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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: ExpertQloud



If you wish to put your professional ambition and expertise in the spotlights
so people can find and contact you for instant collaboration, we offer you
an awesome tool that crosses your talents and the need of the world.

you never work alone


Instant collaboration Students Employees Freelancers

Start within minutes Create account Complete Workbook Find experts Make connections

1 Create account

1 Create account

1 Create account

2 Complete Workbook Summary Profession Skills Impression Experience Qualifications Profession Related Database O*net > self-learning Reputation

Quick overview

Classified professions

Profession portfolio

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Added user content

Personal skills

21st century skills


Approved work



Share Workbook

3 Find experts

Text search


Filters Profession related Person related Classification Preference & availability Major ... myQlouds … Minor … Inquiries preference … Group… Offerings preference … Profession … Availability… Other criteria More criteria Specialism … Soft-skills assessment … Know-how … Years experience … Tools … Sector experience … Software … Education level … Certification … Performance-level … Contractor … Organisation name … 24


4 Make connections

Search for attractive companies

Search for attractive companies

Connect with attractive companies PROSPECT

Connect with potentials and preferrals

Show your reputation MY BUSINESS NETWORK Preferral Potential Hogeschool Rotterdam Prospect

Intelligent careers

Auto-connect with colleagues INTERNAL NameA@company INTERNAL INTERNAL INTERNAL NameB@company NameC@company NameB@company Boost knowledge sharing Boost knowledge sharing

Intelligent organisations

Connect with preferred partners SETTINGS     @company INTERNAL NameA@company @company INTERNAL INTERNAL INTERNAL NameB@company NameC@company NameB@company Boost cooperation

Intelligent regions

Implementation services individuals Professional workshop • • • • • • Workshops Fine tune classification Online assessment Personal branding guidance Shortlist companies Connect as Prospect

Implementation services organisations Company presentation • • • • • • Fine tune classification Develop Companybook Create myQlouds Support Workposts Analyse results Develop new tools

Next steps • Company preview (now live) • Companybook (to be introduced) • • • • • • Profile Competences Sector / markets Organisation / links New Prospects Publish Workpost

Workpost Companybook Settings • Target • • • • Major Minor Group Profession • Preference • • • • • • All Prospects Potentials Preferrals Partners Internals Workbook

Workpost alert Companybook Workbook

Matching indication 77% Companybook Workbook

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