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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: sanemesra1995

Source: slideshare.net

Experimental Photography Experimental Photography Sanem Esra Koyupinar

Robert Heinecken Robert Heinecken is an American photographer and printmaker. Heinecken is known for getting involved with magazines by producing photographs for them. Heinecken had begun his career as an contemporary photographer in Southern California in the mid 1960's. Heinecken was imminently recognised for his unusual still photographs.The techniques that Heinecken's uses is to combine a picture and merge it with another image, merge a photograph image with a painting or overlay an photograph with text.His style is quite provocative and can come across as daring to his audience. He also likes to work in black and white in his work as I believe it makes the features of the image stand out more.

David Hockney David Hockney is an world wide famous English artist who is also known for his print making, stage designing and photography. Hockney aged (76) is reconigsed for his past work in pop art and is considered a big influential artists of the 20th century. After pop art Hockey began to create photomontages and photo collages. Hockneys photography joiner photography was created by him taking pictures with his Polaroid camera, taking the images and then simply glue them together.David Hockney's photography comes across as an unusual cubism contrast, the images come across as uneven and inaccurate On the photomontage images Hockney has chosen to overlap the Polaroid images on to a blank background (which works as a frame) and only expose a section of the scenery. However whilst creating his photo collages Hockney left the white framing around the Polaroid images which has created an tile like effect, another technique that Hockney has used different to the photo montages is that he has shown the audience the full scenery but created this by using repetitive images from different angles which has created and abstract effect.

John Stezaker John Stezaker had graduated into the world of art in 1973 with his Higher Diploma in Fine art. His work got recognized in the 2000's and is now collected by museums and art collectors, Stezakers work I was the discovered to be one of the first british artist to have introduced into the Pop Art category . Stezaker is images have been described to be a surreal pieces of work. His technique is to combine two pictures overlaying each other (mainly old images) or either to stick an painting of some kind into the middle of and fairly old image which would somehow be able to complete the missing details in the photographs.

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