Expanding the Safe Promotion Activities of the Sea with Experts

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Information about Expanding the Safe Promotion Activities of the Sea with Experts

Published on December 1, 2016

Author: shawnalladio

Source: slideshare.net

1. PRESS RELEASE - 2016 RESCUE WATER CRAFT ASSOCIATION 1 EXPANDING THE SAFE PROMOTION ACTIVITIES OF THE SEA WITH EXPERTS! FIRST EFFORT! 11.30.2016 -Tokyo, Japan - Introducing the “Ocean Safety Promotion Adviser System’ for Nippon! We at K38 and our Rescue Water Craft Association are very proud of this unique accomplishment of the Japan Coast Guard; for having the vision and dedication to continually advance boating and water safety. K38 is the primary driving force for international boating safety standardization, best practices and instructor leadership for these unique small power craft called: Personal Water Craft (PWC) for recreational use and Rescue Water Craft (RWC) for safety and military and police patrol operations. For nearly 3 decades we have partnered with associations who are passionate about boating and have the spirit necessary to commit towards saving lives, accident/drowning prevention and mentorship programs. This is achieved through partnerships with the best practices and standardization of methods with qualified subject matter experts (SME) who have proven their dedication to society with great effort. K38 Japan, its chief officers and instructors have created an institutional blueprint for success regarding PWC and RWC usage. We have not done this alone, but with thousands of national international partners who represent the ethos of community and stewardship. In partnership; K38 Japans programs and instructor leadership examples have successfully enhanced positive change in Japan for the greater good of its people, qualified operators and community rewards. Japan has an incredible maritime heritage! It is commendable that JCG leads this modern progression as the dynamics of ocean and waterway use change with the introduction of newer technologies for the recreational and occupational users and for disaster management. The Japan Coast Guard organization are true stewards of the public trust. These appointed panel members by JCG offer professional knowledge on the diversification of Marine Leisure, Sports, Activities and Occupational Boating and will be representing future generations. As appointed advisors for the Safety Promotion of the Sea, we salute these organizations participation! Specifically for the improvement of safety skill instruction and evaluation of the maritime enforcement, further enhancing safety measures that will reduce or prevent injuries or accidents. The Commission Ceremony took place at 2PM on November 29, at the Central Joint Government building #3, 11th Floor of the Japan Coast Guard Conference Room. JCG COMMITTEE MEMBERS - APPOINTED SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS (SME) 1. Director of the Japan Life Saving Association, Drowning Project Headquarters, represented by Mr. Toshinori Ishikawa 2. Mr. Masahiro Uchida, Marine Journalist, Director of the Japan Canoe Federation - Recreational Canoe Association 3. Japan Marine Engine Organization Association, General Manager, Mr. Shoichi Yoshio 4. K38 Japan - Marine Sports Foundation (Maris), NSBC/NASBLA/K38 instructor Mr. Hiroshi Yamaoka


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