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Published on April 11, 2007

Author: arahan

Source: authorstream.com

Computer & Desk StretchesApproximately 4 Minutes: <![CDATA[ Computer & Desk Stretches Approximately 4 Minutes Sitting at a computer for long periods often causes neck and shoulder stiffness and occasionally lower back pain. Do these stretches every hour or throughout the day, or whenever you feel stiff. Photocopy this and keep it in a drawer. Also, be sure to get up and walk around the office whenever you think of it. You’ll feel better! 林順松 0933-837-737 www.unoldlin.com]]> Overview: <![CDATA[ Overview]]> 3 : <![CDATA[ 3 ]]> 2 : <![CDATA[ 2 ]]> 1 : <![CDATA[ 1 ]]> Action!: <![CDATA[ Action!]]> 1-1: <![CDATA[ 1-1]]> 1: <![CDATA[ 1 Once more!]]> 1-2: <![CDATA[ 1-2]]> Slide10: <![CDATA[ Stand up! 林順松 0933-837-737 www.unoldlin.com]]> 2: <![CDATA[ 2]]> 3-left side: <![CDATA[ 3-left side]]> 3: <![CDATA[ 3 Turn the other side!]]> 3-right side: <![CDATA[ 3-right side]]> 4: <![CDATA[ 4]]> 5-1: <![CDATA[ 5-1]]> 5-2: <![CDATA[ 5-2]]> 5-3: <![CDATA[ 5-3]]> 6-right arm & hand: <![CDATA[ 6-right arm & hand]]> 6: <![CDATA[ 6 Turn the other side! 林順松 0933-837-737 www.unoldlin.com]]> 6-left arm & hand: <![CDATA[ 6-left arm & hand]]> 7: <![CDATA[ 7]]> 8: <![CDATA[ 8]]> Slide24: <![CDATA[ Sit down and raise the left hand!]]> 9-right up & left down: <![CDATA[ 9-right up & left down]]> 9: <![CDATA[ 9 Turn the other side!]]> 9-right down & left up: <![CDATA[ 9-right down & left up]]> 9: <![CDATA[ 9 Raise and cross the left leg! 林順松 0933-837-737 www.unoldlin.com]]> 10-left arm & leg: <![CDATA[ 10-left arm & leg]]> 10: <![CDATA[ 10 Turn the other side!]]> 10-right arm & leg: <![CDATA[ 10-right arm & leg]]> 11-1: <![CDATA[ 11-1]]> 11: <![CDATA[ 11 Once more!]]> 11-2: <![CDATA[ 11-2]]> 12: <![CDATA[ 12]]> The End.: <![CDATA[ The End. 林順松 0933-837-737 www.unoldlin.com]]>

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