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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: sanemesra1995

Source: slideshare.net

Experimental Photography Sanem Esra Koyupinar 11

Image One My trio of photographs are based on the theme of life and death and expressing the different emotions that this topic offer, as well as having all my photographs based on the same topic I also wanted them all to include mixed media . For my first image my message that I was wanting to bring across is the most common way that people seem to understand death by thinking that death is a dark subject. They way I was wanting to show this message in my picture was that instead of working onto the picture with mixed media was that I would have include paint onto my models face and add the detailing before hand, the reason I wanted to do this is so that It would make the picture stand out compared to the rest of my pictures. Whilst planning for this photograph I had the idea that I wanted to keep it in the same layout throughout all of my photographs as I believed that the photographs would tie better together and look professional as the photographs would have the same kind of house styling. Another reason I wanted the photographs to be in the same layout is because I believed that by having the photographs in the same layout it would be able to get my message across easier for my audience. After having my complete images I realised that I would have to do further work on them on Photoshop as the pictures needed some support to make the actual features stand out more and make my end result to a high standard. Whilst photo shopping my photos I decided to edit the photos separately before joining them as I realised that the photos needed individual filters. For the 'happy' photograph I added I altered the vibrance which slightly altered the focus on the facial features which I then added a warm(orange) filter on to which made the face look much healthier and more lively and lastly I altered the vibrance with brightened the photograph. After fixing sorting out the layout and the filtering of the photograph I realised that the photo looks incomplete and decided that I would work onto the image with mixed media to build make the features of the image stand out more. For this photograph I choose to work with acrylic paints for my mixed media. When I began painting I began with the idea that I did not want the image to have a neat look to it so I began to pat the brush harshly onto the picture to create a splatted effect and as I got the result that I wanted from my try out I carried on this technique throughout the whole photo. The splattered paintings made the face of my model stand out more and gave it a messy look which I believe has worked. I didn’t have any problems whilst taking my photographs but when editing my photos I realised that I had not taken my photographs correctly; when trying to connect my images together I noticed that they were uneven because I had taken the photograph from different angles and different scales. Because of this I had to constantly alter each photo until they were in a reasonable position and if I still had some imperfections I used the clone stamp tool to do any altercations. I would have been able to prevent this situation by taking all my photographs from the same position and keep and have my models keep their heads in the same place during the photographs being taken.

Image Two For the second photograph in my trio I was wanting to express the opposite message about death and how death can sometimes be a happy thing in some peoples view, the reason of this could be because some people suffer with tough illnesses and death may be a happy for them as it allows them to be free. For this picture I wanted to capture the picture, Photoshop the photo and then work on the image with a variety of mixed media. Because I wanted to keep this photo the same layout as my first photo I also had a long process of joining the images together as I had made the same mistake as the first image and not thought through the production stages and had captured my photographs from different angels. As well as this issue the other problem I had is while joining my photographs together I realised that my model had a asymmetrical face which made it impossible to get the reflected result that I wanted. I was able to skip this problem by improvising and instead of trying to join the two half of the faces together I flipped one of the images to be the same half of the other photo which then I was able to join together and with a small amount of altering I was able to get the end result that I wanted. With experience from my first photo I decided to also alter this photo on Photoshop by adding the same filters as the first picture but on the opposite emotions. With this photograph I wanted to experiment with different media types. For my first attempted I used a mixture of pastels and acrylic paints with some use of inks, on the dark side I used darker shades compared to my first photo and had improved on my blending skills, for my black on this picture I used black inks as they gave a more powerful end result. For my pastel look I created a glowing look that made the picture and its features stand out more and gave the picture a halo like detail. For my second picture I choose to only use pastels as I liked the results I had got on my previous picture, I found that I was able to blend and not have any worries while using the pastels as I have had experience with them in the past. The end result of this image looked more professional and had a smooth finish to it but one negative feature to this picture would have to be because of me having added dark filter to the 'death' side of the picture it has blocked the features and overall looks really dark. Due to the lack of production time if I had the opportunity I would have altered the pictures filter and re-done this image over all to have a ore clearer end result. Another thing that I may of changed in my pictures is the inclusion of the face paints as I believe when you look a the first photograph because of the details that I have already included onto the face not many Photoshop procedures were needed to create the end look whereas in my second photo I had add darker filter to the 'death' image to make the photo look dark which lead to the overall picture not being at the best quality.

Image 3 For my final picture of my trio I wanted to create something different to my other two pictures and something that that would be ambiguous and that my audience would be able to decided for themselves on what the meaning of the picture is. I did this by taking a picture of two hands reaching out for each other and working on it with mixed media. Because I had already planned this photo out and as it was simple compared to the previous two the production time of this photo didn't take as long as the others. After taking the picture and choosing one that I was happy with I printed out and due to previous satisfying results I decided to use pastels again but because I had printed my photo out on professional photograph paper the pastels did not sink through the paper so I had to reprint the photo onto regular paper. By using pastels it made the image very animated which gave it innocents. After I had completed the photo I choose to develop it more on Photoshop and do any altering if needed, to make the photo look more high standard I clone stamped any parts where the colours had smudged together to much which made the photo look more crisp. After editing the photo it seemed like I could do more to the photo so I played around with filters and decided on this marble/stained glass effect which I think made the image look more religious which fitted with the theme of the photographs. If I were to change anything about this photo it would be I may of improved on the hands in the image as because of the use of pastels it has made the hands blend into the whole photograph, I may have been able to do that by adding a thin black outline around the hands to make them stand out.

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