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Information about Expert System

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: inam12



A synonym for Expert Information System
A Brankch of Artificial Intelligence

Expert system and its components University of Education, Okara Campus 1

What is expert….? An attempt to perform human functions through machines or devices University of Education, Okara Campus 2

What is expert system..? In artificial intelligence a computer software that emulates the behavior of human experts who are solving real world problems associated with a particular domain of knowledge (Pig ford & Braur) University of Education, Okara Campus 3

Cont…  Knowledge-based expert systems or simply expert systems  An expert system is software that attempts to reproduce the performance of one or more human experts, most commonly in a specific problem (Wikipedia)  Use human knowledge to solve problems that normally would require human intelligence  Represent the expertise knowledge as data or rules within the computer University of Education, Okara Campus 4

Cont…  Can explains reasoning behind any solutions it finds An expert system is a system that employs human knowledge captured in a computer to solve problems that ordinarily require human expertise.(Turban) University of Education, Okara Campus 5

Key concept  Problem solve by applying specific knowledge rather than specific techniques. University of Education, Okara Campus 6

Artificial Intelligence & Expert System  Artificial intelligence The machine doing work as human being Astro teller: Artificial intelligence is the science of how to get machines to do the things as they do in movies (Transformer)  Expert system It is only a part of artificial intelligence University of Education, Okara Campus 7

According to Astro Teller University of Education, Okara Campus 8

Use of expert system  Control air traffic (PEO Aviation) University of Education, Okara Campus 9

Cont..  Monitoring (nuclear plants)  Weather predictions  Interpretation speech  And many more … University of Education, Okara Campus 10

Cont….  Finding solutions through designing computer programs University of Education, Okara Campus 11

Components of expert system University of Education, Okara Campus 12

Explanation  User Is consulting with system to get advise  User interface The code that control the dialogue between the user and the system.  Inference engine The reason behind a solution provided by this component (logic)  Knowledge base This component consist of facts and rules  Working storage The data which specific to a problem being solved. All these components are consist of device which is called shell. University of Education, Okara Campus 13

Example Software  LITHIAN Gives advice to archeologists for examining stone tools.  Dendral use to identify the structure of a chemical compounds first use in (1965)  Mycin It is also another example of expert system that use in medical field University of Education, Okara Campus 14

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