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Published on January 10, 2008

Author: Michelino

Source: authorstream.com

Do’s and Don’ts:  Do’s and Don’ts DO Relax Take your time Have confidence Listen to each other Use mouth cleansers Concentrate DON’T Distract others Make facial or other expressions Say what you like or dislike Use strong perfumes / soaps Mouth Cleansers:  Mouth Cleansers Water Biscuits / Crackers - solutions Apple / Lime Juice - fatty foods Milk - heat Slide3:  Smell product Place in mouth Start chewing Roll on tongue Back of mouth Repeat as necessary Swallow Draw air into the mouth to get volatiles into nasal cavity How to Taste What is Flavour?:  What is Flavour? FLAVOUR = TASTES + VOLATILES + MOUTHFEEL Sweet Salt Sour Bitter Vanilla Cheese Etc…... Heat Cool Astringency Etc…... Slide5:  Basic Tastes Basic tastes are perceived by taste receptor cells located in the taste buds.These taste buds are found on papillae on the surface of the tongue, other parts of mouth, pharynx and oesophagus. Basic taste molecules interact with the receptor cells and it is therefore important to move a product around the mouth and swallow at least some product when tasting. The interaction differs depending on the basic taste eg.salt, sour, sweet, bitter, umami. Receptor Cell Membrane Slide6:  Basic Tastes Sweet ________ Sour ________ Salt ________ Bitter ________ Water ________ Slide7:  Volatiles - Odours Airborne odourants are sensed by the millions of tiny hair like cilia in the olfactory epithelium which is located in the roof of the nasal cavity. During normal breathing only a small fraction of inhaled air reaches the olfactory epithelium therefore when smelling it is important to take deep sniffs. Volatiles - Saturation:  Volatiles - Saturation We adapt to odours present in the environment, therefore these are not perceived any more. This can affect the perception of other odours - perfumes / strong soaps 20 seconds rest required before another odour can be perceived Slide9:  Odours Tarragon Orange Curry Spices Chives Cinnamon Lemon Sage Rosemary Chilli Lime Dill Please select from the list provided Mouthfeel:  Mouthfeel Characteristics which result from the chemical stimulation of the tactile nerves e.g.. astringency, heat, cooling. ____ ___________________ ____ ___________________ ____ ___________________ Slide11:  Appearance Colour Hue e.g. brown, red Saturation (purity) e.g. pure red to greyish red Brightness (lightness) - e.g. light red to dark red Uniformity Visual Characteristics Shape Size Thickness Uniformity Shine Visual Texture Smoothness Roughness Viscosity Slide12:  Texture Examples: Crispness (how sample fractures) Hardness / softness Dense / airy Cohesiveness (how sample deforms) Cohesiveness on chewing Moisture absorption Toothpack (amount of product remaining in teeth) Viscosity (how sample flows across tongue) Greasiness Roughness Slide13:  Product Evaluation Appearance _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Flavour _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Texture _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Slide14:  Practicalities of Tasting Location Number of samples Size Temperature Order Effects Independent Judges Records Toothpaste / Chewing Gum / Expectoration

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