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Published on June 30, 2010

Author: SourcingStrategies

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Slide 1: Exploring the World of Travel Learning Objectives: Understand and explain the definition of travel & tourism. Identify the major segments and forces that shape the travel & tourism industry. Discuss global perspectives of the tourism industry. Slide 2: The traveler sees what he sees, and the tourist sees what he has come to see. - Chesterton, Gilbert K. Travel & Tourism Francesco Marino www.freedigitalphotos.net Slide 3: Travel: To go from one place to another, as on a trip; journey. ..:: American Heritage Dictionary ::.. What is Travel? Francesco Marino www.freedigitalphotos.net Slide 4: Travel was born with the history of man... What is Travel? Purposes: Survival Trade Religion Economic gain War Migration Leisure Slide 5: Tourism: 1. The practice of traveling for pleasure. 2. The business of providing tours and services for tourists. ..:: American Heritage Dictionary ::.. What is Tourism? Slide 6: Tourism Types Examples: Business – business tourism Religion – religion tourism Culture – cultural tourism Ecology – eco-tourism Slide 7: Reasons for Travel & Tourism Tourism: The Business of Travel. 4th ed. Cook, Yale, & Marqua Slide 8: Tourism is the Business of Travel… Dimensions of Travel & Tourism: Governmental Entities Track the following Dimensions of Travel Purpose of the trip Distance traveled Duration of the trip Residence of the traveler Mode of transportation Spending Slide 9: Annual: California – $53 billion Florida – $52 Billion New York – $35.5 Billion Texas – $ 33 Billion Hawaii – $23 Billion Economic Significance of Travel & Tourism Slide 10: The Tourism Model The traveler (tourist) is at the heart of the model. Travel Marketers link tourists with travel product & service suppliers. Travel suppliers provide the products & services that needed & desired by tourists when they travel. External forces (economics, politics, security, etc…) affect all parties of interest in travel & tourism: i.e.. tourists, distributors and suppliers Slide 11: Industry Profile Slide 12: Travel Agencies By Andy Newson www.freedigitalphotos.net Travel Agencies: Sell travel products & services directly to the public. Travel Counselor: Sells travel as a consultant to the public, offering professional advice about travel arrangements and alternatives. Marketing Intermediary: Travel counselors & travel agencies make commissions from both customers & suppliers. Online Travel Agencies: A travel agency that exists primarily online (i.e. Travelocity, Expedia, etc..). Slide 13: Air Transportation Air Travel Industry: Complex international system comprised of airlines, air traffic controllers, national regulatory aviation authorities, etc… Every facet of the travel industry interacts with air travel. Knowledge of air travel is essential for every travel industry professional! Very LOW-or-NO Commissions paid to travel agents for Domestic transactions Airline companies are most influential of all travel industry suppliers. Slide 14: Ground Transportation Ground Transportation Systems: Local, Urban, Long Distance, Recreation Automobiles are still the most widely used mode of transportation for travel (representing 90% of all trips taken). Private, Rentals Rail Travel: USA, Europe, Brazil, Japan, etc... Other Ground Systems: Bus Systems, Motor Coach, Limousines, Taxicabs Slide 15: Accommodations Hotels: Various Categories such as City-Center hotel, Airport Hotels, Highway Hotels Resorts: All inclusive, Niche Concepts… Other Accommodations Types: B&B’s, Timeshares, Convention Hotels, Spa’s, Hostel Global Perspective: Hotels have different names overseas: Paradores, Pousadas, Ryokan, Pensions, and Minshukus Slide 16: Cruising Cruise ships are no longer only used as a mode of transportation! Cruise ships are also destinations… Prime Geographic Cruising Regions: Caribbean, Alaska, Mediterranean, Scandinavia, SE Asia, etc… Cruise Concepts: Theme Cruises, River Cruises, Adventure Cruises, etc… Expedition: Journeys undertaken by a group with a specific objective. Other Ship Travel: Water Taxi’s, Yacht Charters, Sailing Ships, Fishing Expeditions, Freighters, Ferries… Slide 17: Tours Tour: A tour offers a package of features for purchase as a single unit. 5 Types of Tours: Custom-Designed tours Independent tour Hosted tour Escorted tour Special-Interest tour *** The majority of tours are sold by travel agents… Components of a tour: Transportation, Itinerary, Accommodations, Meals, & other features like sightseeing, special events, etc… Slide 18: Tourism Today Primary Global Characteristics: Outstanding Educational Impact Force of Economic Prosperity Employment Opportunities Abound Promotes Social Evolution Cultural Awareness Catalyst of Peace

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