Experience an Ideal Working Environment At Trivedi Global Inc.

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Information about Experience an Ideal Working Environment At Trivedi Global Inc.

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: TrivediGlobal

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Trivedi Global Inc. was established by Mahendra Trivedi who is well-known for his ability to transmit universal energy through his thoughts which has wonderful powers of transformation.

Get THE TRIVEDI EFFECT® Mobile App Now! Experience an Ideal Working Environment At Trivedi Global Inc. Today, every modern workplace has become diversified to accommodate the prerequisite of varying skill sets needed by employers to compete within the diverse marketplace of the international and multi purpose techno-savvy business world. The streamlined approach and in-house technology systems needed to reduce costs and maximize efficiency has brought increasingly diverse needs to the business model. In many cases the employee is regarded as an expendable commodity in the competing world of international business conglomerates. Job seekers in this dynamic and rapidly evolving business world are required to be multi talented with a broad skill set. Employees are expected to be flexible in their working time frame and have an outcome orientated approach to life. Employees of Trivedi Global Inc., are classed as a valuable part of a team and the management develops a close relationship with their staff. A team approach is encouraged and although work is result-orientated time is taken to nurture new members and help them to fine tune skills that may be required. Team members are encouraged to understand the roles each individual plays in the team and an integrated approach to tasks is undertaken. Employees enjoy a good working environment with regular interaction with management from all levels, including the owner and CEO. The founder of the organization is Mahendra Trivedi, who has created Trivedi Global Inc. and the subsidiaries Trivedi Products, Trivedi Master Wellness™ and Trivedi Foundation™, which is a non profit organization around a wellness phenomenon that has brought the benefits of life enhancing transformation to thousands of people across the world. He is a gifted individual who possesses the unique ability to transmit a transformational Universal Energy through his thoughts known as Energy Transmissions. The transformational property of this energy phenomenon is called the The Trivedi Effect®. The energy he transmits has been found to transform living and non-living materials and through research conducted in collaboration with The Trivedi Foundation has been validated in over 4,000 scientific experiments. It his being applied many fields to help find resolution too many problems facing the world today. To date it has been applied to agriculture, animal husbandry, microbiology, material science, cancer research. It has been able to change the very structure of the atom and alter the properties at a molecular level. Mahendra Trivedi has started a new trend in science that links science with consciousness and has highlighted the way forward for future innovation and technology to be developed. Mahendra Trivedi’s has also been able to raise the level of consciousness in others to a level where they too have started to transmit this life enhancing Divine Energy. These people are known as The Trivedi Masters™, which include Gopal Nayak Dahryn Trivedi and Alice Branton. Alice Branton is the current CEO of Trivedi Global Inc., an organization whose working environment focuses on the following: Connect With Us…on

Get THE TRIVEDI EFFECT® Mobile App Now!         Effective Communication – The organization’s foundation rests on the free flow of employer-employee communication that encompasses every individual, right from their night janitor to their CEO. Growth and development – They do their best to ensure that no employee feels professionally stagnant while working for them. Trust and Loyalty – Their working environment fosters trust and loyalty amongst its employees. Employee Well-being – Unlike other companies, they do not put their goals and achievements above the needs and concerns of their employees. They treat their employees with the kind of respect and dignity that they so rightfully deserve. Teamwork – Trivedi Global Inc. pools all its resources together, focusing more on "we" and less on "me". Purposeful and Challenging Work – Nobody likes to do the same thing over and over again; variety keeps people on their toes. Employees love challenges because it helps them tap their creative side, and this is exactly what the organization gives them. Employee Recognition – People are constantly acknowledged for their hard work, contributions and achievements towards the organization. Hard workers are rewarded with promotions. Job security – This comes hand in glove when working for Trivedi Global Inc., because it is an organization built on an international reputation of hard-work and equality for its employees. The organization runs like well-oiled machinery, everybody contributing towards an overall goal of improving human wellness and exploring the applications of the Energy to improve conditions across the world. Everyone works with the desire to raise awareness of the importance of consciousness and it’s the incredible impact it has on the world. The company provides a great working environment where the health and wellbeing and personal growth of employees is always cared about as well as seeing individuals develop in ways that expand their knowledge and diversity of skills and talents they can offer. About The Author: The author is a follower of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and has been writing about Energy Transmissions and The Trivedi Effect® frequently. He has also experienced some wonderful life transforming benefits of The Trivedi Effect® and is looking out for more of them. Connect With Us…on

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