coordination Disadvantages Extremely technical Takes a long time to learn hip extension RFD Method B-Plyometrics:  RFD Method B-Plyometrics Plyometrics-What?:  Plyometrics-What? A rapid eccentric stretch followed by a strong concentric contraction Stretch Shortening Cycle (SSC) Plyometrics What?:  Plyometrics What? Jumping exercises-Verhkoshansky Altitude Landings Depth Jumps Squat Jumps Split Jumps Single Response Jump, Gather, Jump Multiple Response Jump, Jump, Jump Plyometrics Why:  Plyometrics Why Explosive in nature Reactive Strength Strong contraction after a stretch Amorization phase Increased Speed of Myotatic (Stretch) reflex Desensitization of the GTO (Golgi Tendon Organ) GTO inhibits the muscle in cases of high tension The body sees this is no longer dangerous. Think of a parent and their child falling Enhance neuromuscular coordination Efficiency between motorneuron and muscle increase. (Clark) Advantages & Disadvantages:  Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages Can be done with no equipment Easy to perform/teach Easy to achieve true triple extension Building of inter and intra muscular coordination Disadvantages Must have soft surface for some drills Neurologically taxing, must pay attention to volume. RFD Method C-Non Traditional:  RFD Method C-Non Traditional Non-traditional-What?:  Non-traditional-What? Exercises that are just trained fast and explosively Any Exercise can be trained to be explosive Non-Traditional-How?:  Non-Traditional-How? Dynamic Method Different Contrasts Isomiometric Isoballistic Medicine Balls Various Throws Dynamic Method-Basic Examples:  Dynamic Method-Basic Examples Squat 40-70% 1RM for 1-5 reps (10x2@ 50%) Bench Press 40-70% of 1RM for 1-5 reps (8x3@ 60% Deadlift 40-70% of 1RM for 1-5 reps (8x1@ 50%) Dynamic Method Cont’d:  Dynamic Method Cont’d Contrasts May use contrast methods for accommodating resistance Chains Bands Overspeed eccentric +kinetic energy See Joe Quinlin Gives the body a new stimulus to adapt to. Dynamic Method Cont’d:  Dynamic Method Cont’d Isomiometric A variation to the Dynamic Method but the athlete has an isometric hold in the transition phase. Why? There is always an isometric between concentric/eccentric no matter how brief. (Ajan & Baroga) Different stimulus to adapt to. Must be performed explosively on the concentric Dynamic Method Cont’d:  Dynamic Method Cont’d Isoballistic Same methodic as isomiometric The difference is the implement or athlete is projected into the air. Example Isoballistic squats (squat jumps) Medicine balls:  Medicine balls Various Throws Work stretch shortening cycle Great amount of force to project the ball into the air. Non-Traditional-Why?:  Non-Traditional-Why? Easy to coach Easy to perform Immediate benefits Endless Variations-think outside of the box Easier to vary for workout variety Preventing adaptation Why Cont’d:  Why Cont’d Great amount of variations on one exercise Different %’s allow you to work on different strengths Starting Strength Accelerative Strength Speed Strength Non-Traditional-How?:  Non-Traditional-How? Implement at the priority level in your program If explosive strength is #1 Priority, Perform these first in the workout, if it’s #2 Priority, perform second, and so on. Advantages & Disadvantages:  Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages Tons of variety Easy to teach Easy to pick up on athletes weak links Disadvantages Athletes must be monitored to make sure they are moving fast. Conclusion:  Conclusion No matter what you’re doing, maintain/increase absolute strength Explosive strength is specific to the movement/muscle groups Speed Press doesn’t increase lower body explosiveness Conclusion :  Conclusion Change something about the training method every three weeks Change lifts Add or take away chains &/or bands Change bars Once the body stops learning, the body stops growing. PREPARE>PERFORM>PREVAIL Acknowledgements:  Acknowledgements Pat Ivey & the rest of the Mizzou Strength staff Rick Perry Joe Kenn Buddy Morris Tom Myslinski Louie Simmons Michael Hope Al Vermeil Works Cited:  Works Cited Bompa, Tudor “Periodization: Theory and Methodology of training”-4th ed. Human Kinetics. 1999. Clark, Michael “A Scientific approach to Reactive Neuromuscular Training.” The Athletic Institute. 2000. Kurz: “The science of Sports Training” 1998. Siff, Mel “Supertraining” 5th ed. 2000. Zatsiorsky, V. “The Science and Practice of Strength Training.” Roman, RA “The Training of the Weightlifter” Sportivny Press 1986 Moscow, 1988 Livonia, MI

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