Explaining and capture value in Communities of Practice

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Information about Explaining and capture value in Communities of Practice

Published on December 6, 2008

Author: macuarium

Source: slideshare.net


2003 - Talk at the Knowledge Management Summer School. Introduction of the Macuarium Quadrant of community types, and reflection on value capture.

MacuariumNetwork Living Knowledge Explaining and capturing CoP value Miguel Cornejo miguel@macuarium.com 3rd European Knowledge Management Summer School San Sebastián, 7-12 September 2003

Contents •  Goals •  Knowledge as an enabler •  Knowledge as an asset •  Macuarium Quadrant and examples •  Capturing value •  Open discussion

Goals •  how Communities accrue value for users, •  how to map it •  how to capture that value in a way that the organization can measure... and eventually charge for. for orgs: get value, publish news

Knowledge as an enabler “knowledge” (model) •  the set of information that enables the receiver to satisfy a need. •  The sum of data and context necessary for a person to perform a desired activity (physical, commercial, mental or emotional). Value of being able •  it enables the holder to do something productive (allows to create value). •  a scarcity component and will often be lower as more people share it •  a competitive component, since it enables differentiation The “share and keep fallacy”

Knowledge as an asset An Asset: •  Quantifiable. Measure, parcel and trade. •  Valuable. Cost-independent. Expressable in a common exchange good (say, money). •  Tradable. Can change hands and still be useful. •  Private. Someone can decide on it, and it can be exclusively exploited. Essentially: you can withhold, you can charge. Communities are working knowledge exchanges.

Macuarium Quadrant and examples People and organizations have different behaviour when: •  knowledge received can be directly applied to the improvement of economic situation or the execution of a job, •  … or knowledge’s quality as an asset is high. SUBJECTIVE / INDIRECT VALUE OBJECTIVE / DIRECT VALUE Than when: •  knowledge received can only indirectly affect productive capacity, or not at all (curiosity, leisure… the “priceless”), •  … or has low asset quality (unmeasurable, untradeable, public…).


Capturing value in CoI Individual wants: OBJECTIVE •  Information •  Social integration PROJECT C. Capture with: INDIVIDUAL C. OF PRACTICE •  Extra search tools INDIRECT DIRECT C. OF INTEREST AMORPHOUS C. •  Member galleries / directories •  Private forums / chats •  Individualization (avatar) Corporates want: SUBJECTIVE •  Promotional target ORGANIZATION •  Marketing research group Capture with: •  Traditional advertising •  Infomercials •  Events •  Content-related ads •  Market-research tools

Capturing value in CoPs Individual wants: OBJECTIVE •  Solve practical doubts •  Recognition Capture with: PROJECT C. •  Membership fee INDIVIDUAL C. OF PRACTICE INDIRECT DIRECT C. OF INTEREST •  Extra search tools AMORPHOUS C. •  Paid content •  Yellow page listing •  Expert hotline Corporates want: SUBJECTIVE •  Support service ORGANIZATION •  Innovation and best practices •  Knowledge stewardship (internal) Internal CoP can be: •  (Strategic) marketing -  tool to enable knowledge transmission and work efficiency of knowledge workers. Capture with: -  steward for a range of knowledge domains. •  (see CoIs) -  upkeeper of knowledge objects. •  Sponsored / dedicated CoPs -  emergency management tool. •  Outsourced support -  talking-shop and decision-making centre •  Goal measurement (internal)

Capturing value in Amorphous Coms. Individual wants: OBJECTIVE •  Gossip (low relevance info) •  Loose social integration Capture with: PROJECT C. •  Private forums /chats INDIVIDUAL C. OF PRACTICE INDIRECT DIRECT C. OF INTEREST •  Gaming clans AMORPHOUS C. •  Instante messaging options •  Personalization (avatars) Corporates want: •  Wide-focus marketing SUBJECTIVE •  Potential targeting ORGANIZATION Capture with: •  User data mining •  Low price traditional advertising

Capturing value in Project Coms. Individual wants: OBJECTIVE •  Shared-goal collaboration •  Relevance to work Capture with: PROJECT C. •  Collaboration tools on demand INDIVIDUAL C. OF PRACTICE INDIRECT C. OF INTEREST (elancers) DIRECT AMORPHOUS C. •  Private areas on demand (elancers) Corporates want: •  Higher employee efficiency •  Better management and control SUBJECTIVE Capture with: ORGANIZATION •  Wider collaboration toolset •  Wider control toolset •  Better reporting tools

Open discussion •  Comments, disagreements •  Examples •  More ideas for capturing value •  …


MacuariumNetwork Living Knowledge Contact: Miguel Cornejo miguel@macuarium.com

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