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Published on November 22, 2007

Author: Kiska

Source: authorstream.com

Experimental Gameplay Competition:  Experimental Gameplay Competition Crazy idea for dance pads Concept:  Concept A series of mini-games based around viewing the dance pad as a series of switches Since the basic premise can be done on any console (GBA – WarioWare), games would have to require the footwork to have a fun playing experience The games should provide a very arcade-like experience: Each should be explained in about 5-10 seconds, and played in 30s-1 minute Why A Game Would Require The Pad And Not Be About Dancing:  Why A Game Would Require The Pad And Not Be About Dancing Emphasizes hand (foot)-eye coordination Based on physical contortion To add an extra level of immersion – characters walking, riding bikes, dodging, etc Adds more fun to the gameplay (schoolyard games would suck on a PS2 controller) Mini-Games That Would Rock With The Dance Pad:  Mini-Games That Would Rock With The Dance Pad A multiplayer ‘Horse’ / ‘Simon Says’ game – player A repeats the sequence player B puts in A Twister-like game, requiring players to use their hands on the dance pad as well Smash-as-many-buttons games: harder because only 2 feet to use, instead of 10 fingers An educational game using the dance pad to make the lesson fun and easier to internalize Dodging-items games, in which you actually perform the footwork the characters do on screen Mini-Game 1: Simon Dances:  Mini-Game 1: Simon Dances One Player: Players must repeat a series of footwork maneuvers the computer dictates that gets increasingly hard Multiplayer: One player performs a series of footwork maneuvers twice in a row. This is done to guarantee that he didn’t press random buttons the first time around to make it nigh-impossible. Player two must repeat the footwork. Mini-Game 2: Contortion Challenge:  Mini-Game 2: Contortion Challenge Essentially, a ‘Twister’ rip-off. Players are assigned 4 starting colors to put their hands and feet on. Players are then told to move from one color to another increasingly quickly until they fail. One player: time challenge, play without failing for xx seconds Two player: Just beat the other person Contortion Challenge example game:  Contortion Challenge example game Starting colors: Red, Green, Blue, Purple It doesn’t matter which hand or leg goes where, since the game won’t be able to tell Move 1: Red to Black Move 2: Green to White, etc Use colors instead of names (Up to Square) as an extra challenge: player can’t goof up on locations of colors. There’d be a diagram on screen to help them out. Mini-Game 3: Bicycle Bash:  Mini-Game 3: Bicycle Bash Players are on bicycles, and move between lanes to avoid obstacles and gain powerups Move the bicycle by pressing left/right repeatedly Top Left (X) to move left a lane, Top Right (O) to move right a lane Powerups are used automatically so as not to make more distractions from pressing left and right. Bicycle Bash: More stuff:  Bicycle Bash: More stuff Powerups would include heat-seeking missiles (slow opponents down no matter where they are), boost, and spikes (slow opponents down if they’re next to you) The hardest part of the game would be being able to move your feet from tapping left-right to moving lanes. This is good: players who concentrate entirely on moving their bike quickly will lose because they keep hitting obstacles. Mini-Game 4: Zombie Zowie!:  Mini-Game 4: Zombie Zowie! There’s a zombie attacking you super punch-out style, you have to avoid his attacks and hit him Hits are automatic if you avoid their attack: All the player worries about is dodging (5 locations to dodge to – left, bottom left, bottom, bottom right, right) Zombie Zowie: More Stuff:  Zombie Zowie: More Stuff One player: zombie is computer-controlled, attacks X out of the 5 spots randomly, falls after Y hits Multiplayer: Zombie player picks 1 attack spot, human picks dodge spot, if he dodges 3 times in a row (.512 chance) then he hits the zombie. Very fast paced to keep from being boring.

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