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Published on March 23, 2019

Author: QITSolution

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slide 1: Change Of Technological Trends In 2019 Nothing is growing fast as IT industry and as with growth shift of mentality is happening years back humans were for technology but now technology is for human’s ease. Technologies and applications which we cannot imagine in our dreams are reality with each passing day new innovation are getting introduced leaving human race astonished. Mobile apps and Digital Marketing Agra are now an inseparable part of digital strategy and the demand of mobile apps is swelling with ever fast rate around the world we can find numerous of Business apps lifestyle apps educational apps on-demand apps dating apps and food apps in short till wherever ones imagination can go there is an app for that on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Updating in the area of mobile app development is touching heights day by day. So many new trends have come across this year. Below are the high ends technologies in IT industry: 1 Augmented Reality AR Technology The reach of basic applications or old school games is completely changed with the aid of augmented reality. This technology in mobile application and SEO Company in Agra will receive new motivation in 2019 and chances are high that they become mainstream. The Apple and Google both tech giants have launched their own augmented reality kits i.e. AR Kit and AR Core rasp and they are expected to help app developer Web Development Company in Agra Software Company Development In Agra and to create high quality mobile apps and website. 2 Beacons Among the public users the technology of beacons has become more reachable. More applications with beacon-based features ate getting created for users and - starting from informational sources virtual guides and ending with location-based games and so many other things. Moreover it is unlikely that users expect a huge technical advancement in this direction. Beacons will continue to spread in use cases covering more and more areas where an individual could get all the vital information in the right location where he needs without being in the range of internet. 3 Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence is one of the major game changer in mobile app development area. Apple gave assent to the developers to integrate Sire into their applications only in 2017. After these trends artificial intelligence will be utilized for several of activities. So far only big player companies can afford to develop Web Design in Agra with artificial intelligence onboard. In 2019 you can expect the spin in this. slide 2: 4 Internet Of Things IOT The Internet of things isn’t a rocket science technology anymore. Technology Analysts predict significant changes in this area in 2018 and 2019. Home appliances like smart electric kettles and everything that has the prefix "smart" can be combined into a single infrastructure for desired users. This thing surely going be revolutionary. 5 Block chain Block chain is so much complex and layered than just the technology behind crypto currencies. A digital account book of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value even those things which requires physical attention. Block chain can add utility in so many areas to the way in which we currently go about our lives and do business. Expect to see this technology become more and more obvious in everyday life and business. Block chain is the significant part on the e-business especially finance. Stay connected with QIT Solution for more blogs like this.

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