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Published on July 24, 2014

Author: exchangemyphone



ExchangeMyPhone helps businesses recover cash value from outdated wireless devivces through our customer-centric buyback program.

Mobile  Phone  Buyback  Solu2on  

How  can  ExchangeMyPhone  help  you?   WHO  WE  ARE:   ExchangeMyPhone  is  a  mobile  phone  buyback  service  based  in  San  Francisco,  CA.   OUR  MISSION:   To  stretch  our  clients’  mobile  device  budgets  further  than  they  thought  possible.   HOW  WE  OPERATE:     We  strive  to  offer  the  highest  security  and  value  to  our  clients  by  minimizing   operaFonal  and  management  costs  found  in  larger  compeFtors.   2  

Why  ExchangeMyPhone?   WHAT  WE  DO:   We  provide  a  simple  buyback  soluFon:  100%  data  security  and  consistent/     compeFFve  pricing.   WHY  WE’RE  DIFFERENT:   You  may  be  familiar  with  naFonal  buyback  brands  that  win  your  business  by   offering  oversized  payouts  on  the  first  order  (someFmes  taking  a  loss),  only  to  reduce     payouts  on  all  subsequent  deals.  Our  prices  are  consistently  compeFFve.     At  ExchangeMyPhone,  we  never  re-­‐price  without  client  approval.  If  you     are  ever  unhappy  with  a  pricing  adjustment  based  on  model/condiFon  discrepancy,     we  will  return  the  devices  in  quesFon  at  no  charge  and  with  no  hassle.   3  

What  to  expect  from  ExchangeMyPhone         INCLUDED  SERVICES  (FREE  WITH  EVERY  ORDER):   •     Free  shipping  to  and  from  us  -­‐  always  (FedEx,  UPS,  or  USPS).   •     No  minimum  order  size.  No  fees.     •     Complete  control  (if  you  don’t  like  our  offer,  we’ll  return  your  devices  free).   •     The  best  value  and  most  consistent  payouts  in  the  industry.   •     Guaranteed  100%  data  erasure.   •     Get  paid  by  check,  PayPal,  accessories  or  donate  to  your  favorite  non-­‐profit.   BONUS  SERVICES  (FREE  WITH  EVERY  ORDER  OVER  1K  -­‐  UPON  REQUEST):   •   Free  accessories  for  your  company’s  new  devices  (upon  request).   •   Payment  by  wire  transfer,  or  sent  to  your  wireless  provider  as  an  account  credit.   •   Serialized  spreadsheet  data  and  cerFficates  of  data  destrucFon  or  recycling   4  

Our  qualifica2ons   Over  the  past  3  years  we  have  helped  our  clients  recover  over  $500,000  by  recycling     more  than  30,000  gadgets.   •  Current  clients  include:   •  Press  menFons  include:   5  

Get  a  quote!   GET  STARTED:  We  provide  free  shipping  labels,  a  risk-­‐free  price  quote  and  a  soluFon   built  around  your  needs.   GET  PRICING:  To  receive  a  detailed  quote  from  ExchangeMyPhone,  either  send  an   itemized  spreadsheet  or  a  box  of  unsorted  devices  (which  we  will  itemize  for  you).   EASY  SOLUTION:  ReFred  technology  is  sent  to  ExchangeMyPhone.  You  receive   reporFng  details  and  get  paid  within  one  week  of  receipt,  knowing  that  all  the  data  on   your  devices  has  been  securely  deleted.     Jeremy  Cohen,  Founder  and  CEO.  (212)  804-­‐7270   6  

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