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Information about Executive's agent services for the executive job seeker

Published on March 12, 2014

Author: milleamy

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Personal Executive's Agent Services explained for the job seeker.

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved OPTION A AMY JACKSON-MILLER OFFERS THE EXECUTIVE JOB SEEKER: SELF TEACHING BOOT CAMP As Seen On... Overview. This intensive, structured 10-week program provides you with the necessary tools and guidance to achieve maximum exposure and stand out from the flood of other applicants with potential employers. You will not only learn unconventional tips, tricks, and tactics from the best-selling book "Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters," but many others only covered in this course. Best of all, it is taken from the comfort of your own home!

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved Is the Boot Camp the same as Job Outplacement services? Not at all - it is much better! Outplacement services typically teach you some skills over a few days and send you off on your own. We stay there with you throughout the entire 10-week process. If you try something that does not work, we are there. If you are stuck or do not understand something, I am there. Is the 10 week Job Seeker Boot Camp for you? Frankly, this program is not for everybody. To be successful, you must really want a new job, have the drive, and be willing to step outside of your comfort zone to achieve it. Not everybody has that amount of determination to be successful. People who stay in their comfort zone and do the same things millions of other job seekers do get the same, disappointing results. The Headhunt-ress uses non-traditional tactics to get the job, and get it faster. For example, if you do not think you can get a job with a coffee mug, think again- I will show you how, but there is a trick to it! Why does it work? Because you will stand, out from millions of others and get noticed! Ĵ In addition, that is only one of the many of The Headhunt-ress’s tactics you will learn! Tactics that work!

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved Would you like to attend the 10 week Boot Camp The Headhunt-ress has put together, FREE? I believe in rewarding people for their efforts and wanting to help others. Find at least 4 other people who need The Headhunt-ress exclusive Training, and provided all 4 (or more) people schedule their start date at the same time as you would start, and all 4 people stick with the entire program---your tuition is free ! (The free offer applies to The Headhunt-ress Training in a group session format) What type of materials or equipment do boot campers need? All participants must have a phone line, internet access and a computer. Although not required, I also suggest having Microsoft Excel 97 or newer so you can keep your information private and measure your daily progress in your Intel WorkBook, which is specifically designed for the Boot Camp and included with your Executive’s Agent, retainer. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use Excel, the workbook is nothing more than simply entering information and using drop-down menus. It’s almost goof proof. If you don't have Excel, you can use sites such as Jibber Jobber online which are free, however remember your information is housed on a private web site in the the public domain and subject to changing privacy conditions and terms. By using my exclusive Intel Workbook, you are able to maintain your data's privacy on your computer.

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved What about the Boot Camp in a group setting? Boot Camps are led by Amy Jackson-Miller/ “The Headhunt-ress” Executive’s Agent and career Coach. . Rather than the boot camp, I am only interested in résumé services, who will prepare my Resume and cover letter? How does that work? You will have an extensive initial interview with Amy Jackson-Miller and at that point she will go over everything you need. Is a Resume included with the boot camp? The Resume is only an infinitesimal part of the overall program. You will be shown “how to” construct your own Resume in addition to a Cover Letter and plain text resume. Amy will then analyze for proofing, content, etc., and then return it to you. Most people have a completed Resume by the end of Week 2 or the middle of Week 3. Is the Boot Camp costly? Not at all! A mere two-day seminar with many so-called "experts” who have less credentials and offer less value can easily cost you $3,500 or more! That is more than Amy charges for the ten week Boot Camp- and she is with you the entire 10 weeks! It gets even better.

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved If, after 10 weeks, if you still do not have a job AND provided you have completed all of your assignments, Amy will stick with you another five weeks…at no additional cost! If you are truly serious about changing careers or finding a new job, this is the last stop you need to make! Look below to see a sneek peek of what Amy offer’s... and what so many people have taken advantage of to land their dream job!

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved Can the Boot Camp GUARANTEE I will get a job during or after the boot camp?

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved Nobody can make such a guarantee. If someone or organization does, RUN! At the Boot Camp, we do EVERYTHING humanly possible to help you land your next position, but at the end of the day, it will be up to you to be the Guerrilla we have taught you to be. Many people want to know the success rate of Boot Campers. We have had some Boot Campers get a new job in as early as 4 weeks into the Boot Camp. Conservatively and to be safe, the success rate has varied between a low of 75% and as high as 100 % per Boot Camp. Those are impressive numbers even at the low end! The single common denominator that we have found about those who are not successful is that they WERE NOT completing their lessons in a timely manner or not completing them at all. What are Boot Camp daily or weekly assignments comprised of? You will be busy 40 hours or more a week for sure! You receive weekly marching orders, detailed lesson plans and a Guerrilla Intel Workbook to track your information and progress. Based on a 10-week strategy that has been time-tested and proven, the Boot Camp is your map to success!

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved Section from the Guerrilla Boot Camp Course Outline Assignment Page - Day 0 (Start Date)

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved OPTION B AMY JACKSON-MILLER OFFERS THE EXECUTIVE JOB SEEKER: THIS IS HOW I WORK AS YOUR AGENT!! The Headhunt-ress Executive Agent Service Overview: Much like a sports agent manages off-the- field business details of an athlete’s career; MY Executive Agent Service manages all the tasks to help you find your next opportunity. This door-to-door, concierge-level approach means I do just about everything but sit in the interview with you. Here’s what you get, if you’re accepted as a client … The Headhunt-ress Executive Employment Strategy I will hand you a simple, elegant roadmap that gets you from where you are to where you want to be -- at the salary you expect. Based on my over 13 years of recruiting experience. Because, after placing more than 1,150 executives in the U.S., Canada, Japan, and other countries, I know what works.

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved The Headhunt-ress Employer Research There are more than 515,056 businesses in the U.S. with more than 20 employees. Which is right for you? Which should you contact and how? Relax. I do this exhaustive research for you -- up to 90 hours combing my proprietary collection of three databases. The result is a list of prospect companies that meet your criteria. The Headhunt-ress Executive Marketing Tools I will create a full range of proven tools for you. These include your Exclusive Headhunt-ress Resume, Cover Letters, The Job in a BoxTM, The Trojan Thank-You NoteTM, Executive White Papers, and other unique tools that I have pioneered. You will enjoy a surge of confidence every time you hand your full-color Headhunt-ress Resume to a decision maker, for example.

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved The Headhunt-ress Executive Marketing Launch I contact all prospective employers on your behalf by mail and/or phone. You do nothing but sign the letters I mail out, and then select which interviews to accept from leads I generate for you. Expect results in weeks -- not months. Think fishing: While other executive candidates are sitting on the dock, with one rubber worm on a hook waiting for some traditional recruiter to call them back, I will be trolling the lake on your behalf -- with gill nets and hand grenades. The Headhunt-ress Executive Interview Prep You get thorough coaching in my “black ops” tactics that turn the tables on employers and frequently let you take over the agenda of any job interview. Again, based on my 13+ years of experience placing more than 1,150 executives worldwide.

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved Conventional candidates go to job interviews, in the position of supplicant, hoping for a job. My clients go to business meetings, in the position of co-equal, and get jobs created for them. Which would you rather be? The Wall Street Journal calls this strategy Executive Sports Agent, David Perry, the “rogue recruiter.” To learn more about the extraordinary results my “do-whatever-it-takes” attitude can do for your career, read the bio below from The WSJ … http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122091066994311969.html

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved So, what is next? The next move is up to you. If you have more questions, feel free to contact the Headhunt- ress if you are ready to become a Job Seeker, call me today! Should you decide my services are not for you, do not worry- I will not call or bother you further as I would be wasting both our and your valuable time. In either case however, I do wish you the very best of luck on your job search! So, you have read what The Headhunt-ress offers, so get started today. Call the Headhunt-ress at (901) 600-7210 to set up a free consultation. Let me know what you think about this comprehensive analyzed assessment plan. ***I am hired by the job seeker to market their skill exclusively, with an up-front retainer of 5% of the expected salary. Once hired, the job seeker is refunded at 100% and I offer a 90-day guarantee.

Designed by Amy Jackson-Miller copyright 2014 - all rights reserved Amy Jackson-Miller “The Headhunt-ress” Contact: (901) 600-7210 Email: Milleamy@gmail.com http://the-headhunt-ress.simdif.com/social_media_links.html

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