Existential crisis and spiral dynamics

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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: FrancesKazan

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Become a better leader and manager by clarifying your thinking - understand not what you think but also how you think and why you think that way you do .... Learn the Power of Spiral Dynamics and improve the quality of your working life

What do Complex Carbohydrates have to do with Levels of Consciousness?

Its not only carbohydrates who are having an existential crisis, each one of us is asking the same questions!

Carbohydrates may be complex but humans are even more complex.....

Carbohydrates are neither good or bad / right or wrong… they are a type of food that when eaten in the correct proportion enhance our health and wellness…

How we ask questions determines the quality of the answer. Asking a better question give us a more satisfactory answer, such as:

How much complex carbohydrates can I include in my diet to improve my physical fitness?

Knowing how carbohydrates interact with our unique metabolism is a far better piece of information than whether they are good or bad… for what? Right or wrong …. For who? And When?

The quality of life improves with the quality of our thoughts which are based on knowledge which comes from our questions. Improve question-asking and you improve thinking….

Clarity of thinking begins with mental hygiene … We need to understand not only what we think but how we think and why we think what we think .. to be aware of our consciousness ……

If you are interested in learning more about Consciousness and its various Levels then send a mail to frances@hitw.co.za for a brochure on “Spiral Dynamics and the Art of Thinking”

“Our Shifting Consciousness ‐ Changing Paradigms in a Spiralling World!”

The World is constantly changing and so is our Consciousness

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are. Anais Nin

“I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies but not the madness of people.” ― Isaac Newton

No man can walk into the same river twice because he is not the same man and it is not the same river – Heraclitus

Why are we different? • WHY do we make decisions in different ways? WHY do we respond to different motivators?

Difference? Level of Consciousness!

Consciousness??? •HOW people think about things as opposed to WHAT they think •Why people make decisions in different ways •Why people respond to different motivators •Why and how values arise and spread •The nature of change and the forces of disruption – everything counts – how to shift context

• Do your current beliefs empower you to be your best, or do they doom you to live as a mere shadow of what you could be? • Can you honestly say that you are doing your best or very close to it? • Are you living congruently with your most deeply held beliefs? • Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, how well do you practice them? .

• Do you walk your talk? • If you really believe something, you will act in accordance with that belief — always. • If you believe in gravity, you will never attempt to defy it. • If you claim to hold a belief but act incongruently, then you don’t actually believe it. • You’re only kidding yourself

What makest otherwise “common” people become uncommon thinkers and visionary leaders? not much cleverer than the rest of us Dim by teachers ? yet they proved to be some of the wisest world leaders of all time. One of the greatest thinkers the world has ever known

Albert Einstein’s school teachers considered him to be a little dim – yet he became one of the greatest thinkers the world has ever known. On paper, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are not much cleverer than the rest of us — yet they proved to be two of the wisest world leaders of all time

What allows otherwise “common” people to become uncommon thinkers and visionary leaders? The ability to approach life and its problems with creativity and heightened emotional intelligence, is what we have experienced.

High EQ = Better Fit in 21st C Individuals with enhanced emotional intelligence are able to deal effectively with stress, activate their creative thinking and find new, inspired ways to solve problems. This translates into improved productivity, greater optimism, renewed passion and fulfilling relationships — in both the professional and personal environments.

The ability to develop enhanced emotional intelligence is available to everyone — all it takes is a little training and regular practice.

LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS Intellectual thought processing Spiritual recognition - Life purpose, satisfaction, and selfactualization Psychological understanding Physical - Medically altered states

Maslow Hierarchy of Drives Clare Graves Levels of Psychological Existence Don Beck Spiral Dynamics

spirals of complexity BECK worldview Ladder twisting into never-ending spirals, constantly evolving.

A Good Story to tell ….. South Africa Spiral Dynamics

Level of Consciousness (LOC) In a Polychromatic world

Holistic Balanced Thinking Whole View Systems Integration Thinking Flex Flow Communitarian Humanistic Thinking Human Bond Entrepreneurial Scientific Thinking Strive Drive Authoritarian Religious Thinking Truth Forces Exploitative Feudal Thinking Power Gods Tribal animistic Thinking Kin spirits Caveman archaic Thinkingsurvival sense

SD = 2 Tier Values Evolutionary Framework Tier 1 Tier 2 1. Caveman 7. Systems Man 2. Tribal Man 8. Holistic Man 3. Feudal Man 4. Religious Man 5. Scientific Man 6. Community Man

Spiral Dynamics is a tool used to reveal the hidden codes in our bio-psycho- social-spiritual conceptual system :  Shows how value systems emerge in societies  Maps out a program for raising human capacities to deal with 21st century complexities.  Introduces the notion of memes , the scientific study of "dna-like" codes and patterns that lie at the core of companies, cultures and countries.  Describes the role of vital signs monitors in profiling human groupings, and presents a series of design formulas in crafting natural systems that align focus, function, form, fit, flow and future.  Demonstrates how to synchronize the spiral of technological complexity, business systems sophistication, and levels of human development.

Why Spiral Dynamics? “To find out what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection is needed; and suddenly we realize how uncommonly difficult the discovery of individuality is.” – JG Jung

• To learn more about this new evolutionary framework of thinking as described by the Spiral Dynamics model • contact Frances Kazan for next Seminar • frances@hitw.co.za or 0833950292

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